sex, severed limbs and heads being blown apart are tempered with brilliantly earthy dialogue and mouth-watering culinary detail. This is one book not to be read on an empty stomach. Understandably, Bourdain is eager to point out that Bone isn’t a portrait of daily goings-on chez Les Halles. ‘The Dreadnaught is somewhere I worked in the early 80s and there’s certainly something of me in Tommy, but it’s not autobiographical. I‘m just very at home in the crime genre. I read trial transcripts and I’ve always been a mob buff. 1 don’t think of myself as a one-trick writer, but I'm attracted to fringe characters, outsiders, losers

pushed into extremes of


To coincide with the book’s release. Bourdain will be making several personal appearances in the UK including an Edinburgh event introduced by Ian Rankin which features a showing of the original Scarface. Sadly, his only


A brief introduction to four more of the CANONGATE CRIME scribes. Words: Brian Donaldson

Who Jon A Jackson

Biog Jazz fan, angler and carpenter

Book Hit On The House

Plot Elmore Leonard meets Davrd Lynch as Detroit mobsters start dying With two very different lllV(-‘Sll(_.]cii0l'8 on the case

Who Chad Taylor

Biog Surrealist short story writer from Auckland

Book Shirker

Plot Futures broker meets a man who may or may not be alive and is led into a labyrrntl'iine underworld exrstenc‘e

Who Andrew Vachss

Biog Lawyer who represents children and youths only Book Safe House

Plot Career criminal tries to protect a beautiful outlaw from some nasty neo-Nazi stalkers

Who Douglas E Winter

Biog Attorney and member of National Book Critics Circle

Book Run

Plot 24 hours in the life of a Bronx gang into which comes a huge cache of arms leading to betrayal and all-out race war

Canongate Crime is launched on Thu 16 Mar. £10 each.


cookih‘g demonstration is in London. so committed cook- mooks will have to make the arduous trip south.

With Bone‘s sequel Gone Bamboo also awaiting release and a non-fiction memoir Kitchen Confidential in the pipeline, Bourdain is now in the enviable position of simultaneously juggling two flourishing careers. He realises there may come a time when he’s forced to choose between them: something he’s reluctant to do at present. ‘I can’t see one career existing without the other.‘ he reveals. “Each satisfies a different aspect of my character. The militarised. structured environment of a chef fulfils my need for routine and stability. I find that there's something slightly shady about writing. It fuels my chaotic side. my need to be noticed.‘

Anthony Bourdain appears at The Filmhouse, Edinburgh on Thu 16 Mar, 6.15pm.