I Cosy winter glow young looking man, 38, brimming with music, laughs, creative soul, WLTM warm hearted woman 205-305 to share common and new ground, and be tingly under frosty stars. Box No 379/1.

I Looking for someone you can trust? Me too! Genuinely nice guy, 42, 5ft 6in, thin, reasonably handsome, seeks warm, intelligent woman into art, honesty, books, film, music, travelling and big hugs. Box No 379/4.

I Perhaps I saw you in the Filmhouse, Waterstone’s, Starbucks, Dragon Way, Festival Theatre, Queen’s Hall, Cameo, The Apartment, desirable male seeks thirtysomething female to share our favourite places. Box No 379/9.

I Vaughan Williams seeks Charlie Dimmock! Mid 405 male, with new garden WLTM Edinburgh-based female graduate, 30—405, with green fingers who appreciates the Lark Ascending, to cultivate harmonious relationship. Box No 379/10.

I Glasgow male, 31 quiet, but not shy, laid-back, but not indifferent, seeks female companion to share a love 0 opera, nature, laughter, cinema, travel, late night conversation, classical music. Box No 379/12. I Intelligent. argumentative PhD student (23, Edinburgh) seeks interesting, fun-loving man who doesn’t take life too seriously for talking nonsense, drinking red wine, theatre, cinema and possibly romance. Box No 380/ 1.

I Long term relationship to make year 2000 special? Out- going, intelligent, energetic, female, 26, seeks easy-going, academic, male, 25—30, for quality time. Interests: Sports, pubs/clubs, dining-out, culture, reading. Photo appreciated. Box No 380/2.

I Looking for love? forget it! Join three cultured Glasgow girls for a laugh and friendly banter instead. Bachelor millionaires welcome, but three civilised, n/s, 30-40, chaps will do! Box No 380/3.

I Take a hike m, 34, into hill- walking, cinema and independent travel, WLTM, warm, attractive female, 25-35, with itchy feet and GSOH. Photo appreciated. Box No 380/4.

I Accountant mid-thirties, tee- total, n/s, shy and gentle seeks professional woman for long term commitment. Would prefer cat-lover with no ties, aged 28—38. Box No 380/5.

I Friendly, intelligent female, 2A, loves music cinema, travel and eating out. WLTM, tall, n/s, 22-32, Glasgow male with sarcastic sense of humour for good times, laughs and good conversation. Box No 380/6.

I Loveable lassie short and fair into caring and sharing looking for fun, romance, afiection with a man with a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step. Box No 380/7.

I Proud owner of fantastic new party dress seeks invitations to fabulous parties and glamorous events to which she can wear it. Box No 380/8.

I Single, professional early thirties, Edinburgh male, who now realises that there is more to life than work, so if you’re female and think you can help then get in touch. Box No 380/9. I Artist, handsome dark- haired mid 30s guy. Enjoys bars, sports and the seaside, would like to hear from an attractive, artistic, female with similar interests. Photo appreciated. Box No 380/ 10.

I Good-looking boy late 30s, tall, slim, fair, loves his music from Bach to Beck, Cameo, food, travel, sleep. Wants a woman with wit, understated style and natural golden or olive skin. Long letter and photo please. Thanks. Box No 380/11. I Waterbabe, 28 5ft llins, attractive, affectionate, intelligent, happy go lucky, female seeks taller, attractive, male with GSOH, for sailing swimming, cinema, eating out and staying in. Glasgow and surrounding. Box No 380/12.

I Unconventional, handsome slim, vigorous, intelligent, sorted man (405), seeks indiosyncratic, intelligent, funny, slim woman of style, femininity, assertiveness and spirit who knows herself, to ignite lust, passion, excitement and fun. Box No 380/13.

I Edinburgh-based Glasgow born petite, analytical female, 40. Loves dramatic arts, books, newspapers, writing, music - Bach, Bjork via ‘bebop to hiphop’. Lives in Cameo, Traverse, Waterstones. Loathes instant coffee, pubs junk food. Fed up with new man talk, old man behaviour! WLTM, like- minded male. Box No 380/14. I Are you a hunky (not too) chunky, confident, outgoing, extrovert, music-loving, tall(ish), funny, exceedingly attractive man, (25-40), ISO a mad, bad, dangerous, blonde? Box No 380/ 15.

I Woman, 39 petite blonde, likes cinema, keeping fit, Listy things, seeks man to share life adventure, tired of being alone. Are you open, honest, fun, write then, go on! Fife. Box No

380/ 16.

I Atractive Adam, 35 WLTM, the saucy Eve who stole one of my ribs. Interests include, apples and the latest fig leaf fashions. Eve’s with snake type friends need not apply. Box No 380/17. I New to Edinburgh genuine, easy-going, 24 yo, prof, male with GSOH, seeks intelligent, attractive woman, 205, for pubbing, eating out, going to gigs and whatever we like. Friendship hopefully more. Box No 380/ 18.

I Single, looking for a rough, hard man for plenty of sex. I have brown hair with big dangly busoms, give us a call! Box No 380/19.

