performances and Chekhov’s drama win the day, resulting in a good film, but excellent theatre. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Vertigo (PG) ***** (Alfred Hitchcock, US, 1958) James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes. 128 mins. Detective Stewart, a man with a fear of heights, falls in love with a woman who apparently commits suicide. When he meets her double, he becomes obsessed with the possibility that she is still alive. Extraordinary plotting in this undervalued Hitchcock study of romantic mania, with Stewart memorably cast against type as the distinctly on-the-edge cop. The Bernard Herrmann score is simultaneously lush and disturbing. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Waking Ned (PG) **** (Kirk Jones, UK, 1998) Ian Bannen, David Kelly, Fionnula Flanagan. 91 mins. Actually, Ned’s dead. A shame that, because the old fella just won £7 million playing The Lottery the discovery of which killed him. However, wily seventysomething pals Jackie and Michael spy a golden opportunity to claim the cash. Charming and eccentric with a defiant spirit. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

Wonderland (15) ***** (Michael Winterbottom, UK, 1999) Gina McKee, Shirley Henderson, Molly Parker. 108 mins. At once both extraordinarily beautiful and desperately sad, this portrait of life in contemporary London is seen through the eyes of three sisters and their dysfunctional family. Wonderland is unrelentingly grim for the most part, yet the performances are so good that you can’t help but be moved to tears. And Winterbottom utilises every trick in the Great Filmmaker’s Manual to create a visual treat worthy of its title. Edinburgh: Cameo.

The World Is Not Enough (12) *** (Michael Apted, US/UK, 1999) Pierce Brosnan, Robert Carlyle, Denise Richards. 128 mins. A nuclear scientist with shapely curves, an international terrorist impervious to pain, a slick British spy who delivers his innuendo with a touch of apology in his voice. The nineteenth Bond movie is distinguished by a number of plot twists not usually squeezed in between spectacular but uninspired action set pieces, which increases involvement with the peripheral characters. Glasgow: Showcase. Edinburgh: ABC, Brunton Theatre. Galashiels: Pavilion. Motherwell: Moviehouse. Paisley: Showcase. Stirling: Carlton.

You And Me (PG) *** (Fritz Lang, US, 1938) George Raft, Sylvia Sidney. 94 mins. A pair of ex-cons are employed by a benign liberal in a large department store. Kurt Weill provided some of the songs, while Lang borrowed from sources as diverse as The Threepenny Opera and his own film, M. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Your Friends And Neighbours (18) **** (Neil LaBute, US, 1998) Catherine Keener, Jason Patric, Amy Brenneman, Aaron Eckhart, Catherine Keener. 100 mins. LaBute is either one sick puppy or the smartest son of a bitch currently making films. While In The Company OfMen left itself open to charges of misogyny with a depiction of women as the passive victims of male cruelty, Your Friends And Neighbours adopts a much more equal opportunities approach. These ladies are very nearly as fucked up as the fuck-ups they fuck, and just as likely to resort to vengeful emotional manipulation. Edinburgh: Cameo, Filmhouse.


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Short reviews of all other films showing this fortnight are in the Film Index, pages 23-29.

listings FILM




“A Remarkably Powerful Film...GriDDing”

Jonathan Romney. 'I‘IIE GUARDIAN before 5pm Mon—Fri). Student: £2.20

(Mon-Thu). Child/OAP: £2. ~ * * 'A' * “Very Moving

...An Assured Performance from Dequenne” -'l‘()'|‘.-\|. I’ll..\l

Film Listings are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.


380 Clarkston Road, Muirend, 0141 633 2123.1nf020141 637 2641. £2.80 (£2


Double Jeopardy (15) 5.45.

The Beach (15) 5.30, 8.25.

The House On Haunted Hill (18) 8.35. Toy Story 2 (U) 6.05, 8.45.

“Stirring Masterpiece of Moral Enquiry” -l)a\'id |)enh_\‘. THE NEW YORKI'IR FRIDAY lB-THURSDAY 24

Angela'sAshes(15) “Deserving Palme d’Or Winner... Bill’mififgu7f5' Bressoman in its Rigour and Power

Matinee Fri—Tue: 12.30, 2.40. The Beach (15)

Daily: 5.30, 8.25.

Also matinee Fri—Tue: 1.45.

Toy Story 2 (U)

Daily: 6.05, 8.45.

Also matinee Fri—Tue: 12.45, 3.30.

to Touch The Heart” -Geoff Andrew. TIME OUT

“Beautifully 0bserved...A Poignant Tale” James Christopher. 'l‘llli 'l‘lMliS


Programme likely to be similar to the

previous week. Phone 0141 637 2641 for details and times.

9 University Avenue, 330 5522. Tickets £3 available on door on the night, 30 minutes prior to screening.

“Intense and Affecting StUdY”

-Nei| Norman. 'I‘III'I S'I‘;\Nl).-\R|)

“An Astonishing Performance” Nick James. SIGII'I‘ & SOUNI)

“Hardhitting...Masterpiece” ~ FRIDAY l8—THURSDAY 24 -I\’e\°in Mather. THE FACE

Longshots Festival (18) Tue & Wed: 8.00.

Thu: 6.00.


A Scene By The Sea (PG) Thu: 7.30.

Longshots Festival (18) Fri: 5.00.


12 Rose Street, 0141 332 8128. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Evenings: £4.75 (£3.25). Matinees: £3.75 (£2.25). Wed (before 5pm): £3.75 (£1.75). Double bill £5 (£3.50). Family fun matinees: £2.25.


1. Time Regained (18) 1.30, 5.00, 8.00.

2. A Room For Romeo Brass (15) 2.00. 4.00, 8.45.

British Animation Awards Frog 3 (18) 6.45.


1.Topsy-Turvy (12) 2.00, 7.45. Rear Window (PG) 5.30.

2. All About My Mother (15) 1.30. Romance (18) 4.00, 6.15. Ratcatcher(15) 8.30.


1. Felix The Cat: The Movie (U) 12.30. Rear Window(PG) 2.30. Topsy-Turvy(12) 5.00, 8.00. 2.Ratcatcher(15) 1.30. . Romance (18) 4.00, 8.30. \

All About My Mother (15) 6.15. FROM'25 FEBRUARY AT THE GFT & EFT ,

1.Topsy-Turvy (12) 2.00, 7.45. Betcium's Omcuu. SELECTION - 1999 Acaomv Awaaos FORETGN-UHGUAGE FILM

Ro setta“:

A film written and directed by Luc and Jean-Pierre Darddnne

Rear Window(PG) 5.30.

2. Romance (18) 1.30, 8.30.

All About My Mother (15) 4.00. Ratcatcher(15) 6.15.

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