LIFE (15) 115 mins

Your HOnour, \.'-.'e Sobmt this v:deo as exhiot ’A’, evidence that Eddie Murphy s back on ‘orrh Fast talk'ng 'n=s way tr‘rotig“ o c<poc<ettng boot'egging ant: "a *, be "r; "awed ‘or "murder "“ t"e 93% deep soat", he ar‘d ari (elv " c" 'i‘e '.Ia"'.'7 Lcl.‘."".."~"((.“ seem fies“. "er: to sue-"c: tf‘e res“. o‘ Zl‘e r days

‘(it '. .c‘l'

' :;se to cor" bait", n... a I" a.‘ an e'jo,ar> Case closet: t)" Pct.."es SB Final Cut (18) 93 mins

‘: (11A, ..:i" ec: (mt)... taping .oo

f:_. . x. u' .t e :>r-.-...-.)o., Oscau ' (14".) 341cc.» 1' ' 0.. 'ri‘s, l..(l'

:_a.'. I)"(‘i"(l"("(l out to star " t'iis exoer'ner‘ti‘r treatse on the facade of "‘ ends“ n .9 ay "g tr‘e dead Jude

Sad e frost s Saoze, Ray ‘\.'.’instorte Is Ray etcete'a, gedci t7 , ".e has left a .cieo cra', expos "g ‘ n ali those me at is .'.a'-<e Ray rants, Sade s a"ci j.l(l(' s gust Jade m (its se ‘- nut/gent toss ot’ the "(Wily bea'al: k "it For Pat‘*c=/£19 99 o". 311) Bi)

Paperback Hero (15) 92 mins Jack ‘-.'.H :s Magi: lackrrran as a" Australian f"..c <-d" .';-".g n‘a'i's 'nar‘ .'."o a so UH“) rti'wa'tt c riorels ‘~.r'.’l‘-‘:v’, Vat s a st‘e' as lot) sure ’17 He "ec kons so, a"c: nuts 7". s na Ruby's "(l'lit' o" '_"e :o.e' "stead But ‘.'.lten the :)..l:' s'tr cor-‘es alo'tg to the r outback t<;.'.", all "‘aone' o‘ "oniaotic trysts -'\s..e Tits 's a cheesy, but rough-

..-,’cl|(} " .ok ."(l the steer-(zeroes found or ryna (r‘oc rid/i'e [)iiric/ee, has to keep t'i‘e most :',ir1ca of .' ('.'.'i""s a'i‘tised U". xersa. i) c fines 1.11%

Ravenous (18) 97 Mins

Pearc e, Robert Carlyle and Dan'id ftrci..e‘.te ‘c-ac: fine stcir'ibie throagl‘. this

('(Kfl‘tl ((1'7 .{ .cl €’ ..' ('.,

c: sort-:41, cc;"‘tiseci .'.'lc:

cri'" ’KJri 3" .‘(" .'..'i'(c" 300‘)

'esoec tab‘e oer‘or'i‘aric es a'tc: a strong s..nnc."f "g cast ').'.'<‘:l"l)('(l by a deluge o‘ oeas Reterer‘ces to fire 5in Dead,

Feuding fairies: Michelle Peiffer and Ru

pert Everett's fairy Queen and King cause

Deliverance, Glory and the Spaghetti ‘-.’/estern.s are all chucked ti“. and the re8u1ting sten'.’ is a frustratzngry clsn‘vax- Eess gorefest. Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn’s incessant, irritating score only adds to the frustration. A truly wasted opportunity r’Fox Pathe: 'lle‘

RETAIL Hilary And Jackie (15) 121 mins

"(18010" "Icimi <3 ""1 TS


Snug r cei‘tra' te"‘s;ort Basket Case, And Her Sisters and, t,.r‘nc=~~e‘.=ab y oerr‘aos, Sibling PI/Olf/ Bat "one lias cut to the heart of if“ s :.>a"t-c t. a" 'iwatter so 'nag" cee‘fy as the o ooc o‘ ceiiist lacciae'r‘e ci‘.. Pre (E'th older sister H: a"; E"‘ ‘.'.atso" a"d

Rac "e CJ'H” ins star as pos" na'r

Ai‘ano Tucker's :i_.a "arra‘. the music, act ; ar‘u photography "are their I‘.‘()ll‘(‘l".5 o‘ being iliZ("‘:S(‘, sombre and gorgeous FitvixFourf/CI

£14 99 ‘80.

A La Place Du Coeur (15) 112 mins

Ker? Loac "- isr‘t the ony f lt“fl‘(iktr"

2h a soc a: co"scre"ce Robe"t Cauedrgmai‘. ‘ol.o‘.'.s an 1997's Marius [fft‘dfif‘fit".'.:tl‘(i'lOiW‘l81.1)(‘Y'l)t<i.()()l sze arrvong poor of l.laiseilies But "fete, Guecl guian Zac «les "ac .al te"sio" riead or in the story of a your‘g ofac k r'i‘a" who Is 'ntpr:soi\.ed by a "ac ist cop or a trumped-up "ape c "large rls (1(l()l)l|‘.("l)<i"("‘18<i?‘(l "l8 girlfrier‘cl's ta'r‘: y :i". te to "ee :it a ‘uia that ".()'. on=y c hav'p ov‘s :>..'., govous and nexer ser".:r"eri'.a celebrates the 'io‘.'. Eye £15 99 11.1?

