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Residual Property

Mrtk Jagger sang rn the 60s about wantrng a roof over hrs head. Take a strol| down any busy street rn Brrtarn today and there er be someone srttrnq wrth a blanket also hoprng for srrnrlar (reature comforts. The new Portfolro exhrhrtron sees four young UK artrsts takrng a peek rnto our attrtudes to property onte we (K tually get to own one. Torn Hunter, Mary Matlean, Elrsa Srghrcellr and Jason Oddy ‘- whose Unt/t/ed (Waiting Rooms} 7999, rs prtttrred grve us therr own partr( niar take on domestrt spa(e.

Res/dual Property rs‘ at Portfolio Ga/lery, Edinburgh, Sat 4 Mar-Sun 9 Apr. See prewew, page 72.

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