O I saw you on Waverly Bridge in October. You - navy duffel coat. Your mate mad afro. Me skate betty with pig tails. Room for a small one? S xx Box No U/379/53.

O I saw you in missing. You’re my favourite cowboy. Happy Birthday. Box No U/379/S4.

O I saw you Mr Man, working away behind Traverse Cafe Bar shaved head and all - from the storm stud. Box No U/379/55. v I saw you in Bar 38 you - leather jacket, dark hair and groovy sideburns, with intense eyes. Me?? I want you. Box No U/379/56.

v I saw you Diane Harris over twenty years ago at Padnell School! Are you still here? Box No U/379/5‘7.

v I saw you hopefully Miss C.C Lay. l have repetitive strain, from 5 weeks of you being in my brain . . . Monday baby. Box No U/379/58.

O I saw you Andy, amongst silver and purple balloons. Mmm don’t fancy yours much, what do you mean didn’t like sheep? Hmm. L xx Box No U/379/59.

. I saw you Clarabelle, nice print wish it was mine. Loved you ever since lnverurie barbeque. Kitty Apron. Box No U/379/60.

O I saw you Mr Rrrrichardson, Mexico was wonderful but the month ofl" was even better. Love Meeeeeee. Box No U/379/62. O I saw you standing sexy at the Waterstones till, your brown hair glistened in the Fluro lighting. David - you are a gay god of sugar love. Box No U/379/63.

O I saw you I think your name is Martin. You were in ‘the shore’ with a friend. Is she Greek? Call me lemma. Box No U/379/64.

O I saw you dreadlock dude at the Art school bar, we’ve danced before but I’m too scared to ask you out! You know who I am! Love Cherry Bomb xx. Box No U/379/65.

v I saw you in Flip at Hollywood. Browsing the US Mail shins. You ‘Butch’ thing! Come play with my parcel, Richard xx Box No U/379/66. Q I saw you in our usual place Borders. You’ll never know how much I love you. Fiona. Box No U/379/67.

"TIIELBT 3-17 Feb 2000

O I saw you Lezza is more, Cathy - girl! Snogging you was divine! Wishing upon a star we could go very far. ‘Girls just want to have fun’. Box No U/379/68.

O I saw you Clara May ‘Big Foot’ and Tom Woods on New Year’s Eve. You girls had me ‘giggling all night’. Piece of cheese anyone? Box No U/379/69.

v I saw you Working Byres Road Pawn Shop. Eyes like dark pools, body made for sin! I wanted the skis. Thinking about it, why not come on a skiing holiday with me sauna, chalet, fire . . . Box No U/379/70.

O I saw you Mr Best; can I be your Brocker Quine? Speak Japanese to me in your sexy Doric voice, Dave . . . Box No U/379f71.

O I saw you .Io from Steps look-a-Iike. Me - short, one good car; one careful owner sun tattoo. Box No U/379/72.

v I saw you Strawberry blond Birthday girl, undewear as overwear! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, Guy with champagne. Box No U/379/73. O I saw you You were wearing a black furry jacket, big boots, and you were carrying an art folder. Your crimped hair was beautiful. Box No U/379f74.

o I saw you Clare (?) handing out flyers in Oil de Sac, see you at the gig. Box No U/379f75.

O I saw you with idiot muppet types in the Windsor but you were gorgeous (someone said Duncan). U were tall and like a God on The 17, l was a small brunette. Box No U/379f76.

O I saw you cutting short my sentences as usual shaddupayaface! Come home with me and let me work my magic on your kidney meridian - restores your ‘spring’!! Love, the pickety witch. Box No U/379/77.

v I saw you big gallus besum! Show us it ra’ noo yet ken, gaun no dae that, dae this luv hairy. Box No U/379/78.

O I saw you easy going Canadian guy. We met at North Bridge, Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve. I celebrated the new millennium in your arms. Love, the Swedish girl. Box No U/379/79.

Q I saw you David at Del’s Karaoke, Sun 23 Jan, (Kirsty’s friend). You had red cheeks and looked so gorge. Please respond. Box No U/379/80.

O I saw you Munchkin Rachie Roo. Where are you! We must go out sometime! V soon. Lo-lo. Box No U/379/8l.

O I saw you at Noa. You work in the cloakroom we asked you for a pen. From man in black and man in grey suit. Box No U/379/82.

V I saw you Kerry M at Busby ’5 bar, Tenerife, stubbing a fag out on that guy’s shoulder, bad girl! Box No U/379/83.

O I saw you in Noa 5/9/99. I surfed your waves and felt sand under my toes. Swim to me. Box No U/379/84.

0 I saw you in The Rock, Hyndland on Sat night, 15 Jan. You dark beauty in black cardy with two pals. Me smiling Yank with little hair. Fancy a drink together? Box No U/379/85.

