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RAMSHORN THEATRE 98 lngram Street, 287 551 l. [P, WC, WA,


The Pitchfork Disney Mon 6-Sat 11 Mar, 7.30pm. Mon—Tue £5 (£1.50); Wed—Sat £7 (£3). Strathclyde Theatre Group present Philip Ridley’s tale of 28-year-old twins, abandoned by their parents aged eighteen, living on chocolate and tranquillisers and struggling to walk the fine line between reality and nightmare.

Show Me The Way To The Next Whisky Bar Thu 16—Sat 18 Mar. 8pm. £7 (£3) from 552 3489. Re-visit the halcyon days of the 205 and 305, as Ben’s Bilbao Ballroom Band pay tribute to the songs and poems of Benoit Brecht. Hans Eisler and Kurt Weill.


100 Renfrew Street, 332 5057. [H, WC, WA]

Greeks Until Fri 3 Mar. 6.30pm. £5 (£3). A double-bill of tragedy in the classical mould, featuring Kenneth McLeish’s version of Orpheus and Euripides’ Ion, updated by David Lari.

Stags And Hens Mon 13—Thu 16 Mar. 7.15pm. £5 (£3). RSAMD students tackle Willy Russell’s comic play which takes place in the lewd, crude and ultimately stewed world of the ladies’ and gents’ toilets of a Liverpool nightclub. Timegate Wed lS—Fri 17 Mar. 7.15pm; Thu 2.30pm. £5 (£3). A space/time adventure with existential overtones.

THEATRE ROYAL 282 Hope Street, 332 9000. [P, H. WC, WA

Orp eus In The Underworld Until Sat 4 Mar. 7.15pm (Sat mat 2.15pm). The Orpheus Club present Offenbach’s satire in an unusual translation by Snoo Wilson and David Pountney, which has distinct 80$ overtones.

TRAMWAY @ OLD FRUITMARKET Albion Street, 287 3554. [WC, WA] Candide 2000 Thu 9—Sat 11 Mar. 8pm;

Sat 2pm & 8pm. £6 (£4). Two of Scotland’s finest theatrical entities, playwright David Greig and theatre company Suspect Culture, team up for this major new piece. Taking Voltaire ‘s classic story of a young man out to experience ‘the best of all possible worlds’, the company update the action to the 21st century. See feature.

Greeks Wed 15—Sat 18 Mar. Wed—Fri pre- show talk at 8pm, performance at 9.30pm; Sat 5.30pm, 7.15pm & 9pm. £6 (£4); all three performances £15 (£10). theatre babel present new versions of three tragedies; David Greig’s Oedipus on Wed 15, Tom McGrath’s Electra on Thu 16 and Liz Lochhead's Medea on Fri 17. All three will be performed in sequence on Sat 18 (Oedipus 5.30pm, Electra 7.15pm and Medea 9pm). See feature.


63 Trongate. 'I‘icketlink. [li, TI‘. WC, WA] Blackout Until Sat 4 Mar. 8pm. £6.95—£8.95 (£3.50—£5). See Paisley Arts Centre. Post-performance discussion Thu 2 Mar.



270 Sauchiehall Street. 332 0522. [WC. WA]. Tickets for all New Moves shows are £7 (£5) for the whole evening.

Company In Space - A Trial By Video Thu 2 Mar 7.30pm; Fri 3—Sat 4 Mar 2.30pm. One of Australia 's most groundbreaking performance companies use video screens, interactive sound, cameras and lighting to powerful effect, in a new promenade style piece. Post-show discussion Thu 2 Mar. Part queit- Mat-es. Claude Brumachon/Benjamin Lamarche Fri 3—Sat 4 Mar. 7.30pm. Benjamin Lamarche performs the British premiere of Icarus, a new work created by award-winning French choreographer Claude Brumachon. Part ofNew Moves. Mark Tompkins - Hommages Fri 3—Sat 4 Mar. 8.45pm. French dancer and choreographer Tompkins presents four short solos created between 1089-08. Entitled LA Vaise (1e l’as/ai; Icons, (Km/er

M y Skirt and Witness, the works pay homage to fellow dancers Tompkins has loved and respected over the years, including Josephine Baker and Nijinski. Part of New Moves.


New Street, 887 1010. [H, WC, WA] Open Work, Barroco and The Listeners Fri 3 Mar. 7.30pm. £7 (£3). Tabula Rasa Dance Company under the choreography . of Claire Pencak, presents a triple bill of g contemporary dance.

The X-Factor Dance Company Fri ill—Sat 11 Mar. 7.30pm. £7 (£3). The Edinburgh-based contemporary company celebrate their tenth anniversary with a new work created by Alan Greig and David Hughes.

' Anatomy Performance Company Tue 14 Mar. 7.30pm. £7 (£3). From the company behind ll'r'peour, this piece by Marisa Zanotti, looks at contemporary

, iconography.

Tunnel vision: Vanishing Point's Blackout at Tron Theatre, Glasgow. Thu 2—Sat 4 Mar; Paisley Arts Centre, Tue 7 Mar; MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling, Thu 16 Mar


2 Sauchiehall Street, 287 5511. [P, H, WC, WA]

Gaelforce Dance Mon 6—Tue 7 Mar. 7.30pm. £15-£22.50. lrish dance in the Riverdance mould, with a cast of 36 dancers, musicians and singers jigging their way through a classic love story.


63 Trongate. Tickctlink. [11, "FF, WC. WA] Tickets for all New Moves shows are £7 (£5) for the whole evening.

Compagnie Thor Tue 7 Mar. 7.30pm. Belgian choreographer Thierry Smits and his company perform the British premieres of two new works, C ybercltrist and Pin Up. Drawing on influences as diverse as the 16th century anatomical engravings of Andre Vesale, 1950’s starlets and glam rock, the works are in sharp contrast with each other, but both retain Smits sculptural use of the body. Part of New Moves. David Zambrano Wed 8—Thu 9 Mar.

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