Test, in short, is all about techno. Ever since the night opened for business, the promoters and residents have been committed to providing a showcase for abrasive, hard-edged techno. The kind that relies on satisfyingly harsh, bass- heavy electro, as opposed to nosebleed-fast beats, and which unites disparate scenes as far afield as Japan and New York.

This commitment to their genre of choice has led to strong links with seminal German label Tresor, who release the vinyl outings of Test residents Dave Tarrida and Tobias Schmidt. When you consider that the Scandinavia, Sativae and Drought imprints are run by Neil Landstrumm and Steve Glencross, also resident at the club, any trainspotter worth their salt will recognise that Test is slap bang in the middle of the international confederacy of techno producers and 015.

This fact is borne out by the calibre of guests brought in over the years, including regular appearances by Christian Vogel and sets from Subhead and Heiko Laux. Effectively, this means that the club can concentrate squarely on the music, playing out tracks months before they hit the racks and booking guests according to their talent and attitude, rather than as a cash injection name to stick on the flyer.

To celebrate three and a half years of services to techno, Test is, paradoxically, holding its second birthday party at the Glasgow School Of Art. The event is something of a high budget extravaganza, with two floors of 'packaged depravity'. For regulars, the night offers a rare chance to hear the full complement of residents, who, barring Shandy, are only able to appear sporadically due to the fact that they are based as far

D}; Smack and Believe sparkle as they ride the new wave of Boogie Mo Dynamo


Tobias Schmidt, yesterday: Test celebrate their birthday with some monkey business

afield as Barcelona and New York. In particular, a live set from Tobias Schmidt, fresh from a recent tour of Australia and following the release of his well received long player Darks Of Heartness, should raise the roof. The club's commitment to breaking new music also continues with a live performance from Tubejerk, a name unknown to all but the most dedicated cognoscenti, who has been tipped as one of the finest PA artists to grace the techno scene in years. In addition, Phil Murray, of Belfast’s acclaimed Bedlam, will be spinning hip hop to offset the techno onslaught in between sets from, oddly enough, a crack team of local musicians playing hits by seminal proto-metallers Black Sabbath. (Jack Mottram) a Fest is at Glasgow Schoo/ Of Art on Fri 4 Feb.

Mac (Sublime) temporarily shacked up in the “viSItation room'. Clearly the caring, sharing of Boogie Mo’s partnership With Headspin has left its mark, resulting in the idea of having two rooms on an equal billing rather than the traditional backroom/main room format.

indicative of a broader phi|050phy, Mackinnon is also keen to emphasise Boogie Mo's departure from any exc|u5ionist or elitist leanings. This was a reputation in part due to the club's Wall of Sound guest nights, but Boogie Mo are now less reliant upon and eager to replace wrth preten5ion-free clubbing. Mackinnon sees this new wave including 'lots of crotch-grinding and fat beats, more colour and music

Boogie Mo Dynamo

Boogie Mo Dynamo is back in town, reincarnated and reiuvmated Via a stint with Headspin. Confident enough to

venture out into clubland independently once more, the success of their partnership With Headspin has enabled the Boogie Mo crew to rediscover their collective faith in the Edinburgh club scene. Back with a vengeance then, they've promised that this time around things are going to be

a little bit different .

First and foremost, the legendary Wreckage has flown the coop, although he Will return to play at the third birthday party in March. This leaves his former partner Stewart Mackinnon (aka Smack) steering the controls of the Boogie Mo enterprise. Starting back this month, the night Will showcase the breakbeat talents of residents DJ Believe and Smack in the Big Sexy Room, with Felix and Gary

With a sense of humour.’ Fancy dress theme nights and subtle changes in the lighting WI“ reflect this more relaxed attitude: ’There will be no fit- inducing strobes and aggressive lighting, instead, we want it to feel like the whole room is dancing, bouncing up and down with the beat.‘

(Victoria Nutting)

a Boogie Mo Dynamo is at The Bongo Club, Fri 4 Feb, Sat 26 Feb and Fri 25 Mar (Third Birthday Party).

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Club news

Goings on beyond the dancefloor

ERICSSON 0 HOMELANDS have just announced this year's line-up for the

i biggest dance party of the new

millennium. On Saturday 3 June, Straid Farm in New Cumnock will host the largest outdoor extravaganza of the Scottish clubland calendar with five different arenas dedicated to highlighting the diversity of dance music in Britain. Confirmed headliners are Leftfield, in their first Scottish live set for four years and Public Enemy. King of clubs and Radio 1 star, Pete Tong will appear, as will BT (aka Brian Transeau), Adam Freeland, Parks and Wilson, Dan and Jon Kahuna and Scots stars, The Jengaheads. The very finest Scottish talent will also include Chris Keegan, Simon Foy, Michael Kilkie and Zammo. If you fancy all this and much, much more, tickets are priced £36 and are available on 0131 220 3234. The Homelands info line is 0900 1020 107.

AFTER THE SUCCESS of Optimo's temporary relocation to Planet Peach, the Subbie is now taking on weekend duties at the club, with the much-missed Subculture on Saturdays and Kinky Afro on Fridays. To ensure maximum Subbie- ness, the sound system and door policy will relocate as well as the Dls and grateful punters.

MEDIA, THE LATEST addition to Glasgow's clubbing landscape is set to open its doors on Friday 4 February. The club is situated at 142 Renfield Street and aims to provide something of a home from home, with soft lighting, cosy couches, and table service. The launch weekend features the talents of Jon Mancini (Colours), Kris Keegan, Dominic Martin and Chris White, reflecting the funky house and garage music policy. Entry is by invite only, available in style bars and clubber- friendly shops around the city.

THE VAULTS REOPENS on Friday 4 February with a free launch night party featuring Ds's from their new Friday and Saturday night clubs, Logic and Cosmic respectively (see listings).

This year's headliners at Homelands: Leftfield

3—17 Feb 2000 THE UST 57