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Stiletto steals: Thief 2

Some games are immediate hits, exploding into the public consciousness, making stars of game characters and developers alike and placed reverently in the computer game hall of fame. However, not all the exhibits in that venerated vault of gaming history had such a public impact. Some sat quietly on their shelves and, on the face of it, caused barely a ripple. However, look a little deeper and you will find that, over time, these 'sleepers' built a rather large and very loyal fanbase as well as forging new and exciting genres for future titles to exploit. Thief: The Dark Project was one such sleeper. Yes, the glorious Metal Gear Solid brought stealthy adventuring to the masses and prompted a slew of similar titles but Thief, as humble a game as it seemed, pioneered the creeping, hiding, ambushing

gameplay utilised by MGS.

Presented in first person 30, you assumed the role of Garrett, a master in the art of subterfuge and skulduggery, his archery skills only surpassed by his love of dark corners. Now, Garrett is back and involved in a vicious power struggle between rival factions seeking domination of their ancient,

primitive city.

Playing along similar lines to the first, Thief 2: The Metal Age has rebuilt its graphics engine, greatly improved its impressive Al routines and souped up the weaponry. What remains unchanged, however, is the gut-wrenching suspense and downright viciousness of the first title. The cinematic feel of ThiefZ promises to draw the player further into the seedy world of religious fanaticism, dark magic and lost civilisations.

The original storyline is built upon, expanding and clarifying Thief’s very own mythology, yet beginners to the saga won't feel lost as Thief2 also works well as a stand alone game. Competitive multiplayer games will also provide stilettos with which to stab your friends in the back.

If there is a God then Thief2 will gain the public recognition its predecessor never really managed. Here’s hoping. (lain Davidson)

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The Sims (Electronic Arts) £29.99

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=atest Srm game, The S/ms, g:ves‘ us the ahrlrty to create and control our very own Simulated people Startrng from scratch, you t)ur|d the personath of a Srrr‘ or group of Srms, place them In a house and gurcle them through therr darly irves Everythrng from settrng the aiarm clock and uncloggmg the to:|et to irndrng love and procruc :r‘g offspnng i8 ied by yOu

As you \‘rould expect from a Srm game, rt ail sounds eaer than rt actually is The personalrty of eacn Srm affects how they react and develop, x'rr‘rle the more rrrundarte aspects of Hie, Irlce paying the prlls, "rust arso ne ac hrevecr The Srms rs t':crcr'|y at trrnes, often fr;:s:r'atrr‘.c;, out certanhy eats .rp a tedious '.‘.r;nter e'xertuig Ar‘d r'cvrremoer', patience rs a ID

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