American Pie (18) 129 mins

filthy r;.de and excruc 'at'r‘xc‘ -/ ‘tmov, / i

er" cass Art ‘:c at

this tale of t‘ai‘dy l‘igr‘ s(.'1()()3 boys their iibidos r>ca'1s those ‘rat cou‘edy favourites, Animal House and Policy's /-\".(l it's by the ‘.'.'ri‘.ers o‘ Arit/ Raging r‘or'ito'ies (l!".'(‘ the youngsters to '."(l"l().i'8 desperate nieasures tlie .'.'ar'it .'.'et apple pie shaggir‘g scene has aEready gone down '11(Zl‘i(‘l'1<ililSiOl‘y’ '.'.r‘ic "‘ climaxes ‘.'.'Itli "111(1‘ poki'tg at a post pron: dance house party Uric of ario uncei‘sored for its ‘x'deo release, is We creair‘. of unadulterated fui‘ Unlversal Pvc tures no RRP/f 19 99 or‘ )VD 1.1F

chaos in the star-studded (Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci, Calista Flockhart, Christian Bale, Anna Friel) adaptation of Shakespeare's magical whimsical comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Available to rent from Mon 13 Mar.

RENTAL/DVD Go (18) 98 mins it t -.r .4:

Katie (Dawson’s Creek) Holmes, Scott (Party Of Five) Wolf and, bizarrely

reviews VIDEOS

.~. I "H "w mule. Katie Holmes and Sam Valley in (m

enough, Desmond (Grange Hill) Askew are the familiar faces from television heading a feisty cast through one Christmas Eve in the endlessly eventful

lives of LA twentysomethings.

The film's three plot strands idea is almost directly lifted from Pulp Fiction, but hey, Quentin Tarantino probably stole that from someone else anyway. Story one centres around checkout girl Ronna (the mesmerising Sara Polley), who is approached by two guys (Wolf and Jay Mohr) who want to score some ecstasy. Her paltry attempts at amateur drug dealing land her in trouble with the local big shot dealer. In story two, Brit lad abroad Simon (Askew) leads his three buddies on a road trip to Las Vegas where he winds up in bed with a couple of bridesmaids then in strife after an encounter with a lap dancer. The final story brings Wolf and Mohr's drug scoring actors back into the fray before rounding off the three plotlines nicely in

the final quarter of the film.

Reminiscent of Richard Linklater’s Dazed And Confused in parts, the American ‘slacker' generation bear up well, being portrayed by director Doug (Swingers) Liman as resourceful victims of circumstance, rather than the unfocused hedonists in Linklater's movie. So what if it's not highly original, this is a clever, sharply observed and well-paced movie. And in these days, when over-written, over-wrought and over-long yawn fests get far too much interest paid to them, that is what counts. (Columbia Tristar

£19.99 on DVD) (Mark Robertson) Go is re/eased on Mon 6 Mar.

Arlington Road 15 (113 mins)

\.r"/i".at are the chances of a terrorist lying on your street? That's the ciuestioe faced by Jeff Bridges in Ar/irigton Road. When his suspic .ons are raised about neighbour Tll‘.‘ R()l)l)!"8, Bridges is plunged into a frantic search for the truth We're kept guess ".(1 turnether it's all lUSi paranoia as the plot unravels, but the tension s;ac ker‘s S()Itit“.'.‘l‘.(il towards the end, as action seguences replace suspense hne performances from Bridges and Robbins save the file fron‘ the ranks of made-for-TV thrillers 'Vision Video no RRP iLP

Beautiful People

(15) 108 mins

Back :n 1995, B()‘>"lcil’1-l)()"‘. lriSl“l." Di/clar was commissioned by the BH to make a film about l12s star—tor" country of origin Havrng become a naturalised Brit in 1989, Dizdar came up t'vith a film set largely in London, mixmg refugees with locals, celebration ‘.'.'|1l‘ tragedy, frantic humour With surreal setpieces The opening fight between a Serb and a Croat on a bus sets the mood, and while the lein is very hit and miss, it provokes reactions other films can't get close to (Alliance Atlantis £14 99| IMFi

Forces Of Nature

(12) 102 mins

Cornic twists of fate throv; two strangers together on a |()tll'l‘,(‘\/ to see their "espec tive loved ones, and en

route they fall in love, It Happened One wig/it to Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable in Frank Capra's classic, screwball comedy, here Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck are sparring on planes, trains and automobiles. By no means a Capra-esgue classic, Bullock and Affleck nevertheless engage ‘.'.’lll". spirited performances, she as a \‘Jlld card se )arated from her son, he a straight man about to be married ‘Ulll‘t't’l'Sdl Pictures no RRPi iMF'


(15) 124 mins ~

On the surface, all the elements are ll‘. place. An offbeat, tragic, comic story about a woman rediscovering her appetite for Me after the death of he" grandmother, based on the cult novel by Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto, and directed ‘srith great stylistic flourish by Yin Ho Music, mood, urban magery and handsome performers, it's \"Jong Kar-Wai iChungking Express territory Hour/ever, dramatically Kitchen doesn't add up to much, so you’re left feeling like you're stili waiting for the main course iAliiance Atlantis £15 99 .MF'


Simone Baird, Brian Donaldson, Miles Fielder, LOuIsa Pearson, Mark Robertson

STAR RATINGS ' r Unmissable Very good Worth a shot Below." average Ycia've been warned

L‘ THE “ST 99