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Gina McKie

Jim Gellatly 7pm- 10pm

Jim Gellatly 7pm- 10pm

Jim Gellatly 7pm-lOpm

Jim Gellatly 7pm-lOpm

Trevor Reilly The Jengaheads 7pm'109m 7p:“-90'h

The Rock Show

90'?1 lpm

Oide Meikle lOm-midniht

Drum ‘n' Bass ‘.'.".h DI KIC 8. Tania Sin. ‘t

1am WIN) Paul Mendez

22:1". SIOH‘I‘. "..ILL’R’O", 3- nghl Beat 1am midnight-3am Co! 'I Teve"ca e Iain-Bani 3 3 Lock-In Lock-In 5 33:7: 6am 5

KOn Air

After cutting his teeth at Ireland’s Atlantic 252,

Matt Finlay was quick to jump on the Beat 106

bandwagon, where he’s landed himself the

lunchtime slot.

Who's your all-time favourite DJ? Steve Wright . . . in

the afternoon.

What's the first song you remember hearing on the

radio? Some crap by the Goombay Dance Band.

What's your favourite track of the moment . . .? 'I Try'

by Macy Gray.

. . . and your favourite up-and-coming track? We Got

The Feeling’ by Baby Bumps.

‘Hang The DJ’ - who and why? Zoe Ball because she’s

irritating, looks like a pixie and her dad's Johnny Ball.

What's your favourite song to fall asleep to at night .

..? Something qUite mellow I suppose Lou Reed’s

'Perfect Day’.

. . . and to wake up to in the morning? At the

moment, Travis’s ’Turn'.

What song would you refuse to play no matter how

much they paid you? Hey if the money's there . . .

W a; would you like to have in live session on your :4? Westlife. So I could expose them as the

lruUdSIETS that they are.

What unlikely combination of two artists would

result in an 'awesome remix'? Fatboy Slim/Lauryn Hill.

'Last night a DJ saved my life' - how? There I was, haVing a crap and a fag in the downstairs toilet when a

W” explosion occurred due to the bUild up of

94 THE lIST 20 Jan—3 Feb 2000 20 Jan—3 Feb 2000

methane gas and the spark of my lighter. The tOiIet paper caught alight and before I could say 'arse', the

bog roll had spontaneously combusted. As luck w0uld have it, Paul Oakenfold happened to be walking past

the Window, and by sheer coinCidence, happened to

have a spare roll after his gig at the Andrex staff

monthly party. Kindly, he past it through the Window,

thus 'Last night a DJ saved my life’. And my dignity.

Which celeb would you least like to see in their girlfriend's underwear?

Prince Charles.

I Matt Finlay does the /unchtime show on Bear 706, Mon—Sat 7 0am—2pm. j

Sunshine (Manifesto) Yomanda Rise (Defected) Eddie Amador

Chocolate Sensation (FFRR) Lenny Fontana feat DJ Shorty

Must Be The Music (Incentive) Joey Negro feat Taka Boom

My God Is Real (Subliminal) Kaya Save Me (Underwater) Meeker

I've Got The Feeling (Sound Of

Ministry) Baby Bumps

Movin' Too Fast [Bump 'n' Flex Mix] (XL) Artful Dodger

I'm In Love (Go For It!) Star Party