PLAYSTATION REVIEW ISS Pro Evolution (Konami)£34.99 a .-

Goal playing: ISS Pro Evolution

For years now, football games like FIFA, Actua, UEFA Striker and even the recent This Is Football, have suffered from one thing, a black shadow leering aggressively over their shoulders Konami's ISS Pro. Since its release in the dark ages, it has stood as the benchmark, the apogee that all subsequent games have to compete with, a Sensible Soccer for the 905. Well, it is now the Noughts (or whatever they call 2000—2009 AD) and the

prodigal son returns.

Firstly, ISS Pro Evolution does exactly what it says on the tin; it is an evolution from ISS Pro. It does not, however, constitute a new species. The graphics display a wider variation of animated moves but are very similar to the original. Slightly sticky footballers run around the large playing field, giving a greater sense of freedom than most other games. Some of the international footballers such as Ronaldo or even Colin Hendry are recognisable but, on the whole, the players are uniform in appearance and speed. Everything is neat and tidy but hardly impressive, while the sound is

basic in the extreme.

Yet, ISS has never boasted delicious eye candy. It is the playing of the game that gains your appreciation. This is fast, intuitive and immediate, forcing you to shout at your own stupidity rather than the PlayStation. Passing moves become delightful combinations of speed and cunning and shooting chances must be carefully fashioned rather than presented on a


Complaints about the original's artificial intelligence level have been tackled by making every player on the park much more aware of his surroundings. This makes Evolution a much more difficult proposition and ridiculous scores are nigh on impossible. This can also lead to frustration though, with defences displaying Godlike organisation and, when playing with five defenders, an impenetrable fortress for strikers to face. Scoring goals requires perseverance, patience and no small amount of ingenuity.

ISS Pro Evolution will dishearten many looking for a quick football fix. However, stick with it and a new take on a piece of past genius will

emerge. (lain Davidson)

However, and there is always a however, this is for RPG fans only Those who found the rntrrcac res of Frna/ Fantasy VIII hard to understand or, more importantly, enjoy must stay well clear of this one If you enjoyed Ba/clrrr"s Gate though, Torment rs more of the same but a whole lot different Bedtime soon becomes a hypothetical concept ilDt

Delta Force 2 (Novalogic) £29.99 ‘-

De/ta Force was one of the pioneers of the Special Forces games, the running point for games such as Rogue Spear and Spec ra/ Ops Utilising the revolutionary Voxel graphics system, rt allowed sneaking and sniping for those without a 3D card and, for its trrne, was great fun

Delta force 2 is rnuc h the same deal, crack troops using insurgent tactics to take down terrorists and such It still mum on Voxels but, ll‘: a time \‘Jher'e Video cards Juggle polygons for fun, this makes the game wobbly, ill- defined and not very pretty to play

Because the processor is crunching numbers for the Visuals, there is little left for the garneplay, resulting in artificial ir'itelligence so poor that most missions are completed alone when your team mates are mown down within seconds

Indeed, the missions themselves aren't that much fun anyway, relying far too heavin on sniping and not enough upc lose combat The redeeming factor is the multrplayer game which can hoch up to 50 players running rampant across the desert If you enjoy this style of game then Delta Force 2 may offer sornethrng a little different Otherwise, plump for Rogue Spear, a much slicker title. tlDl




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Worth a shot

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