There must have been some particularly mind-bending substances floating about for George Clinton to dream up Funkadelic. Spaceships coming out of huge hats for stage sets; three-h0ur improvised gigs; tens upon dozens of performers.

And they still managed to produce the biggest, baddest and maddest funk mu5ic around. In honour of all this magical mayhem, Charly Records are releasmg a book and four CD set containing the band's finest albums, Hardcore lollies, One Nation Under A Groove, The Electric Spanking Of War Babies and Uncle Jam Wants You. Still the original and best.

Funkade/ic: The Complete Recordings 7976—87 is released by Char/y Records on Mon 7 Feb. See review, page 38

What you can’t afford to miss In the weeks ahead. Film: Toy Story 2 It’s so rare to come across a sequel that‘s better than the original, but the pairing of Woody and Buzz Lightyear en5ures top entertainment for adults and kids alike. See reView, page 19. General release from Fri 7 7 Feb.

Theatre: Pleasure Man Mae West's play hasn't been seen since its first run in 1928 came to an abrupt halt after a police raid. Not all of its themes and attitudes have survived the test of time, but full marks to The Citz for a reVival that shows West was more than a sex icon With a smart line in qus. Glasgow: Citizens’ Theatre, from Fri 4 Feb.

Music: Bent Boutique/Chasing The Chimera To celebrate five years in the business, Scottish indie label Creeping Bent releases a double compilation album featuring the likes of The Secret Goldfish, Adventures In Stereo, Vic Godard and The Nectarine No 9. The rebel spirit of pop still kicks. See rewew, page 38. Released on Mon 74 Feb. Books: Barcelona Plates Alexei Sayle's short story collection is a typically off-kilter set of nonsense, but oddly affecting and utterly memorable. If you're looking fora common theme, how about the dark Side of everyday eXistence? See preView, page 89. Published on Thu 77 Feb.

Film: American Beauty In a career-best performance, Kevm Spacey plays a man who c0unters mid-life criSis by lusting after his daughter's friend and scoring dope from the kid next door. The new century's first masterpiece. See rewew, page 20. Selected release from Fri 4 Feb.

Books: Grits Niall Griffiths's maiden voyage takes us to the Welsh coast as a bunch of millennial drifters find themselves representing the diverSity and waste of modern Britain. It’s the sequel to Trainspotting that IrVine Welsh (a Griffiths fan) never got round to penning. See preView, page 89. Published on Thu 77 Feb.

TV: Nature Boy Bryan Elsley, the telly writer of The Crow Road, returns with a four-part rites-of-passage road mowe as a free spirit/lost SOul goes in search of his real dad. See prewew, page 93. BBCZ, starts Mon 74 Feb.

3—17 Feb 2000 THE [ISTS