ASPECTS OF LOVE fetish fashion

fabrics and selling them to clubbers who’d never seen the inside of a dungeon or spent a Saturday night chained to the bedposts.

‘Our specialisation is fetish clothing. but it translates over into clubwear,’ explains Murray, a native Mancunian now based in London. ‘Out of everybody who does this kind of stuff. we are the fashionable crossover company. People do tend to wear our clothes to fetish clubs and to regular clubs as well.’

Purists of the fetish scene who were concerned with keeping their secrets

secret were initially unimpressed but. as Murray is keen to point out. her intention was always to experiment with fabric and design. rather than to spearhead a crossover.

‘Before I started designing in rubber. l

was already designing clothes for myself

and for friends, and it just came along as another unusual fashion fabric to use. Then I discovered this whole scene that went with it, before it hit the mainstream.’

She’s impatient with those who want to keep the fetish scene underground. ‘I’m sure some people do but if it’s a hidden

When the fetish LOVE-OR,RATHER,THE sexy, exhibitionist, scene meets the dressing-up side of club work], 5'" lustful love makes . . . its mark on Is dEf'n'te'y 0" Valentine’s Day at the the menu, latest arrival on . . Edinburgh's fetish Words: ‘rhom ledln scene. But the only

concession that the appropriately named Sin is making to tradition is a 'Masked Valentine Affair' so you won't know the identity of your suitor.

Edinburgh and Glasgow's clubbers are already served with fetishistic opportunities. Love Boutique in Glasgow encourages sexy and outrageous dressing up to a house music soundtrack. Meanwhile at Filth in Edinburgh, Alan Joy pits dark, sexy trance against a strict 'no voyeurs' dress code. And Violate, which runs in both cities, has its own dungeon, whipping posts and other games for the broad- minded. None, however, has really tried to bring the club and fetish worlds as close together runs on an occasional basis at Eden.

as Sin, which

thing for them. something that they feel bad about. bringing it into the open is in their interests.‘

Murray And Vern have brought their vision right into the respectable living- room. designing clothes for the recent Bond movie and for numerous music videos. They have also opened a shop called F.U. Baby in Camden Market. which attracts a diverse clientele.

‘We get people who don‘t know anything about the rubber scene and have never been to a fetish club and will just buy it because it‘s an unusual. great—


'As a fetish club, it has a strict dress code which changes depending on the night,’ says Chris Phillips who promotes the club with his wife, Eve, and is a veteran

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