4 THE HST 3—17 Feb 2000

Metacitleata Town

No one can really be sure how cities Will develop into the century but cutting edge Dutch architectural practitioners MVRDV have made a decent stab at guessing. UtiliSing some pretty hot Virtual reality and animated effects, Winny Maas and her team have proiected their colourful and fragile notion of what we Will need to build in order to keep 241 million inhabitants happy.

Metacity/Da ta Town is at The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Sat 5 Feb—Sun 23 Apr. See preview, page 67.

House On Haunted Hill

In 1958, B-movie entrepreneur William Castle made House On Haunted Hi/l infamous with his ’Emergo ViSion’ gimmick: a flying glow-in-the- dark skeleton which scared the bejesus out of audiences. The remake replaces such antics with full-on gore, while Geoffrey Rush slips into Vincent Price’s velvet smoking jacket as the eccentric millionaire who invites a group of guests to spend a night in his spooky abode. If the gun- totin' Famke Janssen and co. survive, they score a cool million dollars apiece. Begs the question: Scooby Doo, where are you?

House On Haunted Hill is on general release from Fri 4 Feb. See review, page 79.

Douglas Coupland

For some, his best days are behind him; to others, his influence is increasing. Whatever you think he's doing, Douglas Coupland remains one the world’s most intriguing authors. With Miss Wyoming, he is entering a new century where he left off the last and continuing to tackle notions of progress and our place in an ever-evolVing hyper-technological

and utterly confusing universe. Sex, visions, plane crashes and pUshy mothers are among the things currently gOing around Dougie’s mind and on his pages Miss Wyoming is published by Flamingo on Mon 74 Feb. See review, next issue.