Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow, 82 Hillhead Street, 330 5431. Mon-Sat 9.30am-5pm. Free. Home to the university’s collection of flat art and sculpture as well as changing exhibitions, the gallery also features a recreation of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow house which contains a host of original furnishings.

Hunterian Museum

University Avenue, 330 4221. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Free. Dating from 1807, the Hunterian is Scotland’s oldest public museum it lost its artworks in 1980 with the opening of the purpose-built art gallery in the grounds, but it is still home to a collection of the university’s treasures.

Museum Of Transport

Kelvin Hall, 1 Burnhouse Road, 287 2720. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri & Sun llam—Spm. Free. A museum crammed with buses, trams, fire engines, ships and other paraphernalia, devoted to the history of transport. Permanent exhibitions include Shipbuilding On The River Clyde, a large mural by David McFarlane; Walking Drum, an interactive sculpture by Stephen Healy; and Victims Of Transport by Justin Carter. For details of temporary exhibitions, see Glasgow Art listings page 74.

People's Palace 8. Winter Garden Glasgow Green, 554 0223. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am-5pm; Fri & Sun 11am—5pm. Glasgow’s best-loved institution has recently undergone a major facelift to

Bright Ideas . . .

j celebrate its centenary year. The new

I displays are set out thematically with subjects including The Patter, Visions Of The City and Crime And Punishment. For details of temporary exhibitions, see Glasgow Art listings page 74.

Scotland Street School Museum Museum Of Education, 225 Scotland Street, 287 0500. Mon-Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri & Sun llam-Spm. Free. Designed in 1904 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and now home to archive material on education in Scotland from 1872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour of Victorian, Edwardian, World War ll and 1960s school days.

Springburn Museum

Atlas Square, Ayr Street, 557 1405. Tue—Fri 10.30am—5pm; Sat 10am—4.30pm. Free. By use of photographs and artefacts, arts and crafts, the museum brings to life the social and industrial history of the north of Glasgow illustrated by two permanent exhibitions Made In The North and Springburn Park, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

2 Castle Street, 553 2557. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri & Sun llam—Spm. Free. A museum of world faiths, featuring a Zen garden, priceless art works from the world’s six major religions, Dali’s Christ OfSaintJohn Of The Cross and the story of religion in Scotland through words and pictures. For

. Glasgow Art listings page 74.

details of temporary exhibitions, see

Who has had a Bright Idea? The SECC have had the insight to bring this home

interior design show back to Glasgow.

Will it just be lots of pretend rooms? There will be show rooms from people like Laura Ashley and M&S, as well as the most current trends displayed by up-and-

coming young designers.

Are displays not a bit boring? These displays will fill you with inspiration, but if you want more excitement check out Ready to Renovate, an against-the-clock challenge with celebrity designers, or Get the Look where stars of Changing Rooms talk you through updating your home.

And it's all indoor stuff? This year they have also included an outdoor feature with everything from furniture and landscaping to gardening as well as a talk by everyone’s favourite gardener in a vest top, Charlie Dimmock.

I Bright Ideas Wed i-Sat 4 Mar, 1 1am-7pm Wed & Fri, 7 lam—9pm Thu, 10am—7pm Sat & Sun. £5.50 (£3.50). SECC, Finnieston Quay, 287 7777.

80 THE LIST l7 Feb—2 Mar 2000


ON YOUR DOORSTEP Everything you ever wanted to know about THE TURBO RIDE

There are some things in life which decrease in enjoyment in inverse proportion as you get older and fairground rides are one of them. The prospect of spinning 360 degrees With your heart lodged in your throat is far more appealing if you've only just entered double figures. But while the lining of your stomach and feeling of immortality may diminish over time, a desire for excitement hopefully remains. So for those of you who love the idea of riding on a rollercoaster or driving at 100 miles an hour, but can't quite face the reality - here’s an alternative (it’s also a lot nearer than Alton Towers).

Situated next to the Virgin Megaplex Cinema in the new Fountainpark leisure complex, The Turbo Ride has been a big hit in the US for some time, but this is one of the first to open in Britain. Once inside, a long metal ramp, inexplicably strewn with all manor of Scottish memorabilia, leads down to the waiting area, where you select one of two turbo rides on offer: Dino Island or Red Rock Run. You’re then treated to an unashamedly nafff but mercifully short, film which sets the scene, placing you either as an earth scientist on a mission to cap a bubbling volcano (Dino Island) or a vacationing family who inadvertently drive into a disused mineshaft (Red Rock Run). Suitably charged, you enter the auditorium - essentially a cinema with fewer seats and strap yourself in. Padded handles positioned either side of you, and a warning from the staff to raise your hand if distressed give you a sense of what’s in store, but nothing can quite prepare you for the physical assault ahead. A glance at your chair during the ride assures you that your actual movement is very slight, but the combination of the film in front of you and your own suspension of disbelief convince you you are indeed careering round a lava-filled mine or being chased backwards by a T-Rex.

Lasting less than ten minutes in total, the ride is slightly overpriced, but what an adrenaline-filled ten minutes they are. (Kelly Apter)

Fun factor 5/5

Value for money 3/5

Added extras Whiplash.

Where is it? Along Fountainbridge, just past the McEwan's brewery. How much it costs £3.50 (£2.75); family ticket £10.

When it's open Fri—Sat Ham—11pm; Sun Ham-10pm.

I The Turbo Ride, Fountainpark, Dundee Street, 229 i706.


The Philosophy Cafe Thu 17 Feb, 7—9pm. lnstitut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Crescent, 225 5366. Get your teeth into some weighty philosophical debate at the French lnsitute. The proceedings are conducted in English and this week’s t0pic is The Nation: An Outdated Notion.

Scottish Internationalism For The New Century Mon 21 Feb, 5.30pm. Martin Hall, New College, The Mound, 01968 672706. The first in this series of lectures is given by Geor e Reid MSP. University Of Edmburg Archive Wed 23 Feb, 12.30pm. Free. Huntly House, 142 Canongate, 529 4143. Archivist Arnoot Wilson gives a lunchtime talk. Storytelling Scotland Lecture Thu 24 Feb, 2.30pm. Free. Netherbow Arts Centre, 43—45 High Street, 556 9579/2647. The first in a series of lectures has Netherbow



Antique & Collector‘s Fair Sun 20 Feb, 10am—5pm. Meadowbank Sports Centre, 139 London Road, 661 5351. Scotfairs are the organisers behind this sale of antiques and goodies for your home. Hound Dog Show Sat 26 Feb, 8am-5pm. £2 (£1). Royal Highland Centre, lngliston, 333 3036. You ain’t nothin’ but a dog show.

Scottish Millennium Crystal, Rock 8: Fossil Fair Sat 26—Sun 27 Feb, IOam—Spm. £2—£2.50 (Til-£1.50). Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Road, 550 7800. Find out everything you ever needed to know about gems and fossils at this exhibition. There’s a selection of jewellery and unusual items to buy, along with books, tools and equipment for the serious collector.