CLASSIFIED I saw you m

O I saw you Borders, tonight, 24 Jan ‘00. You, gorgeous long coat, nice eyes (brown), nice legs, sitting looking at self help book section. Me, in black, blue shirt, tongue-tied, shy, let’s help each other, wow! Box No U,’38()/5 1.

O I saw you 24 Jan, 012, waiting to cross road opposite zoo bar. You, gorgeous, wore bobble hat and sexy smile. I stopped car to let you walk our eyes met let’s get together! Box No U/3b‘0/52.

O I saw you with friends in Corinthians on Sat 29. You tall, with short, dark hair wearing a black polo neck. Me too neryous to speak. You looked twice maybe a third time? Box No U/380/53.

V I saw you beautiful witch, at lmbolc Fire ceremony. You lit my fire stick for me. I think your name is Fawnia. Come and be my fire goddess. Box No U.’380/54.

O I saw you dear Boo, thank you for your note and what you wrote. I don't know why I was so shy, please send your direct line and I will send you mine. Box No U/380/55.

0 I saw you mystery girl of Bar 38. Box No U/380/56.

9 I saw you CM for a whole week and it was lovely! Sorry we couldn‘t be together for St Valentine’s but mushn’t grumble. I love you so much, bubs, I do! SM. Box No U/3b‘0/57.

v I saw you black hat, black boots around New Town and Canonmills. Where do you go to at night? Meet me in the Northern Bar some night? Box No U/380/58.

O I saw you Morag, in our fiat every day. Who needs men anyway when tonight our hair is beautiful. Box No U/380/59.

O I saw you Marianne(?) from Germany. Eugene Kelly, Tut’s. I couldn’t go to art school my friends were going to Garage. I’m learning some Black Sabbath songs to play you on my lZ-string guitar. Box No U/380/60.

v I saw you perfectly outrageous, beautiful bald man, lithe, extrovert etc! in the List personal column then I lost The List so what are the chances you’ll read this and reply? Box No U/380/6l.

92 THE LIST 17—2 Mar Feb 2000

V I saw you Fri 4 Feb inside CC Blooms, smoking your pipe, then in Guillianos. Get in touch. Box No U/380/62.

O I saw you at lmbolc, lounge above Wee Red Bar, late-ish. You, red dress and dark hair, me, dancing. We touched fingertips as hello/goodbye. How about trying the hello bit again? Box No U/380/63.

O I saw you Ross at Peppermint Lounge, Fri 28 Jan, and we shared that night together. Let’s hope it’s not too late to find each other again; the Pink Moon is on its way. Box No U/380/64.

O I saw you on the GNER Kings X to Glasgow train, Mon 7 Feb ‘00. I was sitting diagonally opposite you and then sat just behind. You were listening to an MD (or MP3?) player and reading Bill Bryson. I asked you for the time: I should have asked for more! You were very beautiful, with voluptuous lips and dark chesnut brown hair. I was reading a newspaper and eating satsumas! You are one of the most ravishing women I have ever seen and can’t stop thinking about (hence this ad). How about we get off at the same destination next time! Please reply. Your bewitched admirer. Box No U/380/65.

O I saw you eyeing me up, my big flarebear. As if the great ass wasn’t enough you bought me chocolate. My bunny always. XXX. Box No U/380/66.

O I saw you gorgeous red- haired Sadie at the Fruitmarket, is it natural? There’s only one way to find out . . . Box No U/380/67.

O I saw you and your lucky Irish charms in Debanhams Clinique counter. I’d like to buff your cheeks till your skin glows. Box No U/380/68.

O I saw you Darren Scott brimming with ‘Cruel Intentions’, eating lunch, personally I don’t think that’s very clever. Eat me, Sebastian. Box No U/380/69.

O I saw you freckleface words cannot say . . . enough said! U know where I am. CJ. Box No U/380/70.

O I saw you crazy French woman in Camera Obseura. You turned my world upside down tasty! Box No U/380/71.

O I saw you behind the bar in City Cafe. You Canadian, short hair etc . . . Me, blind! Do you mind! Box No U/380/7l.

