w I saw you Friday 281an about midday, top of Easter Road. You, dark-haired beauty, amazing (blue? green) eyes. Camel-hair coat, black patterned trousers, suede boots. Me, black Ieathcrjacket, not much hair. A flash of recognition, then you crossed the road and caught a number 15 bus, you’ve been on my mind ever since. Who are you? I know, but can’t place you. Box No U/381/101.

v I saw you Kirsty, Polo bouncer in Bennetts womens disco. I think you’re the loveliest thing in the world. I would have asked you out, but you looked so happy with your Australian blonde. Box No U,"381/102.

. I saw you on GNER Kings X to Glasgow train, Mon 7 Feb. I was sitting diagonally opposite you and, then sat just behind. You were listening to an MD (or MP3?) player and reading Bill Bryson. I asked you for the time: I should have asked for more! You were very beautiful, with voluptuous lips and dark chestnut brown hair. I was reading a newspaper and eating satsumas! You are one of the most ravishing women I have veer seen and can’t stop thinking about (hence this ad). How about we get off at the same destination next time! Please reply. Your bewitched admirer. Box No LJ,"381, 103.

v I saw you Noelcen, on Festival Revue Stage in August. Where are you now? Loved your boots by the way. Box No U/381/l()4.

O I saw you The Bourse, Leith, 15 Jan ‘00, 17()()hrs approx. You: foreign? making excellent latte. Me: grey hooded top with female friend. Did our eyes meet over the bar or was it my imagination? Box No U/381/105.

v I saw you beautiful, with big, brown eyes in Iguana. We shared a bottle of wine. I’ll catch you, here ever bubbly. Box No U/381/106.

O I saw you spikey haired, reading man in Black Bo’s. 8pm Monday 7 Feb. You waiting for lots of ladies. Me, black coat at next table, drinking whisky with dog-loving blonde girl. Box No U."381/107.

O I saw you in the City Cafe, 1 think your name was Lucy, white top, flared jeans and a mean spikey haircut and short fringe, you‘re beautiful, call me. Box No U/381/108.

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Only one I Saw You per person per issue Will be published.

92 THE llST 2—1 6 Mar 2000

O I saw you Gary James in Claty’s, 7 Dec ‘99, you joined me for a dance. I wish I’d written my number down for you. I’d like to see and know more about you. Box No U/381/109.

O I saw you Irena it seems I’ve lost you again. If you believe in romance, phone me on 416145. I’II light the candles on the stairs and await you call. Grant. Box No U/381/110.

Q I saw you Bic always and still don’t believe you’re mine. Be my only lover and make me the happiest freak ever! Love is you, you and me. xxx bic. Box

; lN‘o U/381/111.

O I saw you Lovely Lindsay, working in the Hogshead Woodlands. I was the animating chef who was to shy to ask you out. I left in September ‘98. Are you still around? I would love to see your face again. Box No Ur'381/112.

O I saw you at switchboard ceilidh on 12 Feb (Ian - aka Cinderella, did you get the last pumpkin to Gilmerton?) Hoped to be persuaded to make a small investment in your company! Is there a prospectus? Alan. Box No U/381/113.

O I saw you riding your bike towards Park Circus Tues 15 Feb. Purple jacket, black helmet, you looked so cute I nearly crashed my car. Hope the snow does not put you off cycling ‘cause I’d love you to ride all over me. Box No U/381/114. v I saw you Ben at the Gateway Theatre in ‘Margaret’.

Brown bobbed hair, french

accent. sexy brown trousers, phwoar. Box No U/381/115.

U I saw you in Death in Vegas concert, 13 Feb. We were next to each other during the whole concert, but none of us spoke. Do we get a second chance? Box No U/381/116.

v I saw you Stuart, at the Tap, with you Ilugh Fernley- Whittingstall hair. Are you still into self sufficiency? Call me. Box No U/381/117.

0 I saw you sexy boy: tall,

: spiked up do - working in

Victoria Wine, Lothian Road. You can sell me your Bucky any day baby. No, but could you? Luv the laydeez across the road. Go tiger, grrr! Box No U/381/118.

Q I saw you sexy, student nurse, Ward 62, Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Didn‘t think there were any good-looking male nurses at the royal but you made my heart race. Box No U/381/119.

Q I saw you Monkey boy, stop itching and give me some monkey lurve, 1 know I’m trouble but . . . you’re my wife now! Kisses & cuddles, Minky. xxx Box No U/381/120.

