0 I saw you James (GMH) at Queer, Sunday. Yo are fierce girl! I am your wet dream. Rugby player type big ass, hairy thighs. Take me to heaven stud! Box No U/378/42.

v I saw you Jacquie, serving customers with a smile in Virgin Megastore. You offered to shrink wrap my CD; I’ll wrap you up anyday! Or unwrap, if you’ll let me! Box No U/378/43. O I saw you at Iguana. Latino homeboy sitting at door, will you shake my bon bon? Let’s live la vida Ioca. Box No U/378/44.

O I saw you in EH1, 9/12/99. You work for firefly, I think you’re pretty spunky. Box No U/378/45.

O I saw you Mary Monster, you pedantic witch, go on dar- ling fail me one time. Stick your oral presentation up your bum. Love John. XXX. Box No U/378/46.

O I saw you dancing like George Michael in CC’s. Stop it! Your friends must be embar- rassed! And come out more often - there’s no real totty in a Star Trek video Richard Street. Box No U/378/47.

O I saw you in purple and red welcome Sean, Judy, Alastair congratulations. Call me, long lost friend. Box No U/378/48. Q I saw you in the office at the King’s for the last time last month! Trust me it just isn’t the same without you. . . Box No U/378/49.

Q I saw you Audrey and I thought Derby had scored but I really fancy Patrick/Jamie real- ly! Box No U/378/50.

O I saw you tattooed, gorgeous Pierre Victoire, Leith, Sunday lunch you wanted banoffie, I gave you Bailey cake. I served you enow its your turn. Box No U/378/51.

O I saw you served on from now on ‘I’ will respond to you commands. ‘Challenge what the future holds’. Love Burnside. Box No U/378/52.

Q I saw you Linda and Joseph having a party popping time in the garden. Now for the official notice of congratulations love and happiness, forever and ever. Love from Anna. Box No U/378/53.

O I saw you Tammy and Gary Mac, rinsing it out in Iguana. See you soon in Newcastle for the big one. Box No U/378/54. . I saw you on 1/1/00 at CC Blooms you young Irish guy from Cork. 1 was dressed in black. We danced lots. Let make the Millennium. Box No U/378/55.

O I saw you tall, tan, young and kiwi! (Name Bryce?). You said you worked out - work with me. Box No U/378/56.

O I saw you Paul, dancing in your satin shorts on the bar I’ve watched your pout from afar. Won’t you come and be my Tsar. Box No U/378/57.

. I saw you Graeme, you ‘shone’ at the Traverse like a queen of the night. Let’s go out- side. I know you want to. Box No U/378/58.


‘0 I saw you glitter face in the Traverse, 18/12/99. You are gor- geous, is your name Wendy? from West Lothian. Box No U/378/59.

O I saw you in EH1 talking about the hut. You were wearing a suit and quoting friends! Steve? Box No U/378/60.

Q I saw you at Espionage. You work in the Indian Restaurant, Whoops Kasbar. Ian, Angela, Joe and one other on free booze night. Mine’s a double vodka and bull. Cheers and thanks a million. Box No U/378/6l.

0 I saw you Patsy, ooh, your my ideal man, if only you were straight. I mean, well who knows, maybe one day. Box No U/378/62.

v I saw you Claire (from NZ) barmaid at Sirius with the lovely brown-eyes. I was the funny lit- tle guy that asked you your name. Box No U/378/63.

v I saw you Matt, with your little beard and sword. You must be a pirate. Together we could hoist the Jolly Roger. Lisa. Box No U/378/64.

0 I saw you Maxie, Maxie. Will you marry me? From Mary, Mary quite contrary. (show us ' your belly). Box No U/378/65.

Q I saw you Leonie, you work in the Festival Theatre Bar. Me, well, I’m the one who orders sexy cocktails, when are you going to get the message. Box No U/378/66.

. I saw you 007 Mack, all I can say is I’m glad your back. Give us some zfz lovin’ bro and I’ll never let you go. Box No U/378/67.

O I saw you sipping tequila and orange on your Jack Jones. Too cool for the crowd, chillin’ with Mr Midmah. Slackintosh loves you. Box No U/378/68.

0 I saw you George IV Bridge. You, black fur jacket, American scarf, beautiful brown eyes, gor- geous smile. You tripped over, we laughed, I fell in love. Box No U/378/69.

O I saw you Shaft, cooking up sweet lovin’ in the kitchens of blue. Send some heat our way. Show us your sausage and mash. Sam, Cate, Katie. Box No U/378/70.

O I saw you Gill in EH1 can I pull you this Xmas? After all - you are a little cracker! Box No U/378/71.

v I saw you at Iguana. Sitting I at door, all in black, glasses. Me i - high ponytail, baggy jeans, loud! Get in touch! Box No U/378/72.

v I saw you Neil in the City Cafe (again), looking suave and sophisticated in your Katherine Hamnett jeans. Let me play with those zips, you’re so fond of! Box No U/378/73.

O I saw you Iguana, blue fleece. Khaki pants. Standing at I bar. You’re my perfect man. Get ' in touch. We have a lot to talk about! Box No U/378/74. O I saw you Baywatch Babe! ' David Hasselhoff look-a-like. I’ll be you Kitt. Love Knightrider. Box No U/378/75. O I saw you Clarke Kent - my Superman. I’m your Lois Lane. Let go and do Lex Luther together. Box No U/378/76.


Have you found love throug

h lsaw you?

Write to The List

and tell us more. Box No ISAWUI378.

O I saw you Jim, at the Fly Bar. You’re my perfect partner. If you ever get time off we could do the tango together. Box No U/378/77.

O I saw you you dirty birdy, walking your tlirty (loggies.

Take me to the battleblend one

more time. Happy Birthday sis- ter. Box No U/378/78.

O I saw you in the City Cafe, loads of times. You keep staring at the bar staff. Tell me why? I think your name is Simon. Box No U/378/79.

O I saw you ample-calved, roll-neck wearer, smoking your fun-size fags and winking the night away. Give us some of your nachos, baby. Luv Massive Head. Box No U/378/80.

E O I saw you playing for ‘the

beige’ with leather on willow you certainly raised an eyebrow! See you down the pond. Box No U/378/8l.

Q I saw you wide-eyed and legless on the floor of Cafe Graffiti. Our eyes met under the glitter ball and I posed for you. Keep on jigging and having loony hours. Box No U/378/82.


O I saw you at Glasgow Airport. before I left for Iceland. I’ll see you and Jon at JFK after the New Year! Love Nina. Box No 378/83.

0 I saw you are you a nurse? in the [Eastwood Centre. You were showing off your fluffy socks. You made me feel like a tiger. I was the salivating slap- head in the corner. Call me, Peanut. Box No U/378/84.


V I saw you Mr Echo, your skin thrills me, let’s make an exhibition of ourselves. Box No U/378/85.


9 I saw you Borders, 6 Jan. Dark, strong and gentle. You quietly moved our bags from where I sat, we looked in each others eyes; beautiful - I’d love to meet again. Best wishes. Box No U/378/86.

v I saw you on the train to Crewe. Me, beyond you Simon. Me, stupid not to have got yor number. If you’re still interested in the flat, get in touch! Box No U/378/87.


20 Jan-3 Feb 2000 THE U3T87