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A iant lea for Einurgh

Go to Scotland's first ever Iwerks® Extreme Screen“ and open your mind to a new experience in cinema-going-


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80% of life on earth lives in the . ‘_ V I I - - r 1 5.”?Henge; :zmma‘m’i'm , * T E I a mid-ocean realm, but very little J [le I g.‘ ; = ,,,,__I’_Iilwimffi o t— K cu *(U) is actually known about it. With I ' v I t, . . , the help ofsome truly ' I "* a r . spectacular camera work this?

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leaving us a povIv about our fragil Narrated by Me Our Verdict: BreaI amazing imageryt _ guaranteed to leave” speechless. '

40p booking fee Per .

.For group bookings of 10 o . ' I I

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