I Attractive, intelligent unpretentious, solvent, profes- sional male, 39, seeks short term fling with younger, easy-going attractive, sensual woman. Mutual fun, passion, adventure, openess and discretion envis- aged. Box No 380/20.

I Hellfire Club Sin, curious? Straight female, 305, ‘life pass- ing her by’ syndrome seeks female pals to explore these and other clubs, do daft things and generally live a bit. (Edinburgh). Box No 380/21.

I Gay guy at the age when life is suppoosed to begin! I’m attractive, straight acting, successful and sorted. So if like me, you’re looking for sincerity, loyality and love and could help jump start my life. Get in touch! Box No 378/52.

I Fit. active, good-looking decent and reliable Glasgow guy, 32. Interests: sports, socialising, pubs, gym. Straight- acting, seeks gay guy, any age, for friendship. Box No 378/62. I Glasgow, s/a professional guy, 30, n/s, decent and genuine. into cinema, meals out and travel. Seeks similar sorted, normal, independent guy to share life’s ups and downs with. ALAWP. Box No 379/51.

I Gay female. 30 caring, feminine, with varied interests including sports and ABBA, WLTM feminine woman for long term companionship and possible relationship. Glasgow. Box No 379/64.

I Sperm donors please come forward. Are you gay, healthy and willing! Profession! lesbian couple want let century babies. Involvement negotiable. Expenses optional. Box No 379/67.

I Gay guy, 32. 5ft 10in brown hair, blue eyes, medium build, professional, seeks similar guy, 18—32, for friendship or possible 1-2-1. Interests include pubs, clubs, eating out, holidays, cars, country walks and generally enjoying life. Would like to meet genuine guy with similar interests to enjoy life to the fullest. Box No 379/68.

I Edlnburgh male mid 30$, fit, ‘professional’, but skint, ‘attrac- tive’, but on the shelf, seeks guy for cafe conversations and long walks in the hills. Sense of irony helpful. Box No 380/50.

I Glasgow gay woman, early 30$, happy with life, into social- ising, creativity, food, travel, good conversation, red wine. Looking for lively, out-going - maybe any type female, for fun and friendship. Box No 380/51.

I Kirkcaldy, Fife 39 yo, gay guy, looking for that special guy for lasting relationship not into one night stands, looking for younger, passive guy, under 30. Photo, phone please. Box No 380/52.

I Gay female 33, professional, graduate, disillusioned yet hope- ful attractive, intelligent, sorted, caring, sincere, honest and trust- worthy, seeks frienship with similar, like-minded, sane woman, discretion assured. Photo appreciated, Edinburgh area. Box No 380/53.

I Fife. bisexual guy 24, 5ft 7ins, fit, slim, likes football and live music, WLTM, caring, hon- est, genuine bisexual guy, 20—25, 5ft 7ins 5ft llins, n/s, similar, interests for fun, friend- ship, possibly more. (Edinburgh). Photo appreciated. Box No 380/54.


I Edinburgh gay male 36, genuine, average guy, likes usual ‘Listy’ things, wanting to meet ordinary guy who enjoys life and has an easy-going personali- ty and wants a 1:1. Box No 380/55.

I Can two Christian guys have an intimate friendship within biblical parameters? If like me, you’re s/a, around 33, live in Edinburgh and enjoy most of what life has to offer, why don’t we meet for an hon- est chat over a drink and explore the possibilities? When will our well meaning friends learn that wer’re not interested in being fixed up with girls? Box No 380/56.

I Edinburgh guy, 35 seeks happy together man, 30—45, n/s, hirsute with energetic outlook for friendship plus. Me, slim, fit, 5ft Sins, creative, into travel, history, sciencey things and star- gazing. Box No 380/57.

I Gay female 27, into football, golf and beer. WLTM, open- minded, politically left female for intelligent conversation, good humour and whatever develo 5. Box No 380/58.

I Pro essional. bisexual male central Glasgow, 5ft 9ins, attrac- tive, athletic/muscular build, n/s. many social/sporting interests. Would like to meet similar/tall male for discreet relationship. Photo essential. Box No 380/59. I Emotionally mature Edinburgh student 18, blonde and very fem seeks a n/s woman with a stimulating mind who I can laugh at life’s absurdi- ties with. If you’re relatively bag- gage-free, understand the impor- tance of cuisine, creativity and cuddles and know it’s time you met someone who respects you . . . get in touch. Box No 380/60. I Edinburgh professional guy, sometimes silly, 36, into music, cinema, food, looking for pre-op TS for fun, frolics and romance. Photo appreciated. Box No 380/61.

GAY MALE, 18 brown eyes, hair, WLTM, attractive, young guy, 18—25, for friendship, possible, 1-2-1. Interests include vodka, films, music, coffee and hugs. Box No 380I62


All you have to do is address your letter to:


14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE


The McLellan Galleries 270 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow 62 3EH

and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearlyin the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER. Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

17 Feb-2 Mar 2000 TIIELI8T89