O I saw you drumming all over Glasgow. Your name is AnneMarie and you stole my heart. You can keep it if you give me yours. Love Kerry. Box No U/380/1

v I saw you Eve, it was wonderful to see you. Hope we can do it all again. Love Ed Box No U/380/2

O I saw yOUyou gorgeous big hunk with the lovely head. Be my valentine xx Box No U/380/3

V I saw you dancing your heart out! You wore zebra dress and batted big brown eyes. See you in Archaos. Box No U/380/4

O I saw you Sarah - blonde babe & all round future media star. You worked at The Assembly Rooms so did I. Call me & we’ll catch up. Box No U/380/5

O I saw you you are a blonde babe. You work for the Tron & so do I. See you at front of house some time. Box No U/380/6

O I saw you Dennistoun boy. Sommerficld. Caressing the tropical wonders. Tin tin boy, with black spex. Cover my fruit in tip top dream topping! Box No U/380/7

v I saw you and the ugly insect 4 years ago and I’ve fancied you ever since, J. soon I’ll wake up to your beautiful eyes everyday - bliss! Take me now. U - H Box No U/380/8

O I saw you sexy Buddha boy of Bensons 13/12. You charming everyone over the cheesegrater. Me small, shy, buxom, Sonia (echobelly) lookalike. Let’s make a french connection. Box No U/380/9

Q I saw you you flame haired sex kitten staring at me across a table in Borders whilst licking the remains of your hot chocolate, be my Pussy Galore darling. Phwoar. Box No U/380/10

Q I saw you at Burns night at the art school. You were tall and dark and had buns like two eggs in a handkerchief! Then again outside the GET. I was the blonde haired guy next to the cherry bomb Eskimo. Box No U/380/11

O I saw you in Borders Cafe in Glasgow, you were wearing a black skateboard hat and red jacket - you were hot. Get in touch. Box No U/380/12

O I saw you Mr. Teacup man, in the Borders kitchen. You were doing the washing up (how modern). You are soooo gorge. Box No U/380/l3

on 0131 557 8500

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O I saw you J us, you have the most beautiful smile, your style so perfect, be that way - don’t change ever. Box No U/380/l4 Q I saw you Jus, Sia, Faz and Buna here at Borders at 8.15pm Tuesday 1/2/00. Thanx for being wif’ me drinking mocha freeze Box No U/380/15

Q I saw you Joanne from the starlets ages ago in Fury’s. When the hell is your next gig? Grant, whose comeback tour is during February. Box No U/380/16

O I saw you in Borders bookshop in Glasgow. You were wearing a denim jacket and you had a green bag. Lose the lick and you’d be lovely. Write soon. Box No U/380/ 17

O I saw you bouncing outside the GU on Friday night. You looked so strong and handsome. They called you Jimbo, why is that big boy? Box No U/380/18 O I saw you in Uisge-Beatha. You’re new aren’t you? I’m the girl with the long black hair and what I want to know is - are you a tyre man Johan? Wahoo Wahoo. Box No U/380/19

O I saw you in the red bomber jacket, on those comfy black chairs in Borders books. A hot chocolate drink and tousled black hair. You looked beautiful. Box No U/380/20

O I saw you Ando, Aussie boy, Archaos Sun 23rd Jan - we were both pumpin’ - let’s share in the lovin’ soon - on admiring noose, Nolene the queen. Box No U/380/21

O I saw you Andy, turquoise shirt, Hive, 15th Jan. You can tie me up anytime baby, you spurned me for another that night, but rest assured, I’ll always be there...in the shadows...watching...waiting. Going down j-boy. Box No U/380/22 OlsawyouSexGodEd- black polo neck and bald head. Re-light my fire babe - it’s been a long time COMING! Box No U/380/23

V I saw you unkempt, piercing blue eyes, talking about Picts and Pixies - do you want to pick mushrooms with me? Box No U/380/24

v I saw you coming in 20 minutes late. Please let me fondle your black fingernails and sexy ponytail. Box No U/380/25

V I saw you beautiful girl with the mysterious eyes and the hypnotic smile. What is your name oh poppet. Karina perhaps? Box No U/380/26

O I saw you the prettiest oboe player in the RSAMD orchestra playing Rossinni. Tell me more, and I’ll tell you about me. Box No U/380/27

O I saw you- you were wearing a hooded - sort-of- thing. You were B-E-A-U-T-l-F- U-L. Me - I was shy and retiring and breezy but feckin’ gorgeous all the same. Please call. Box

