O I saw you you were working at Bar Kohl. Smily, pretty, slight. l was embarrassed, I wrote my phone number on your arm. Please phone. Box No U/381/25

Q I saw you in a frenzy over your dodgy boiler. Next time you stand me up find a better excuse. Box No U/38l/26

O I saw you at “Death in Vegas” you said I stood on your foot, but how did I get around all that lovely hair? Let’s go giggin’. Box No U/381/27

O I saw you James Cambell - I saw you in the Belgian bar - you are so Belgian - I want to give you a flick!!! Box No U/381/28 O I saw you cow eyed beauty. Call me if you want some animal fun. Box No U/38l/29 O I saw you My Latin Lover. In bar Brel, do you fancy a wee vodka! Box No U/38l/30

v I saw you Irish filth misbehaving as usual. Show me how to river dance someday... Box No U/38l/3l

v I saw you Cathy - ride me pony girl. Box No U/38l/32

O I saw you shakin’ your Canadian ass behind the bar at City Cafe. Your aggression turns me on. Box No U/38l/33

v I saw you (it Brel. Alan Winter, with your e-45 face and your angels. Plaster me all over, Capt. Scarlet. Box No U/38l/34 O I saw you queueing at you balls, at the pool table ((5 the City Cafe. Maybe you could poke something long at the next time?!! Box l\o U/38l/35

v I saw you loitering at the 02 bar in your panama hat and suit. Your nipple piercings turn me on. I miss your face at Catwalk. EH1 22 March EL: 6.30pm. Box No U/381/36

v I saw you Q; Brel 5’8” ish? Dark hair Dark eyes . . . me loo! (But wee) Box No U/38l/37

O I saw you two at Brel, thank you for being the best flatmates you could ever be, No drunkeness or sarcasm & yooo daaa forever all my love. Al xxx Box No U/38l/38

O I saw you pulling peanuts out of your nose with a wrench. In City Cafe. You looked so fascinating in your lime green string vest. Box No


v I saw you holding 2 pints and a great big smile. I’m going to America but when I return I hope we can shmerica wcrica woo. Box No U/38I/40

O I saw you slick and sleazy in Moray Place. Curly hair queen of the vallies...rock my world. Box No U/38l/4l

O I saw you little hands and little feet . . . but I’m sure you’re not little in other departments - can we meet? Box No U/381/42 v I saw you Siobhan... Ms unemployed air hostess in Motherfunk, really wanted your number but all the nonsense took over . . . sorry about that but I do owe it that drink . . . silly Irish Stephen. Box No U/381/43

O I saw you many, many times. You - dreaded & with snood; me - tall, blond(ish), unable to keep my eyes off you . . . (in Maxies). Fancy a bowl

of soup at cafe 23? Box No U/381/44

O I saw you Ali McMulIen @ The City Cafe remember I still owe an earth shattering one babes. Luv Lesley x Box No U/381/46

Q I saw you in the Filmhouse bar. A French babe with a great pair of drumsticks and a huge bag of tortilla chips. You were hungry that night. You’re truly a cunning linguist. Box No U/381/48

9 I saw you at the dentists and imagined you squirming in the black leather chair as the white- coated dentist and female assistant hovered with various instruments. Bet the reality could be as exciting . . . Box No U/38l/49

O I saw you at Divine Divas and at the Switchboard ceilidh wearing a green ballgown. You are gorgeous do you ever get time off? Box No U/38I/50

. I saw you City Cafe 2, 17 Feb 2000 Anna. U Luvley - boyfriend - what a shame. Here’s your I Saw You. Take it easy. Box No U/38l/51

0 I saw you at Divine Divas 18/2 you wonder woman look-a- like - me Broccoli Spears. See you at Latino Divas. Box No U/381/52

O I saw you Andy. Do you still pluck your eyebrows you sexy hunk you? Want to go snowboarding? Hope to see you soon, Angela Box No U/38l/53 9 I saw you you sexy bastard, Valentine’s night in CCs. Yes I’m single. Me Taurus, you Pisces. The perfect match? Box No U/381/54

O I saw you music man. Now then, now then, I think you’re ‘magic’! It’s time we shared some more Tequila . . . Luv from Angel. Box No U/38l/55 v I saw you sitting on the couch. Get up and make us a cup of tea before your legs drop off, you’re dirty hippy. Box No U/38l/56

