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Agenda 8' 1' {Tamil in)" Art ’>..‘.a".'ia Beat." 0' '. Books 8' av {Dow-(11:33" City Life if)” s: prawn)". .a'w- "lt:"‘r'. Classical Music -:' '.'.>: " Clubs " . Comedy Ste-m { 'a'r‘e' Dance Steve ( rm: in Film '.1 i e ne' Film Listings ’le w l‘.i<)"a(;' a" Folk : " em Food ‘.7 u: Frontlines it' Jazz Ke' Mat." (-30". Kids 'rle t‘l7 lylm'my‘ti" Music Lia'- Rotw'fst)“ Rock Listings Haw Rni;e".s~", i <>' «a ‘>"r-;\"-n'12 Scanner :' I‘.:. I»? StyleList ‘~ " Television «1" 30".; (1%" Theatre Stew ("w-w Videos 8' [)wa r; in"

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112 THE lIST 2- l6 liar 2000