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otltl'lt. famous for their residency at the will be listed, provided that details resident musicians, including violinist

m (fate Graffiti club of the same name, ; reach our offices at least ten da s j Lev Atlas and vocalist Victoria Burton.

_ through an up-tempo selection ofjazz, before publication. Folk 8t Worl . Edinburgh soul and latin numbers. listings compiled by Norman 1 Edlnburgh I Gilad Atzmon Quartet Jazz Joint, is Chalmers. , I Tim 0' Leary Wee Folk Club, Royal

Morrison Street, 538 7385. 10pm—3am. 3 Oak, Infirmary Street, 557 2976. 8.30pm. 1 minimum—

Angele, Hastie’s Close, 225 7536. an emotive performance fronting her own I , , t m 10.30pm—3am. £8. This London-based ootht. ! “SH [195 3 live drum & bass collective are back after . . 3 1 Glasgow a hugely successful debut gig at StII‘IIng I I I Carnival Night Cafe Cossachok, King Futuristica’s big brother club Lizzard I Midnight Blue MacRobcrt, University Dates listed below are for one-off Street. 553 0733. 8.30pm. £3. Russian Lounge Joseph Malik and Daryl (j of Stirling. 01786 461081. 10.30pm. £6 and ticketed shows. Gigs are listed theme bar invites you to dress for a provide the decks effects. (£3). Trumpeter Colin Steele fronts this 3 by date, then by (tty. Performances masquerade and enjoy the sounds of the

£4 (£3). A one-off gig from this alto-sax . £3. Intimate concert venue (30 seats) player, who won the HMV Top Dog Edmburgh presents the Edinburgh-based Kerry Award at the Birmingham International I Lizzard Lounge La Belle Angele, Glasgow fiddler and friends. Jazz Festival. Hastie‘s Close, 225 7536. 10pm—3am. £7 I Jim Malcolm New Dawn Folk Club,

, , (£6). Marco Nelson. onoung Disciples Riverside Club. Fox Street, 445 6271. m lJVIflgSton fame, brings his rare groove selection to 8.15pm. £5 (£3). Old Blind Dogs" lead . . I Tam White And Brian Kellock the Lounge, where he joins Joseph Malik singer, guitarist and great moothie player. Slill'llng Ilowden Park Centre, Ilowdcn, 01506 and new resident Ett'PWun! behind the . I Duncan Chisholm & Ivan Drever 433634. l—3pm. £5 (£3 ). A meeting of decks. Edinburgh Stirling Folk Club, Terraces Hotel, 4 jazz and blues from two of Scotland‘s I Colin Steele's Melting Pot Jazz I Tam White’s Shoestring Band Melville Terrace, 01259 218521. 8pm. finest. Blues vocalist White and jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street, 538 7385. Edinburgh City Chambers, High Street, Ex-Wolfstone fiddle and guitar, with pianist Kellock mix original material and lllplll-rkllll. £5. See Sat 19. 557 2649. 7.30pm. £6. Tam White scales lvan’s self-penned songs. standards. down for some homegrown blues, with

m , Neil Warden. Fundraiser for the New Edlnburgh

Church Centre Musical Instrument Fund, Glasgow

Edinburgh . I In The Groove Jazz Joint, s Morrison Royal Edinburgh Hospital. I Comhaltas Concert Tour of Britain I Rarefaction Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 10pm—3am. £3. A . . Couper Institute, Clarkston Road. 8pm. Street. 538 7385. 10pm—3aln. £4 (£3). selection of dancelloot-jazz cuts for your lemgSton Information 637 0241 and 558 1131. Top young keyboardist Paul Harrison Sunday night listening pleasure, brought I Come All Ye Howden Park Centre, Annual tour brings around 20 young joins forces with the man with the drutn to you by a collective of the city’s most Howden, 01506 433634. 8pm. Open musicians and singers from Ireland, machine Stewart Brown and sax player knowledgeable DJs Big Beat's 'I‘inku, session for local musicians and singers. organised by the Irish national

Martin Kershaw for an exploration of Simon, Stuart and Les. organisation for traditional music: Top

their drum on bass potential. DJ llitchins ' exponents on flute, whistle, uillean pipes, does decks. fiddle, accordion, concertina, banjo, step 1 Glasgow dance, set dance, and singing in English

mm ; Edinburgh I Ceilidh Dance Riverside Club, Fox and Irish.

. I Drum & Bass Night Jazz Joint. 8 Street. 248 3144. 7.30pm. £6. Music I Glasgow Songwriter's Club The Edlnblfl‘gh Morrison Street. 538 7385. 10pm—3am. from 'l‘apsalteerie. Vale, Dundas Street, 332 4928. 8pm. I Diskographaz Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison £3. A l)J-only drum & bass affair, I Ceilidh Dance With Gary Blair Perform your own material (go early to Street, 538 7385. 10pni—3am. £3. Jazz- featuring the talents of llitchins and Renfrew Ferry, Clyde Place, 287 5511. book a slot) orjust listen. dance discs and a smattering of soul from friends. 9pm. £5. Music from the Gary Blair . a DJ pool which features Jazz Joint Group. Disco by Radio Clyde 2’s Alan EdIIIblll'gh resident Sly Si and experts from Big m 'I’odd. I Edinburgh Songwriters CasRock, Beat, Lizzard Loun 'e and Club Latino. , , West Port, 553 3067. 9 m. £2. A weekl

F Edlnblfl‘gh Edinburgh open-mic night for original material. y

m I Jafala Queen Charlotte Rooms, 56a I Club Latino Bongo Club, New Street, Performers signing-in time 8.30pm

