Early riser

Scotland's airwaves are in for a bit of a shake up as Beat 106 welcome their new breakfast presenter.

ROBIN BANKS clocks in with cohort Gina McKee for the morning shift. TL'TIS Abigail Bremner

Anno;,:r‘c"g t"e CCdi". o‘ C'V-s E.a"s we on dz." -s . y ' gett "otted TY"G ‘art that Robm 86:".«8 "()3 beer embroyed by gnger one to brese": ‘. "o " RéiGiCS or-vetme s ot 't‘ea'tt the "r dent "REM/GO natsona attentror Need ess to say, a "an o" the Knack es ‘rorr‘ the Broadcasting Standards AJITTOTIY sn'xrt’tr/ t’oélo‘.'.red, but thrs has not prevented Bans front DJ ding up a rebutatbn as something 0‘ a shock lock

The man. mseit' s more ret.cent 'I don't s:t there ""OT"1T‘K "Or" in“ going to say TT‘ES because 't's 0 ng to cause controversy" That's gust stlry’ So, exact‘y is exbianat o" for comments zanrcn "are seen mm oszng t‘.'.'o joos, not to rnentton earnr‘g hm“ the t.t e 0‘ one of the most Complaflefl about DJs in "80 o7 'Vou're got a" auotence of one muli’O'“ beopxe and Just one DE’SOT‘ comorans and

The List, which is part of the group behind Beat 106, brings you the latest information on Scotland's newest radio station. Tune in on 106.1fm (west coast) or 105.7fm (east coast).

,rot. can be carbeted ‘or 't Who“ s not really fa r You're got another 999,999 th1n< og "O", teats gt. te ‘unny", but it doesn't matter' 3&3"<SSC§!S"GC}&"C1‘O!’COH.'EDIIO" “as earned him the or me srot on Scotland's "ex'rest radto station .‘J'tE'E Mi) Bonny Ham s K66" to showcase new: talent ‘l'xe worked .‘rrt'fi Booby oe‘ore,’ reca‘ts Banks 0‘ the tame they oot'“ soebt ‘./:rgrn ‘He r<."‘()'.'.'S my nrstory, and ".e vows exartry .-.nat I o} o" a" and be subpo'ts

A"C) the ‘eero s mutuat as Barks s a mg tan 0*

Robin Banks: 'I listened to the station ad I just thought the music was fantastic.’

Beat TOE} reason l took tne Job with the stat or‘ was because there .vere no restrrctlons ' With rr‘ustca tastes soan everythrng from The Artful r)ooger to O‘r’sor rag, he also abbreczates Beat's current rock and dance biay: st 'l listened to the state." and : ’iLlS't thought tne n‘us c azas t'antastrc' Ban<s .'.tl be leawng "as Lonooo base ‘or Glasgow to order to take up the abbotbtment, Out rt's somethng he’s .ookng ‘or‘ward to, na‘.» ng made a

few eventful tnps to the My already. But, wrth years of doing an afternoon show, he's more than a lrttle apprehensrve of the 6am start time, ’I’m dreading getting up that early lvly lrfe and my whole body Crock ‘.'./|ll be completely upside-dovm.’

Robin Banks takes over as co-host of The Beat Breakfast on Mon 6 Mar. Tune in weekdays 6—10am on 106.1 or 105.7fm.

/ . On Air

James Bros.n s gomg to set you day up right.

\ u" - ’fi.,

A firm believer in practising what he preaches, Martin Bate plays with downbeat guitarniks Peeps Into Fairyland as well as presenting Beat 106 ’5 dedicated rock show. Who’s your all-time favourite Dl? Jonr‘ Peel, ms :onge‘xrty ar‘d thirst for new mustc speak volumes That c‘:"‘() the ‘act that “is 'professona ism' after a” these years Wat-(es even me .OOK slrcr< What's the first song you remember hearing on the radio? The 7978 Scotar‘d WC)" 0 Cup anthem ‘We’re 0" “Te i/larcn v/thr‘ Al y's Arrr‘y' by Andy Cameron What’s your favourite track of the moment? Too baby to ment On, but there's a." Amercan band cailed Tr‘e D srr‘e'nberrrwebt Pan who have an album but '.-.'nrcn s one of tnose rare records you know you'i strl be oster‘ to n ten years the Krrtd of hardcore meets 80s nob ‘."./lt" synt's Go ‘n‘lo What's your favourite up and coming track? Agarn, too many, but oeople shott-o check but Glasgow band Staotetoo asab ‘Hang The 01’; which one and why? Most of thern because they're more Interested .n the rock 'n' roll :t'estyle than the music What’s your favourite song to fall asleep to at night? The Orb and Future Sound Ot’ London used to do the tr1<t< ir‘ a good way

and to wake up to in the morning? Anythrng by

What song would you refuse to play no matter how much they paid you? Nothing I'm no: that precious about musc that ' cou dn't be bought for a few grand Who would you like to have in live session on your show? Public Enemy and James Brown Together It’s not going to nabben, is t7

What unlikely combination of two artists would result in an ’awesome remix'? See previous answer Far-mg that Belle And Sebastran and Atarr Teenage RIO! ‘~.'-.’O'uld certainly be rnterest'ng ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life'; how? Everyone has heard new music on tne radro which has changed therr iit'e for the better Surely?

Who would make the better rock chick: Princess Diana or Victoria Beckham? Oh, Princess Dr of course Doesn't everyone know you sell more records after you're dead?

For a right rock/n’ mu5/ca/ se/ec tron, rune Into The Rock Show, Sun 9—7 7pm, on Bear 706.

Primal Scream: Shoot Speed Kill Light album track (Creation)

The Get Up Kids: The Company Dime album (Epitaph)

Rollins Band: Get Some Go Again album (Dreamworks) .

Kitty Empire: Verona demo

Seafood: Belt single (Fierce Panda)

The Dismemberment Plan: Emergency 8: I album (DeSoto)

Slipknot: Wait And Bleed single (Roadrunner)

. . . And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: Madonna album (Merge) t

ldlewild: 'Acmally Its Darkness single (Food)

10 The Arsonists: As The World Burns album (Matador)

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