O I saw you at the Fly Bar, you’re just as sexy as ever, shaved head, tight buns. We have to shag soon or I’ll die. Love Dykie. Box No U/380/2. O I saw you Peckham’s boy, lithesome black panther child, can this boy have a peek in your pickle jar? Box No U/380/73. v I saw you in Luvley @ the uniform night. I believe you are called the tranny manny. Will you marry me, Zoe. Box No U/380/74.

0 I saw you Richard Gere/Omar Sharif lookalike. Going into your flat. Why don’t you come out anymore? Box No U/380/75.

. I saw you ginger mullet, I love the way you smoke your pipe. What keys you have! And that moustache! Box No U/380/76.

O I saw you S, Our Price manager with some hunky guys. I stand behind easy listening and gaze at you. Spare a thought for a sensitive soul. Box No U/380/77.

O I saw you Captain Mersey won’t you bite my bagel . . . Box No U/380/78.


O I saw you seven years ago, waring 3 M03 uniform and a shaggy bouffant good to see you still. Box No U/380/79. V I saw you on a roof looking windswept and foxy and goddam horny me love you long time. I XXX. Box No U/380/80.

v I saw you god in your white robe . . . will you strike me with our bolt of lightning? XX Venus. Box No U/380/8l.


v I saw you tall, handsome American from Castle Rock Hostel at Camera Obscura. Yow, gorgeous - me in the dark! Box No U/380/82.

C I saw you @ the Fly Bar. Everyone says you’re a lesbian, but I don’t believe them. Prove me right. Jordan. Box No U/380/83.

O I saw you camouflage army pants - rolled up with your sexy boots & rebellious crop, your tartan fieece, shimmering as you tossed your cue - ooh, baby! Box No U/380/84.

Have you found love through

lsaw you? fl”

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and tell us more. Box No ISAWU/378.

v I saw you beautiful, brown eyed girl, in broon poncho. Dat Wot What. XXX. Let’s meet. Box No U/380,’94.

. I saw you in Ndebele. Beautiful, animated, blonde drinking tea from a red pot. My blush must have compensated for the lack of a tea-cosy. Box No U/380/95.


V I saw you anorak and glasses. Man on the phone, did you see me? Box No U/380/96. O I saw you crunching numbers I fell in love your name is Les you know who you are —Aberdeen. Box No U/380/97.


0 I saw you Moo Bar. Slim Jim. DJ King. You’ve got me in a spin, I need to know you. Spoke to you once, remember me? Box No U/380/98.

O I saw you Scott, Fri 28 Jan, Hogshead. You stood out from the crowd. I remember you from Ed Uni. Let’s check out each ohters figures! Box No U/380/99.

O I saw you Steve at Apex. I’ll be the binty in your top anyday. Love Robin.

Box No U/380/100.

O I saw you Meadows Bar, spinning the needle I think? You’re a sister. Tattooed tease! I’m in rapture of you. Box No U/380/85.

v I saw you Miss MacTavish. Standing out from the cave- bitches in the kitchen. Phone me. I love you. Box No U/380/86.

O I saw you in the Three Sisters, you sexy lush, tight ass, blonde serving behind the bar. I think your name is Louise. You can ring my bell. Anytime. Box No U/380/87.

Q I saw you ginger-haired troll, Traverse bar, you stood out among a hoard of attractive people. Be my badger. Box No U/380/88.

V I saw you Catwalk Cafe, fallen angel be devilish with me. XX. Venus. Box No U/380/89.

O I saw you on Blair Street. Our eyes met beneath the overflow pipe. I really have to work under you. Box No U/380/90.

v I saw you flame-haired beauty on the bus to Gorgie, in blue Kappa puffa. Box No U/380/91.

Q I saw you hairy man, loved your tattoos. You said you liked my piercings. Would you like me to pierce you? Big D. Box No U/380/92.

O I saw you catching me drinking you in, outside Columcille, New Battle Terrace, long black coat, smiling & smoking. Long leather coat would like to see you in less. . . Box No U/380/93.