v I NEED YOU in my ‘station‘ again Let‘s get ‘exposed‘ together. It‘s too hard to be me without you. You‘re my world. Please give me another chance. I love yott.

0' T'NARIEL my Elven Princess. I fear we will never meet again. There has been no other since last we met. Now my ice cubes will never melt. Your loving Faramir.

V II I think I fancy you. Do you want to help me make sure?

" MONSIEUR Meet me in the circle of stones and we will toast ‘ach other in Uisge Beatha. Close and loving thoughts. Jane.

" JAPANESE BOY I love you longtime. rubbery baby! Suki. suki. your special Chinese chicken. xxx

0" ANDY PANDY sugar and pie. kissed his girl . . . and made her change all her ‘viable options‘ to the point of ‘yes‘. Couldn't be happier or love you more (until tomorrow). Soon. xxx

v SCOTT FALCONER I have found my perfect happiness with you. Thank you for being amazing. beautiful and giving me the best ten months of my life. All my love. Angi x.

0' KIDNEY BEANS can change their cans. you know. But only when they are a little push. From you know who.

0" THE LADYBOY OF KINNING PARK is loved long time by the chicken! Here‘s to the seventh year. xx

" BEARDY It‘s time for you to show how muh you appreciate

me. Flowers at the very least or no more!

i I SEE YOU and long to be with you. Until we can. we will meet each evening in Dreamland and share our thoughts. in the Land of Nod.

5 TROUBLE KG Happy V Day chick. Hope you find a worthy snowbunny up in them hills!

" KATE so caring and sharing. you‘ve decided to make a career out of it be my valentine.

'4 FINGER FEET for (most 00 two years you have engulfed my life with laughter. food and fungal infections. Have fun away hopefully we can get together when I come back. Your Charleston.

v' TO MY GORGEOUS Carpet Monster. I‘ll miss you in May but we can make up for it on the H&M. lots of love from your Honey Hug.

0" YOU'VE GOT A THING for the mature woman. Why not give me a try be my DJ. my toy boy. my big teddy bear. You may be an actor. but I know you can‘t lie. Say you love me B.

" TO THE LOVELY 8/8 Richmond Place lads be my valentines.

" TO MY FAVOURITE pie mon- ster. If you don‘t watch out. I‘ll be stealing more kisses when you least expect it. as long as they don‘t make you fall down the stairs.

" CALLING MONKEY #2I Monkey #2. monkey #1 can‘t wait to marry you. (Do the monkey with me.)

3' 0.0 w am I supposed to thi ogically with you nd? If I've failed the exam. m blaming you; you're way too much of a distraction.

6" LOVELY BORIS you make me all squooshy for you are so squashy. love you lots and lots.

1" M be my valentine lover. Let me snuggle up to your fluffy yellow jumper. I want to be the muse and inspiration for your smile. Can I be Belle to your Sebastian?

0" TO THE CUTEST BUTTON in the world. I could just steal you and keep you in my pocket for- ever

I" BALLY BEE I miss you when you're so far away but I still love you just as much. I‘ll come and play soon.

1" DOREEN AND SENGA I still love yiz. Can we do it again at

Harthill for old times sake? Big Dode. xxx

" SARAH you'll be sipping margaritas in the sun one day. in the meantime. be my valen- tine.

0" ITSY forget the gents. let‘s go back to mine for valentines Bitsy. xxx

" TO: NICOLE Roses are red. Apples are green. Meet me at dawn. Ken whit ah mean‘.’ Poodle-pus.

" LUKE my happy prince you make me laugh and I love you for it.

I" C you make my tail

curly. my trotters dance and my life one prime meaty experi- ence. Forever yours. Piglet.

6 TO PROCURATOR WHITE TOOTH Caesar may have con- trol of my city. but you hold the strings to my heart. Be mine my Roman 'alentine.

0" l Let‘s live in wellies and grow our own veg for always. N. xxx

" BEANIE your cooking is almost as tasty as you are. Fancy some chicken tonight you saucy piece of meat!

' G MAC Daddy Mac Lucy lost your backpack. Keep the ball rolling on. The girls falling at your feet (excess bevvy. not lust!) Love Simoney-money.

0" MAGGIE I love you with all my heart. soul. body and mind. Happy Valentine‘s Day. Yours. now and always. Laura.

1" E Love you heaps. Your little imp.

9' DAN WITH HER MAN from the girl with the tan. I know you'll have a good ‘un be good. or at least get enough vit- amins!


' ' “’ " “Tm NI III 2813" 12 “51730 III . I I - I I

,l' i l 3 .t i: r" ‘7

j" .. .- .1 B I u 1i. -

a} sselburgh. Box Office: 0131' 665 2240.

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110 THE LIST 3-17 Feb 2000