O I saw you Betty Ford @ Club Mercado. Your tunes were hanging, maybe we could do the same sometime?! I was the one dancing like a Ioon on the barrel in front of you. See you at Viva next time! RS. Why do you get called Betty? A. Box No U/381/121.

O I saw you looking gorgeous in your kilt at the Assembly Rooms, Valentines Ball and I winked at you (again!) across a crowded room. You were with some lucky guy, and a tone stage another couple. Asked you to take their picture. I stared at you long and hard, you saw me. I know you’re out there, somewhere. Come and play ball with me! Box No U/381/122. v I saw you Stuart, Bar 02, Scotland vs Ireland. We met five years ago in the Cotton Club, fancy a cheeky wee pint? Box No U/381/123.

Q I saw you in Valdes’ere. Wish you could have half poped me there, 1 saw you on the piste, oh, you missed a dripping feast, come on baby give it a chance, let me shower you with my avalanche! Box No U/381/124.

Q I saw you and I wanted to lick your leather jeans. The way you grunt makes me sweat. Light up my life, baby. Box No U/381/1

Q I saw you Douglas not at the ‘word swearing in between the word’ show - you give me a vertiginous lurge. Thank you. Box No U/381/2

O I saw you Balkans babe with Joe Fiennes, looking to the heavens and tugging your neckline, cum 2 me. Box No U/3Sl/3

O I saw you and you don’t believe me but you see it’s true and I will get some flowers on Valentines day, of course I will. Box No U/381/4

O I saw you at Iguana Sunday 13 Feb. I was wearing a blue Schott pilot jacket & you were wearing black leather trousers. Box No U/381/5

9 I saw you Eric the Lovebush - go collect your twigs so we can make a forest together. Eric Gillies is sexy. Raaar. Box No U/381/6

v I saw you Punky Mikey B. You’re sooo gorgeous. Love those rocks. Big kisses. Mystery twosome. xx Box No U/381/7 Q I saw you you spunky love sheep. I’ll bring my wellies next time. I love you, Mike the sheep. Box No U/381/8

O I saw you Yus. all the time, nearly everyday. You still look like Nobita and hopefully your Lisa will be your Sizuka when you go back for the summa! Box No U/381/9

v I saw you jaundiced, fleshy, fedora and no jaw. Let me kiss your nowhere space between culhues. Agar agar again. Box No U/381/10 Q I saw you at the Bongo Club, Fresh Air FM launch night. Tune into my show on 87.7 FM. Box No U/381/11 Q I saw you in Blackfriars on Friday 11 Feb. You were wearing new balance trainers and looked ok after a few buds. Box No U/381/12 O I saw you sipping a drink, while I was on the brink...we were at the Tron and I was completely gone, I asked if you wanted a drink but you said no. Fair play, I’m gay... wanna play anyway? Box No U/381/13 U I saw you Ginger Girl let’s populate the world with Cyber Pups! Dog Boy. Box No U/381/13 O I saw you outside GFT Friday 1pm, you looked lost and in need of some detourment let’s make a situation. Box No U/381/l4 Q I saw you Grandad of techno, let’s get “hammered” again. Love Mikey L Box No /381/15 O I saw you Rowan? You talked, I listed. Wayll Next Apex? Penny xxx Box No U/381/ 16 O I saw you Neil T at Apex, I’ll trim your hair again. Love Vixen. Box No U/381/l7 O I saw you TINO C - it willl have to end, if you don’t do something about that doggy smell. Oh, and try to sort out that identity crisis. Love you always, Alison. Box No U/381/ 18 O I saw you Lard Ass. Ba Doom Ba Ba Doom. Ba Man you can move, like to feel your flubba luvva love Groove x Box No U/381/19 . I saw you Shop, shop, shopety, shopping, angel, with the red shoes - be my badoombaba (old clubby) Box No U/381/20 O I saw you Sexy V. Short fringe dark longish hair living it large at Firebird - Oouch - you’re hotl! Box No U/381/21 O I saw you Bear/Bearo life with you in a 4th Dimension? When? Hope you’re just as “open”! Box No U/381/22

v I saw you Hey Little Joe - how’s about some monkey business. The keys are under the pillow. All my love - Magic. Box No U/381/23

O I saw you at the Brel. Four little legs and a tail I think I fell in love with you Box No U/381/24