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Well on the way to international stardom as one half of DJ/production duo Slam, Orde Meikle, with partner in crime Stuart McMillan, is also an integral part of Beat 106’s weekend dance programming.

Who's your all-time favourite 01? Stuart McMillan He's been consrstently brilliant over the years

What's the first song you remember hearing on the radio? Mellow, Mellow, Right-On' by Lorell

What's your favourite track of the moment? Absolutely anything by Brian Varga (aka Halo).

What's your favourite up-and-coming track? 'Crutified' (MASS mixes) by Arron Carl

'Hang the DJ' which one and why? Judge Jules I don't think I need to say why

What’s your favourite song to fall asleep to at night? 'E2E4' by Manuel Gottenching.

What's your favourite song to wake up to in the morning? 'Strings Of Life' by Derrick May

What song would you refuse to play no matter how

Who would you like to have in live session on your show? Jazzanova What unlikely combination of two artists would result in an 'awesome remix'? Derrick May and Hugo Nicholson (Andy Weatherall’s early remixing partner)

’Last night a 0] saved my life' - how? If it wasn't for the Sub Club DJs in the early days, I wouldn't be one


Who would you like to be propositioned by on the 29th of Feb? I'm already married, but hopefully it

would be by Jat‘qur again

For an unparal/e/ed techno selet tron to k/c‘kstart your" weekend, tune Into Slam, Fri lOpn’i-ni/dn/g/it, on Boat

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