No U/380/28

O I saw you in bar Brel you looked dark & dangerous, you were wearing a grey top and drinking a pint next to the old life - I think you are babe-a- listic. Box No U/380/29

O I saw you man in yellow jacket - you had a lovely packet. You wear them well. You look so well, how I would like to ride you well. Box No U/380/30

Q I saw you Fey Guevara Delmonicas, Sat 22nd. Jan; you were groovin’n’pedantic - I wanna rip that lime smock off you - ruck here can’t fail!! From the butcher boy. Box No U/380/31

O I saw you GFT Summer of Sam. Wed 26/2 You spanish girl (’2) were sitting next to me, I was with my friends maybe another film for us? Box No U/380/32

Q I saw you In Cafe Cosmo GFT. The handsome bar man with the raven hair, distinguished sideburns and a smile that brought joy to my day. From Lorretta with the hat. Box No U/380/33

O I saw you at the Firebird, I think your name is Angus. You serve me now it’s my turn to service you. Put the fire into my bird. Box No U/380/34

O I saw you beautiful Robyn - covered in vom in Tinderbox. You are so lovely little star. Box No U/380/35

O I saw you scarlet haired temptress in O’Briends, Sunday 30th January. You gave me my “usual”. I’d like to give you ‘something’ in return. “S”. Box No U/380/36

0 I saw you in Tinderbox 1/2/00. Hope you had a good holiday. Love from your eastern star. Box No U/380/37

O I saw you Tuesday 25 January Bar Brel. Me hot after tennis, hotter after seeing you, sexy bloke in snug jumper (striped sleeve) with girl(friend?) You got my deuces going! Fancy a match? Box No U/380/38

v I saw you C’Aren and I really like you, I hope u feel the same!! Luv Carrie xxx Box No U/380/39

0 I saw you Mark, Neil, Steven, Kevin, Mikey, Ryan, Rab, Robert, Ciaren, Gareth, Sean, Adam, luv you Box No U/380/40

. I saw you Michael Archibald, I’m sorry about everything from Nats. Box No U/380/41


O I saw you in Bar Brel you were wearing a rugged rugby top and scratching your nose - you ring my bell. Box No U/380/42

V I saw you in Stobhill. I still have not gotten over my nervous twitch is it Claire my feisty one. Dr. Box No U/380/43

O I saw you Chris on the 6.15pm Edinburgh - Glasgow train, 2/2/00. Curly haired blonde with the kinky boots wouldn’t mind sinning with you in Eden. Box No /43

O I saw you Hannah, Princes Street’s resident dizzy blonde on Monday 31. Remember me, tall, blue eyed boy with a broken heart. You liked me once I’m sure. You got my mobile number aye? Box No U/380/44.

O I saw you in the endless queue at Tesco Metro, Nicolson Street, 30 Jan ‘00, looking every bit as miserable as most of the over-stretched checkout staff. I could have been the guy who laughed all the way home cause he’d shopped at Sainsbury’s. But no, I was daft enough to be in the queue beside you! Box No U/380/45.

V I saw you sexy techno animal, dancing shirtless at GSA, 19 Jan. Gave you a bottle of water and you gave me a smile. Maybe you’d like to expend some of your boundless energy (and sweat) on me? At least let me dry that diaboical beard. Box No U/380/46.

O I saw you in Blackfriars, Fri 28 Jan. You were at the end of the bar with your friends, by the fruit-machine not what you’d call a full head of hair, tall, lovely smile . . . by far the nicest guy in the pub! You came up and sat near our table later on. Me? . . . tall & slim, out with her workmates. I never plucked up the courage to say hello . . . fancy a drink? Box No U/380/47.

O I saw you Paul Milne, Fri 7 Jan watching Millenium Clock, Chambers St Museum. Me = Sharon N. I knew you and Lyssa, Gill M (‘the nun’) and Jenny F when I lived in Edinburgh. You were working for Scottish Wildlife Trust at the time. Haven’t seen you since I moved to Glasgow in ‘89. Didn’t recognise you at first without the beard. It would be nice to meet up sometime. Box No U/380/48.

O I saw you New Town bar, 26 Jan ‘00. You blonde hair, drinking Smimofi Ice with friend, earing shirt and tie. Me, black shirt, shaved head, eyebrow ring. You’re very cute, who are you? Box No U/380/49. . I saw you Robert, Woolworth’s, Partick on Saturday, 22 Jan ‘00. You served me around 4.30pm. Did our eyes meet? You’re drop dead georgeousl! Let’s meet up. Fancy a pint or something else. Box No U/380/50.

l7 Feb-2 Mar 2000 THE [18191