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Food news with extra flavour PREI A MANGER Is the sandWIch shop that revolutronrsed lunch. When y0ur takeaway optrons changed from a lrmp cheese roll to a humous and red pepper wrap, rt was almost certarnly because someone somewhere had sampled Pret a Manger. Surprrsrngly, whrle the company has now been gorng for more than fourteen years, the frrst ever Scottrsh shop opens thus month at 34 Sauchrehall Street In Glasgow's Crty centre. But whrle the London-based company has been leader of the snack pack for some trme, rt wrll be fascrnatrng to see If therr BLT wrll conquer the Scottrsh hrgh street or If local competrtors have lunch trme wrapped up.

THESE DAYS, IT seems we Irke talkrng about food as much as eatrng It. Queen Margaret UnrverSIty College has taken the phenOrnenon upmarket wrth A Questron of Taste, an evenrng's entertarnment at The National Museum Of Scotland on Thursday 30 March Panellrsts rncludrng Nrck Narrn and Prue Lerth wrll answer your questrons and a grand banquet erl be served afterwards but, at £55, trckets don't come cheap Call 0131 317 3821 for bookrngs.

HOUSE FOR AN Art Lover 15 turnrng over rts cafe to music fans durrng March. Burlt rn the 90s to a Mackrntosh desrgn, the venue rn Glasgow's Bellahouston Park has a loyal southsrde clrentele, all rn love wrth Its prrstrne whrte drnrng room. On the four Saturdays from 4 March, drners wrll have a musmal accompanrment rangrng from gypsy Vlolrns to the John Goldre Jazz Duo Call 0141 353 4779 for rnfo

Cafe culture: House For An Art Lover


Le Sept

7 Old Fishmarket Close Edinburgh

lumh and Hunter Mundh (H 'l'lmixdn' l'iicln. \mudax .md Sunday upon .1il div


()131 225 5428


The Basement


Broughton Street.

557 0097.

Restaurant qualrty food at pub-grub prrces, served 'trl 10pm rn Ilvely, colourful surroundrngs.

..~i . a «a 8

alternative relaxing grooves from st‘trarr c/trncon [atomic baby] 3pm 7pm

Cuba Norte

192 Morrrson Street.

221 1430

Brenvenrdos! Welcome to the authentic premrer palador. Dance, wrne and

drne In Cuba Norte Sunshrne.

Dragon Way evening service with 74-78 South Clerk Street. 668 1328 .

rim jone (rod/o forth ] 9pm - lam Cantonese, Pekrng and Szechuen _ cursrne. Crrspy duck, lemon chrcken and seafood. A unrque experrence in an authentrc Chrnese settrng.

Filmhouse * 88 Lothran Road FILMHOUSE 229 5932.

Relaxed, atmospnenc

cafe bar, servrng great value snacks, salads, specials and brrllzant cappuccmos TOam trll late


15 Blackfrrars St.

556 6922

A relaxed Old Town coffee

shop sellrng lrght meals wrth organrc hot drrnks and jUICeS.

Ad Lib

111 Hope Street.

Back soon, Ad Lrb

gOurmet burgers, classrc cocktarls. Lrve musrc 81 DJs.



m on m «mun-uuuuaMm ' i

Arthouse Hotel BACON. EGGS, SAUSAGE. 129 Bath St TOMATO.BAKEDBEANS.CHIPBOR V_ 221 I E uunufl'tulW . i. .r


A “‘S'O“ Of Contemporary mm SAUSAGE. sees. TOAST 7 i}. 95 ~ °

cursrne and the best local produce, Two restaurants & Japanese

teppanyakl grill If -

Brel bar: restaurant mammal.“ _ g . 39 Ashton Lane. CHEESE. HAM. BAGONAAUSAG‘E. £3.75 ‘_ . 342 4966. ‘Ex'n‘m . .. ,, ; v. a

Unpretentrous relaxed contrnental bar restaurant offerrng Belgran cuasrne

+ vast selectron of Belgran beers, draught & bottled.

- ._rz/m.e_[,[.o.g{:.£eg.

CHOOSE FROM HAM. TOMATO. CHEESE. , “I'm 3 _ suoxeosamou.mouroumm :; (exmnwuom " our Any TWO SUNDAY BRUNCH MArNs mm; c3131 A BLOODY MARY PJTCHER FOR £4 --

COFFEE 81 DANISH ...................................................Q...........,...,....................£2.25

Pancho Villas

26 Bell Street, Merchant Crty.

552 7737

Mexrcan born owner of Pancho Vrllas Mayra Nunez hopes to brrng some of the real Mexrco to Scotland

Buen provecho


151—155 Bath St. 221 771 1

Mon-Sat, 12-—2, Sun 6pm~12 Frne food served Mon-Sat, 12-—8pm. DJ’s every nrght,

(except Mondays). 2 for 1 drrnks, Tuesday. Half prrce cocktarls, Wednesday.

£1.50 all drunks, Sunday.

. _ , I V v .lll 013141011001

1 84 the cowgate

edinburgh. 13'“ 1“ tel 0131 240 2850 fax 0131 240 2851


17 Feb- 2 Mar 200C THE “ST 109