U I saw you at Celtic Connections, 16 Jan, Concert Hall. You gave me your smile but soon you were gone. Box No U/379/86.

O I saw you at the Cathouse. Your crotchless, black stretch jeans and bandana were sexy. So was your shiny, black hair. I was wearing purple PVC trousers. You were right, Alan, G’n’R do rule. Box No U/379/87.

O I saw you techno girafie. Let me pluck your ginger beard. Box No U/379/88.

O I saw you gorgeous Michael at the Traverse Bar. Your kisses are still burning on my lips! The Norwegian slut misses you already! Box No U/379/89.

v I saw you in a pink fluffy tiara with a fag in your mouth, you played the Nolan Sisters, everybody danced. Still haven’t found your maglite. Box No U/379/90.

Q I saw you the milky bar kid is melting in his black polo neck, l’m strong, l’m tough and only the best is good enough, please be a woman! Box No U/379/91.

O I saw you Richey manic boy, your hair and ass rocked my world, let’s stay in bed, your Stacey. Box No U/379/92.

. I saw you punk-ass-mother! In your black leather jacket on Princes Street on Friday! Date me gm, gm! Box No U/379/93. O I saw you Phillipa, on the bus (15 Dec) going to get our lost property. We talked about Ecuador, and Edinburgh clubs. Fancy going clubbing? I got shy, but wanted to ask. David. Box No U/379/94.

O I saw you Kit - looking through the Filmhouse window. You looked so damn sexy when will you be mine. Your other half. Box No U/379/95.

Have you found love through

lsaw you? 955‘

Write to The List

and tell us more. Box No ISAWUI378.

O I saw you Mousie and Spiky at the Filmhouse on Fri 14 - ka- ching weyhey skirt-less and Las Vegas JlVE!!! Luv Gazza. Box No U/379/96.

O I saw you sexy-goth-punk grrrl in your crocheted skirt of Lothian Rd. Sat eve. Date me lover girl. Zillah. Box No U/379/97.

O I saw you cocky Welsh boy with £5000 CD player. You bowled a maiden over with a sticky wicket (l) in Iguana 22 Jan. Box No U/379/98.

v I saw you in Iguana playfully fingering your pink scarf. You borrowed my friends pen should’ve asked for your number then. Can I have it now? Box No U/379/99.

. I saw you gorgeous boy face like an angel - purple hair is it natural? City Cafe 15 Jan. Box No U/379/ 100.

Q I saw you in Iguana. You with fur coat and mobile phone, me with orange puffa jacket and big spiky hair. We flirted at the bar, you said your name was Cleo. Mine is Tony. Maybe we could start an Empire! Box No U/379/101.

O I saw you sexy 705 Retro boy, in Iguana. You wearing your specs, me not wearing mine. I’d like a closer look please. Box No U/379/102.

O I saw you with your amazing hair! Your wings make me want to fly away. Take me to paradise and back. You have no idea what sort of ‘efiect’ you’ve had on me. Box No U/379/ 103. O I saw you luscious Linda falling off the bar stool in EH1. Next time you fall, will you fall for me? Love ‘The Shimster’. Box No U/379/104.

. I saw you snowboarder groovy budice snow-jacket! You fell lots, but I like the way you fell from big busted skier. Box No U/379/ 105.

O I saw you sticking your tongue out. It was the longest we’d ever seen. We saw you baby - shaking that ass (at the Citrus Club). Box No

U/379/ 106.


O I saw you sweetest thing since sugar. I would love you on my breakfast cereal. Maybe next time? I’ll keep the sheets warm you make them bum!! ‘Skiing jackets are SO 5 minutes ago!’ Box No U/379/107.

9 I saw you Mr Tufty hair with the goaty beard and the DJ groupie. . . in Iguana bar. Write me!!! Box No U/379/108.

O I saw you remember me, Traverse Fri 14. You were my millennium dream. I was your Y2K fantasy. Box No U/379/109.

v I saw you dirty bird. You liked the taste of ma’libu I liked U2. Let’s get together and correct our feng shui! Box No U/379/110.

O I saw you hey Davie with the sexy hair, you are the dark version of Nathan from ‘Queer As Folk’. Mr Well Sexy. Write me!!! Box No U/379/111.

O I saw you in Iguana. Powder blue hoodie, new goatie. l growled like a Jack Russell and you snifled my backside. Let’s mate. S. xxx. Box No U/379/112.

Q I saw you at the Cameo should have been for real a geneva convention, maybe next time, see ya Andrew. Love Susannah. Box No U/379/113. O I saw you your breasts were about to take over the world and you looked vaguely mental. Traverse Theatre 21/1/00. Box No U/379/ 114.

O I saw you “wo” Norman you sexy boy. I saw you in the Filmhouse and when you said your stufl I liked you even more. Love C. Box No U/379/115.

O I saw you Jane D be mine again! Dance disco dolly love you the Big Squeezer! Box No U/379/116.