burn up the screen: one of the few films one would dare mention in the same breath as tlte definitive Chinatown. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Labyrinth (PG) tit (Terry Jones, US, 1986) David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly. 101 mins. Teenage girl has her baby bruv kidnapped by demon Dave, the King OfThe Goblins, and so has to enter the fiendish labyrinth to get him back. Not had family feature, with plenty of furry creatures to keep the kids happy. Glasgow: GI-T.

The Last of the Mohicans (15) **** (Michael Mann, US, 1992) Daniel Day- Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Russell Means, Steven Waddington. 122 mitts. James Fenimore Cooper‘s tale of the English/French colonial wars in America becomes the most thrilling movie of the year in the hands of Mann (Alan/turner) and a splendid east. Day-Lewis makes a fine Hawkeyc, blending Native American and European nobility to create a sympathetic, truly memorable hero. Edinburgh: Cameo. Les Quatre Cent Coups (PG) *ttir (Francois Truffaut, France, 1959) 97 mins. Filmed documentary style in Paris, this scmi-autobiographical account of the young life of 13-year-old Antoine Doinel's bleak family life, through reform school, to an ambiguous final escape still stand the test of time. It remains one of the finest films about childhood. Glasgow: (EFF.

The Limey (18) *ttk (Steven Soderbergh, US, 1999) Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Luis Guzman. 89 mins. Stamp's criminal cockney reject, Wilson is off his manor and in Los Angeles to avenge his daughter's death in Soderbergh's take on ()()s cinema and the British crime movie. But this is no simple revenge caper, although the action thrills and the one-liners are smart. The casting 60s icons Stamp and Fonda as Wilson‘s nemesis, record producer Terry Valentine, is inspired. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

i i i l l

Night fever, one more time: Whatever Happened To Harold Smith?

Lovers Of The Arctic Circle (15) **** (Julio Medem, Spain, 1999) Fele Martinez, Najwa Nimri, Nancho Novo. 104 mins. When eight-year-old Otto spots Ana outside the school gates, it's love at first sight, but life's tragedies intervene, however, and the pair are set apart - until years later when both are drawn, irrepressibly, to a Finnish cottage just inside the Arctic Circle. Medem, whose expressive style was honed in Wars, The Red Squirrel and Tr’erra, has crafted a beguiling love story - as strange and original as it is romantic - which surely places Medem in the top rank of European directors. Glasgow: GF'T.

Manhunter (18) *i** (Michael Mann, US, 1987) William L. Petersen, Tom Noonan, Brian Cox, Kim Griest. 119 mins. FBI agent Petersen returns front psychiatric treatment to face another case, using his customary technique for tracking down serial killers by recreating their train of thought. Cox's embtdiment of Hannibal Lector may not have had the same amount of coverage as llopkins', but his remains the more chilling performance. Convincing and disturbing adult thriller with effortlessly stylish use of the wide screen. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Muppets From Space (U) tit (Tim Hill, 1999, US) Dave (ioelz, Steve Whitmire, Frank Oz. 88 mitts. For their sixth big screen adventure, the focUs of our Muppet attentions is Gonzo, that blue, hooked nosed . . . thing. No one is really sure what Gonzo is, so when he gets a message which he believes is front space, the race is on to make contact with his extra terrestrial brethren. .‘lluppers From Space captures the spirit of the first movie and the original TV series where the subsequent films never did. Glasgow: Showcase. Paisley: Showcase.

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