ASPECTS OF LOVE Valentine day dates

The End Of The Affair The title of Neil Jordan's faithful adaptation of Graham Greene‘s novel sounds as if it's tempting fate for anyone on a first date. Btit this classy. Oscar-contending romance the story of a war-time affair between Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore ~ is 'filled with red-raw emotions of sexual desire. morbid jealousy and rage against destiny" according to The List's own review. There might he tears before bedtime. but only in a way titat'll draw you closer together. General release/ram Fri ll Feb.

Shakespeare In Love Where there's a Will. there's definitely a way to get the girl. if you don't fancy Ralph. try otit little brother Joseph as he woos Gwyneth Paltrow in this award-winning romantic comedy. Elizabethan-style. Glasgow: (iF'II Mon /4 Feb, 6.15pm. Edinbiogh.‘ Film Guild (Film/louse). Sun [3 Feb. 6pm.

Romeo And Juliet/True Romance if you're after a glossier version of Shakespeare with music video pace and gorgeous young stars in Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. then Bal. Luhrmann's dazzler is the one for you. Completing this Sunday matinee double bill is a much scuuier. more violent take on love-against-the-odds. with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette delivering the 'l‘arantino dialogue. Edinbiog/i: Cameo, Sun 13 Feb. /.3()pm.


Paragon Ensemble Scotland it's Romantic with a capital ‘R' as far as this chamber ensemble are concerned. with a concert featuring pieces by Spohr. Beethoven and Schubert. Softeii tip your sweetheart with music (the food of love) before heading through for brunch (the love of food). Glasgow: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sun /3 Feb. lpm.

Star Club if it's an unplugged-style sound that puts you in the mood. then point your ears in the direction of this gig. Davy Scott (The Pearlfishers) and Duglas Stewart (BMX Bandits) perform acoustic sets on a bill that also features Marble Star (aka The Feisons) and local band Splendid. Edinburgh: The Attic. Byl‘es Close. ('(nt'gate. Mon I 4 Feb. 7.30pm.

Dennis Locorriere His plaintive. tearful voice pleaded with ‘Sylvia's Mother' to allow his love to come to the phone. He informed its that ‘When You're in Love With A Beautiful Woman'. it's. eimi. ‘hard'. Yes. the frontman of Dr Hook does his solo thing for all you country shag aficionados out there. Glasgoit‘: Clyde Auditorium. Sat / 2 Feb.


Stiletto Valentine Special As much an art project as a pre-club. Stiletto warms to the Valentine theme with decor designed by Dianne Mann and special romantic projections on the walls. Get your free Love Hearts at the door and dance to the sounds of resident DJs Lin. AnnaJ and Sadie. Glasgow: 13th Note Cafe’. Sun 13 Feb, 9pm—mi'dnight.

Valentine's Bali You want lurve with all

108 THE l|8T 3—17 Feb 2000

Open hearts: (from top)

. Reach For The Moon. Romeo And Juliet. D'Angelw Shakespeare In love

its kitsch trimmings - it's here courtesy of Tackno. You want to strip your willow come to the ceilidh. You want old-style romancing try the Tea Dance with Miss [Edith Budge. Lothian Gay & Lesbian Switchboard say dress to impress as Cupid sharpens up his arrows. Tickets:

f l 5 in advance from ()l3l 556 8997. Edinburgh: Assembly Rooms. Sat 12 Feb. Bpm—2am.

Traffic Light Night Sometimes it's not easy to know who's free and who‘s attached. so here's a club with a straightforward visual guide. Red badge ptit on the brakes. Amber badge thinking about it. Green badge put your foot to the floor and go for it. Edinburgh: l’o Na .N'a, Man 14 Feb. l/pm—3am.

C omedy

Scarlet Harlots' Valentine's Special You can have a candle-lit supper and a few glasses of bubbly in most restaurants at this time of year. but where else promises an all-woman comedy show as well‘.’ Musical duo Ruby Slippers are joined by Jane Mackay and Susan Morrison. with two open spots reserved for up-and~coming female stand-ups. Tickets: £15 from 013] 558 7272. Edinburgh: The Stand. 5 York l’lat'e. Mon I 4 Feb, 7.30pm.


