PC PREVIEW Euro League Football (Dinamic) £30 from Mar.

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Premier division: Euro League Football

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Ever since the release of the first Championship Manager game, football management has been one of the hardest genres for game producers to tackle. Such was the detailed simplicity leading to massive, open-ended complexity of all the CM titles, subsequent challengers have looked sadly inadequate. It will take something pretty special, or very different, to usurp the current champ. Spanish-based Dinamic reckon that they might just have the answer.

Due for release in March, Euro League Football promises to offer more to the budding manager than any other title to date. At the most basic level, ELF's big selling point is the fact that you can choose to manage, play, or both. Menu-based tactical control gives way to a very impressive SD football sim, featuring all the bells and whistles of a game like FIFA. All the players follow their pre-match orders as usual but are assisted, or hindered,

by your direct intervention. With a little practice, this could make the difference between a good team and a great team. But, then again, you can choose to ignore this entirely and concentrate on management.

The level of detail in the game is quite breathtaking. If advance word is to be believed, any team in Europe can be chosen as your surrogate club. From there, your level of involvement is variable - from total control of team, reserves, transfers, finances, sponsorship and training to what delicate comestibles they sell in the North Stand. All of these options are easily accessible through some beautifully created menus and sliding pages. That is one thing Dinamic have got right. The entire game looks utterly professional, achieving an ease on the eye that CM would kill for.

However, Dinamic were the brains behind Premier Manager 99, a management game which fell very short of its hype. Let's hope that they have playtested Euro League Football to death. And, though it would be a massive shock, would it be so bad if Euro League Football actually proved to be better than Championship Manager? (lain Davidson)

mISSIOnS, for example, persuade you that flying a billion dollar plane is as easy as riding a bike. Little touches like the pilot groaning when you pull high Gs only suck you in deeper.

You'll need a high end PC and a kick-

I ass joystick to appreciate it fully, but

fresh-faced rookies and battle-scarred

skyjocks alike Will find Jane’s USAF a

joy to own. If only every genre oozed

such class. (ID)


South Park Rally (Acclaim) £29.99 Hui:

After the first-person shooter and the 3 party quiz game, Acclaim have now

decided to bring the cheeky rudeness of South Park to the world of cart racing. South Park Rally pits the characters of Comedy Central’s finest creation against each other in a frantic

race around the neighbourhoods of


the town. All the ridiculously surreal nonsense of the series has been transported to the computer game, including vicious cats, docile cows,

vomiting, Mr Hankey and much, much parping.

Unfortunately, the wealth of well- Ioved material is wasted on what is a decidedly average racing game. The Visuals are ba5ic to say the least, the carts handle like bricks, and the tracks are confusmg and unexciting. Despite a selection of racing modes, each with their own challenges, and many hidden features to discover, there is never any real drive to keep on playing. The multiplayer is fun for five minutes, as long as everyone understands the nuances of the teleVi5ion show.

If you want a quality carting game, get Crash Team Racing. The promise of Cartman on his police tricycle is simply not enough to warrant a purchase. (ID)


Iain Davidson

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