Mrke wears gents red and blue strrpetl PJs, £80 from Jenners, Roxr wears Krnnarrtl whrte (lressrng gown, £4495 from Jenners.

lvlrke wears Worker style trousers, £999; Ro< ky Boy helt, £799, maroon long sleeve T-sh:rt, £6 99, lonwell Jumper, £1999, all from H&M Motlel’s own shoes

RO/r wears Woman shrrt, £19.99 from nglVl, tartan skrrt, £799 from H&M, knee hrgh sotks, £3.50 per oarr from lenners; lrnpuls Ja(ket, £39 99 from H&lyl, Irnouls hag, £6 99 from H&l\4l Models own shoes.

Stockists: Jenners, 48 Prrntes Street, Etlrnl)urgh, 225 2/1/12, H8M, Bu<hanan Gallerres, Glasgow, 352 6980

Hair and make up: Pheonrx and Aso at Cheynes Harr anrl Beauty Zone, Next Generatron

Models: RO/I Ardrll and Mrke Starr.

Assistants: Hrlary Galloway and Clarre Smrth

Thanks to Ernrly Postan for the use of her krt< hen and to everyone rnvolvetl

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