Valentine's Exhibition Leave those cuddly animals on the shelves where they belong and instead have a wander amongst the contemporary jewellery. new furniture. ceramic animals and textiles featured in this exhibition. Glasgow.- Roger Billelif/e Fine Art. I34 Blythsw'ood Street. Man~Fri 9.3()am—5.3()pm. Sat /()am— / pm.

Cupid's D'Arts The theme of love is explored in mixed media works. including textiles. jewellery and still life. There's nothing like the beauty of art to get the heart beating. Edinburgh: Nexus Galleries, 6/ Bread Street. Mon—Sat. [0am—6pm


The Valentine Tree 2000 It‘ Valentine's Day brings out the Shakespeare sonnet or Burns love lyric within you. then head to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens. Tie your poem to the beech tree at the entrance and stick around for poet-in-residence Gerry Loose's afternoon of love poetry inspired by Robert Burns. Glasgow:

K ibb/e Palace. Botanic Gardens. Mon 14 Feb, noon.


Oysters and Wine Stay at home for the ultimate aphrodisiac - oysters. Traditionalists serve them with Guinness and brown bread. but Michael Romer of wine merchants Peter Green recommends Chablis or dry white Burgundy. The iishmongers below stock the sexy shellfish. but do phone ahead and remember they're shut on Monday 14 February. so you'll need to buy on Saturday. Get oysters at MacCa/lum 's, 455 Great Western Road. Glasgow; 334 5680 and 944 Argyle Street. Glasgow,


204 4456; .\'eptunes, 23 Leven Street. Edinburgh. 229 2/60. ll'ineiiom Peter Green. 37a ll'arrender Park Road, Edinburgh.


Never Been Kissed Over the decades. Hollywood has produced a warehouse worth of w'eepies. love stories and erotic dramas to fan the fires of your passion. if you're looking for something new, however. try this comedy with undercover journalist Drew Barrymore posing as a teenager at her old high school and finding romance this time around. Don't go for emotional overload. keep the viewing light and fluffy. and laughter might prove the way to your lover's heart. Available to rent/ram Mon [4 Feb.


D‘Angelo: Voodoo Dirtier than ‘Shaft'. sexier than Barry White. funkier than James Brown and Prince in a punch-up. this lean. mean. iovin' machine can provide the soundtrack to an evening's seduction. Low-down R&B with slow. heavy grooves and titles like ‘Feel Like Makin' Love' and. ehm. ‘Devil‘s Pie'. Released on Mon [4 Feb.


Marrying The Mistress Joanna Trollope's new novel doesn't promote a partner-for-life style of loving. but it does capture the joy and pain of romantic pangs across various generations. Trollope gets into the heads of a 62-year- old married judge. his 31-year-old mistress and his 16-year-old grandson as they weigh up the contents of their hearts. Settle down for an evening and read the best. most perceptive passages to each other. Published on Tue 1 Feb, priced £16. 99.


Reach For The Moon The two of you might be snuggled up together on the sofa. but life itselfcan often be a stumbling block to the perfect relationship. Tape the Friday night opening episode of this seven-part romantic drama and watch it on Valentine's Day: fingers crossed Paul and Annie can get it together again despite the intervening years and his forthcoming marriage to someone else. .S‘mtti'sh, Fri ll Feb, 9pm.


Flowers By Monica Higgins it's amazing the effect that a bouquet can have on your partner - male or female. This is perhaps the busiest time of the year for your local florist. but this shop can handle everything from striking. colourful bunches to feminine delicate creations. spring blossoms. the lUsh and the decadent. the exotic and unusual. Call in personally or telephone your order. Flowers By Monica Higgins, 22 Argyle Place, Mareltmont. Edinburgh, 477 2923 (fax 477 2932; e-mail

flowers @ mhigginsfrbusiness. co. uk ). E-Garden if you don't have a decent florist in the vicinity. then cyberspace has the answer. This. the UK's largest garden site on the Web. will deliver roses (bouquets and bushes) and special ‘Passion Packs' (with flowers. fruits and champagne) to your lover's door. http://www:e-garden.e().uk