. Queen Charlotte Street, 555 6660. 550 3716. 10.30pm. £6 (£5). Live salsa (entrance free). Edinburgh . 8.311pm. £3. Jazz fusion from this local from Carlos Pena y sus Muchachos, plus I Jazz Singers' Night Jazz Joint, 8 i outfit, featuring a jaz. funk and Latin DJs and free dance instruction if you go m Morrison Street, 538 7385. 10pnl—3am. selection. at 1()pm. . £4 (£3). Hosted on fortnightly rotation by t I Diskographaz Jazz Joint, 8 Morrison I Ceilidhs At The Caley Caledonian Edlnblfl‘gh Cathie Rae and Subie Coleman, this night Street. 538 7385. 10pm—3am. £3. See Brewery. Slateford Road, 449 5414. 7pm. I Kevin MacLeod and Friends sees both established singers and Tue 22. £6 (concs available). Music from Da Edinburgh Folk Club, Pleasance Cabaret newcomers take to the stage iii an open Iloolev. Bar, The Pleasance, 650 2349. 8pm.

mic session. Frosty J provides the vinyl 5 m I Ceilidh Dance St Bride’s Centre, £6/£5 (£4). Mandolins, citterns, resonator

solution. Orwell Terrace, 346 1405. 8pm. £7 (£5). guitars and banjo from the Occasional’s

, Edinburgh Music from Bella MacNab’s Band. plectrum tunesmith. Accompanied by - . I Jazz Singer's Night Jazz Joint, 8 I Irish Night Gillis College, Freeland Barbour on accordion and . Morrison Street. 538 7385. 9.30pm—3am. Whitehouse Loan, 665 3327. 8pm. £10. keyboard, and Jack Evans on mandolin Edlflbur‘gh £4 (£3). The Jazz Singer‘s Night Music from Big Squeeze. and guitar. Fiddler John Martin also joins I 0.5. Murray Quartet Jazz Joint, 8 celebrates its second birtltday tonight in. See Music preview. Morrison Street, 538 7385. 10pm—3am. r with a gatherinu of the clan. 'I‘he £4 (£3). A funky, freestyle jazz and hip r evening‘s two rigular hostesses, Cathie hop selection from these movers and Rae and Subie Coleman, with be there, Glasgow shakers on the Glasgow scene. 'l‘heir . alongside graduates of Fionna Duncan’s I Ceilidh Dance Riverside Club, Fox Glasgow _ national profile is on the up as well, jazz vocal workshop and Freddie King. Street, 248 3144. 7.30pm. £6. See Fri 18. I lain MacKtntosh New Dawn Folk thanks to last year’s album release, Home More of the great and the good from the . CIUbr RiVCTSldC ClUbr FOX Street, 445 Movies. Decks effects come from Jazz ' scene will no doubt pop their heads in on Edlnblfl‘gh 6271- 8-15Pm- £5 (£3) Gcnllc songs and Joint regular Sly Si. : the night. I Charity Ceilidh Dance Thomas humour from the veteran Scots l Morton Hall, Ferry Road, 623 0661. singer/banjo player.

Services Overseas, with music from

Glasgow 1 Edinburgh Islander. Continued over page I Glasgow Jazz Record Club Unitarian ? I Big Bang Big Band The Ark. Semple , ,,. -- Church Centre, 72 Berkeley street. 221 street. :29 7733. 8pm~midnight. £5 (£3). ;,,,_..mst20morcwmn8. ' 3154. 7.30pm. ‘Persotlal choice’ with A monthly residency from this big band guest musician Frank 'l'hompson. Visitors in partnership with the Fly Right Dance .. r welcome. Further details from Ernie Company, who provide swing dance . Speirs. 14 Olendee Road, Renfrew. l’A-l ' tuition at the beginning of each session. d ' I 0A1). 0141 886 2949. No partner necessary. ,. I g ' “‘1 3g , I Al's All-Ni ht Joke Sho Bon ’o " Edinburgh ; Club, 14 NewgStreet, 558 7:04. 5 ' ' I HQ Jazz Joint, 8 Morrison Street. 538 1()pm~3am. A strange brew of comedy, 7385. 10pm—3am. £5. The 110 guys cabaret, DJ antics and live music. This move on up to the Friday night slot, : week‘s instalment features electronic making their live hip hop session 1 jazz-funksters Green Juice and some , ., accessible to an entirely new audience Latin passion from Havana (featuring " {5 - not normally out on a school night. The " Kurt ‘Coco’ Cobano, with romises of . ' ' . line-up remains the same. with DJs Extra ; .‘v'el‘erml‘nd with maracas). lOn the DJ ‘Plnk Fbyu Clannad meets enigm’ THE GUARDIAN and Kimo Cutz supplying the decks side, look out for Jazz Joint regular i . effects, plus live antics of a rapping and ' Frosty J on decks. 3 rhythm nature from the Scotland Yard I Freddie King Quintet Jazz Joint, 8 collective. ; Morrison Street. 538 7385. 10pm-3am. Du d £4 (£3). Renowned vocalist around n. 99 H 1 Edinburgh and London and father of a I Alison Burns Quartet Rep lheatre. 1 whole jazz family. King brings his

Tay Square, 01382 223530. 10.30pm. £4 quintet to the Jazz Joint for a special. ' WAY AHEAD 24 hour credit card hotline 0115 912 9000 (£2.50). The Penny Dainties’ singer gives one-off gig.

l7 Feb-2 Mar 2000 THE U81 49