P’— Dream Machines

The unconscious mind is a place we seldom want to go, but can hardly help inhabiting. Whether in sleep or during the guieter moments of being awake, thoughts wander and images are conjured. While 2000 sees the hallucinatory worlds of Magritte and Dali gomg on major display, DCA’s new exhibition sees some of this country’s freshest talents laying their psyches bare. Gilbert & George, Douglas Gordon and The Wilson Twms are all represented with Jim Lambie's contribution pictured here. Dream on.

Dream Machines is at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Sat 5 Feb—Sun 26 Mar.



Glasgow School Of Art Fashion 2000

The Glasgow School Of Art Fashion Show is now an annual event in the city’s fashion calendar. This year's show promises to be even bigger and better than before, their new home at the Old Fruitmarket allowing a larger catwalk and more models will be given the space to strut their stuff. In addition, an after-show party will allow the public to mix with models and designers for what's billed as an ’interactive clubbing expenencefl

Glasgow School OfArt Fashion 2000, Fri 7 l & Sat 72 Feb. See Glasgow Life, page 74.

Waiting Room

publicity shot for young Scottish

Waiting Room, lets you know all is not well within this homestead.

lies in the familial goings-on between a yOung woman and her mother-in-law. At a mere 23 years, Wright can probably still recall

is definitely for grown-ups. Waiting Room is at Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 8—Sat 72 Feb. See preview, page 5 7.

Little girls and their dollies are often inseparable. But, one glimpse at this

playwright Isabel Wright’s new play

Though, the real terror of the piece

relations With Cindy, but her writing

’Come Home' said those behemoths of bland, James. Obviously, faced with the gurning kite of Tim Booth, you'd be more inclined to ‘Come Dancing’ with Angela Ripon. Returning home is, for many, the whole point of going away. Professional Scotsmen, all-conquering bands, cuckolded husbands and errant children all exist to savour the delights of the triumphant homecoming. Unfortunately, this pleasure has eluded me for days now, for, if home is where the keys are, I've moved to London.

the same? You never see them together. . .

Since man first saw the potential in the clever use of light and a tin of magnolia, home has come to mean many things, none of which strike a chord with anyone under the age of 45. If home Is where the heart is, I currently reside somewhere between a chicken tikka chasni and Black Sabbath. If It's where I lay my hat, I can be reached on the Number 44 bus. If it's where I rest my mobile phone, I'm lying on a Camden pavement after

If home is where I lay my hat, I can be reached on the Number 44 bus.

As usual, this current state of affairs is through no fault of my own, but the result of a chain of events set into motion by a night in the Buff Club - the launch pad to any self-respecting lost weekend. Lost weekends are all very well, but when you find yourself roaming Glasgow’s Gibson Street full of Cava, covered in toothpaste and roaring at the gods, it's time to call in the drinking creditors.

It may seem somewhat bizarre for a woman who makes her living chatting on the radio to get excited about a mention on ’Whlspering' Bob Harrls's Radio 2 show, but I was still peaking from my brush with a legend when the certainty of my own bed was removed from my life. I went to my pocket - but the pocket was bare. A distinct lack of keys. Wrong pocket. The pocket in question had departed for London on the 3.15pm that afternoon attached to a visiting friend.

The resolution of homecoming was not to be. i now face the prospect of attending the NME Premier Awards In a pair of distressed denlms, Ironlc trainers and a sofa-sleeping stoop. The only way I'm going to look good ls If I get seated on the same table as Shane McGowan and that bloke from The Big Issue who only sells copies to the stars. Or are they one and

launching myself voluntarily from a third floor window. And if It's on the range, I'm well out of It.

The last few days have taught me that home is a state of mind - the lack of which should be approached as an adventure. This, in turn. has equipped me with maxims for times of such adversity. It's only fun to drift when you know there is a port at the end of your Journey. Rent is a suggestion. Sleeping In your clothes Is not necessarily a bad thing. You can tell the pub landlord at midnight, 'No, I haven't got a home to go to' - although this isn't advisable in certain parts of Partlck. Even if they have all the same tunes, other peoples’ record collections are always more comprehensive than yours. Even the library takes Switch. Which leads me to the most important lesson, the Desert Island Disc of tips - Home Is Where Your Credlt's Good.

Gill would like to thank everyone who's sheltered her from the elements over the past few days. The cheque would be In the post, only the dog ate It. No payments In klnd can be Issued. It Is a given that this will happen again.

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