O I saw you Uisge Beath Wed 12 Jan at closing time. You blonde, decked out in pink and black, drinking half pints. Fancy a beer underneath the moose’s head sometime? Box No U/379/1.

v I saw you Blackhall Sainsbury’s carpark, September. You looked at me, I looked at you. You placed ad and I couldn’t believe it could be me. Am I the man you smiled at?!! Box No U/379/2.

O I saw you my brown eyed angel. Brrrp! Can’t wait for our new life together. I love you. Innit! Box No U/379/3.

v I saw you Tue 11/1/00 just before 6pm, in front of Habitat. I ran into your bicycle. You said ‘sorry’, I said ‘sorry’ I wish I’d said more . . . Please don’t let me wait another 1 1/2 years before I see you again! Box No U/379/4.

v I saw you at Eden on

18/12/99 at Vegas Christmas Party. Your name was John(?) and you were wearing a navy puffa jacket. Sorry I was a bit shy, but I thought you looked really nice and no you’re not too fat!! Box No U/379/5.

O I saw you nurses/Infirmary. I was with you at the Cavendish Club 3 Dec. Annabella and Rosie from Leith area. Annabella, 26, brown hair/eyes, Pisces. l was with Brian. I came back to rescue you but couldn’t locate you. Contact Phil with any info. Box No U/379/6.

. I saw you Cyberia. You’re always on your tod! Next time pull up a pew. I know I’m a bit loud but I’m nice, honest! You fair, me dark. Me thinks you’re lovely. Box No U/379/7.

O I saw you Glasgow/Havana, Blackwaterfoot, Madrid/ Barcelona, Athens, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, in my life and in my heart. xxx Box No U/379/8.

O I saw you CBT and I fell in lurve. You: baldy/not quite rite. Me: terribly gorgeous! I want to have your babies you sexy thang ya! LJ (an admirer) xxx Box No U/379/9.

O I saw you Alan C. I saw you seven years ago in The Duck. It’s my round so fancy meeting up? Long lost friend. Box No U/379/10.

O I saw you Bruntsfteld babes too, too long ago! Mary! Will you be my snowflake? Thank you very much! Montse! Feliz anininininininios! Janice! Fancy coming Cuba salsa-ing on Friday! Eilidh! You can collect bones with me any time. I’ll even help you with digging! Let’s go to Monty’s soon, ya’ll hear? Love the 51h flatmate. Box No U/379/11.

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No payment is required as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free service to readers. Deadline for the next issue is 12 noon on THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2000.

Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

Q I saw you being groped by my friends outside the gent‘s toilet in the Attic (21 Jan). You said that you‘d always wanted to speak to me . . . then you ran away! Why didn’t you talk? Girl with BIG dog. Box No U/379/12.

O I saw you we met regularly at NB’s. The girl from next door. Sorry I missed your leaving do. Fancy a pint? Box No U/379/13.

9 I saw you jogging along Fountainbridge, Sat 22/1, 2.50pm and almost fell off my bike. You blonde ponytail, Walkman, pedalpushers. Let me give those golden legs a post-run rub down. Box No U/379/14. O I saw you the prettiest oboe player in the RSAMD student orchestra (and probably the universe) performing Rossini and hanging around at the interval. Reply, tell me more, and find out about me. Box No U/379/15.

Q I saw you BM. in Cumbernauld. Dead sexy. Ronnie O’Sullivan has nothing on you. K. Box No U/379/16. O I saw you again, Milne’s on Rose St, 22 Jan. Small dark- haired barmaid. Off duty with pals wearing lilac top. You’re really nice, I’m really shy. Fancy a drink? Box No U/379/17.

Q I saw you in Costcutters on Lothian Road looking gorgeous and told you to look in The List this week. Get in touch and let me serve you for a change! xxx Box No U/379/18.

O I saw you in the New Town bar, Sat 22/1/00. You wore a blueish shirt, beige trousers and a lovely smile. Me short, dark hair, rear of bar. I winked at you across the room but I should have talked to you. How come you know all those guys? Your irresistible charm? I want to know you much, much better. Get in touch. Box No U/379/19. v I saw you Roo T. at the Citz. Won’t you come up sometime and see me. Your blonde admirer. Box No U/379/20.

O I saw you Paradise Du Pont you fabulous beast in the Citz bar after the show. I can’t sleep! Box No U/379/21.

O I saw you giving pleasure at the Citz but you were very pleased to see me or was that your Prada keyring in your pocket? Box No U/379/22.

0 I saw you at GGLC cafe, Thu 30/12/99, 4pm. You 40ish. dark hair sitting alone at next table. Me: 405, short brown hair, with green bag. Ijoined a younger friend for tea. You left shortly after but gave beaming smile. Let’s meet up and take it from there. Box No U/379/23. O I saw you Paul in Planet Out, Sun 23 Jan. You drinking Guinness next to fag machine. Me sitting opposite mad lesbian who spoke to you. We share a name. Fancy sharing a drink? Box No U/379/24.

O I saw you Rab Ha's, 23/1/00. Athletic body, calm mind. Do you have a message for me? It could be divine? Let's synchronise. Box No U/379/..5. O I saw you Elaine (Coatbridge) in Flares Disco. I said I’d call but got wrong number. Still interested? Box No U/379/26.

O I saw you my poppet, wearing red ribbons for your locks. A shame you must go, but Ava always was needling you and I. See you again! x Box No U/379/27.

O I saw you catwoman. curled up in my bed, feline mighty fine. Fun and cuddles now and always - monkey girl. Box No U/379/28.

O I saw you cosmic girl at The 13th Note. It was a Saturday in 1999. You’re the most gorgeous girl I‘ve ever met. I love you for keeps, Denise. Box No U/379/29.

O I saw you 6pm, 26/1/00, man in biker leathers bicycling along Broughton Road, then leaving Body And Soul. Me man at bus stop, dark overcoat, surprised into frank, happy smile. Box No U/379/30.

O I saw you at the AdLib

launch party sitting on a table in the corner. Red hair makes me weak at the knees and I’m completely smitten. How about next time we just make it the two of us? Are you up for dinner some time? Box No U/379/3l. O I saw you alluring blonde approx 5ft 6in(ish) on Princes Street, the bells 1 Jan. We kissed, it was electric, I lost you. I’m still thinking about that kiss. Please get in touch, I had a black bubble jacket and am 6ft 2in tall. Box No U/379/32.

O I saw you in the shower. You looked sumptuous. Your name is Sean. I want you to know that you’ve got me open like a Seven Eleven. Love Laura. Box No U/379/33.

O I saw you walking towards Alldays on Sauchiehall Street. I nearly got run over! I was the one with the hat! Box No U/379/34.

O I saw you blue eyed Adonis at Taste on 23/1/00, moving your tanned streamlined body. I think your name is John? Could do with tasting your smile again! Call me! Box No U/379/35.


9 I saw you with your long dark hair and dark dark eyes behind the bar in Garfunkels . . . Or was it dancing ((1 Noa? Ilope Switzerland was good call me. Box No U/379/36.

O I saw you at the Woodside social club playing Samba you made my ears ring with delight. First I was afraid now I’m petrified. Miss you, you rhythm drop outs. Box No U/379/37.

0 I saw you Bulbous in my woman’s dress. I’ll rub you with ribs if you chase me with chicken. B. Box No U/379/38. O I saw you Dazza B. When 1 first saw you I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Box No U/379/39. 9 I saw you you're an absolute bute mate! I‘ll throw another shrimp on the barbie for ya! Yours always, skippy! Box No U/379/40.

O I saw you in the Star Bar God you‘re a lucky man, she’s gorgeous. From Lorna. Box No U/379/4l.

v I saw you Gill, and from that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about you. All the love in the world, Jason xxx Box No U/379/42.

O I saw you at Potterow beatle boy, you band my drum and I’ll supply the bass. Love Rarsch. Box No U/379/43.

O I saw you Caroline. I saw you, I met you, I loved you. Forever. Box No U/379/44.

O I saw you Antique man, well worn, but not over used. You can turn on my light anytime. Will you be my big horned unicorn? Box No U/379/45.

O I saw you laughing German girl, with romantic hair and the little red shoes, ya for sure. You est the beste! Box No U/379/46. O I saw you over Christmas, Polo Lounge. You with spiky hair looking down from the balcony Romeo, saw you second time with other friend? Box No U/379/47.

O I saw you Tron mon! (Read in Scottish vernacular! Gonnae!) squatting behind glass wall in bar at BBC Radio Recording Tue 11 Jan. I took an obvious second look! Me handsome and thirtyish! Dump him! Box No U/379/48.

O I saw you Heather, first time in months have decided the kitchen’s raspberry & creamy yoghurt! Why don’t you give me a lift to Blochairn to fill up my fruit bowl? Ta ta, Claire. Box No U/379/49.

O I saw you Chris near Byres Road on 22 Jan. Remember Dave from Ab erdeen (summer 1998)? You still at Uni here? Would like to meet up to see how things are. Box No U/379/50.

O I saw you Bruce and Andrew in Dels. Things are good. Box No U/379/51.

O I saw you Sexy and French in Borders 15/1/00. Say Hi to Georges for me. Box No U/379/52.

3—17 Feb 2000» TIIE LIST 87