Q I saw you in many places - I thought it was hair gel which made your hair stick out! You are lovely - be at the next Divas huh? Box No U/38I/57

C I saw you Simon looking like 007 with your license to thrill. Mr Sauve & sophisticated could I be your next Bond girl? Box No U/381/58

O I saw you Paul Kane - hello hen,, how’re you? I would’ve dumped you by now but I still love you to bits. I’d fall in a river for you. Love, Mairi. Box No U/38l/59

O I saw you Stephen Kane in here looking totally shagadelic all my love you groovy Babe. Box No U/381/60

O I saw you Mr Teacup man again. I still think you’re gorg. Are you still working here. Fancy a Snog? Love Cheryl. Box No U/381/6I

O I saw you My Fren!!! .Iuswani and Bunal. In Borders Cafe, reading The List Magazine May our project be a success and fly with flying colours...!!! Kewl. Box No U/381/62

O I saw you Gavin with your furry smile and your Flump socks at the Tron Bar. Box No U/381/63

V I saw you Hey McKeeves at the Tron (box office) you dirty, dirty girl. Let’s have a bath together sometime - baby you know you want to. Box No U/381/64

O I saw you all tall, grizzly and ginger. Tron bar 8/2/00. Do you remember our eyes oft meeting? Please Al, can we perform together? Box No U/381/65

O I saw you at the Tron Saturday night. You sexy Irish usher in black. Look OUT! I’m coming home to sweep your chimney oot. Box No U/38l/66 O I saw you stripeypants and

spikey. With the stars as your umbrella. Take me away. Box No U/38l/67

O I saw you at the Tron. Washin’ dishes and making waffles. Happy 18th luv bubbles the powerpuff girl! Box No U/381/68

O I saw you surrogate Rose Brother... chop it off - your hair that is - promise nurofen - coffee dead in bed - see you over bacon in the morning. Iain. Box No U/381/69

O I saw you at Monklands Hospital, you were the tall dark and very handsome cardiologist called Mark who sent my pulse racing. Box No U/381/70

O I saw you in Tinderbox supping your latte whilst protecting your kneecaps. Always be my scratching post. Box No U/38I/7l

. I saw you you

sex-o-matic venus freak, in the Visage Beatha. They call you Laura ‘P’ - is that ‘P’ for Precious? For you are the only ‘jewel’ in my eye. You rock my world, baybee! Box No U/381/72

v I saw you James Bent @ ‘the revue’ just wanted to say ‘you’re luuuurvly!’ let me be your Bond girl. Box No U/381/73

O I saw you in tune up class with your blue green hair and super tight ass, work it baby. Box No U/381/74

v I saw you @ Substitute 5/2/00. I was a friend of Harri’s nephew - you a friend of Harri’s dog. You sparkling top - me JPG top - love?. Box No U/381/75 0 I saw you @ Babaza. You were yelling @ me, I stormed out, but I miss you. L. Box No U/381/76

O I saw you in Polo Lounge in October 99. We talked but lost your number. I’m back up next month - hope we can meet again! You tall, good-looking, me, muscular, Welsh into classics. Box No U/381/77

O I saw you tall dark wearing Schott jacket outside Hill House Helcnsburgh 13/2/00 we exchanged glances. Box No U/381/78

0 I saw you in Heathland 9 & 13/2 late. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you, straight blond hair, blue eyed, walking Nike commercial with white Adidas Trainers. Start looking for the bloke who doesn’t always speak English . . . Box No U/381/79 Q I saw you at Potterow. White jeans and gold chains. You were 5ft 5” but you made up for your size elsewhere. See you next week from short black hairy. Box No U/381/80

O I saw you in Tinderbox. You were tall, dark, with a creamy bp. You looked extra large. Just the way I like you. Go on treat me! Box No U/38l/81

O I saw you- you were “stylish” in pin striped fiarey suit, drinking earl grey & reading the ship wrecked or something - all in the Filmhouse - hope to see you again. Box No U/38l/82

O I saw you Big John, when you perspire, my heart is fire, so come on, I won’t tire! At the top of Trav’s Saltire. Box No U/38l/83

O I saw you in Jordanhill Library. Your a 3rd year primary school undergrad and possibly the most stunning woman I‘ve ever seen. We have socialised before but I’ll not be what you expect. Box No U/38l/84

0 I saw you when I was ill in hospital. In fact, you were my ‘most styling’ doc!!! Your name was Dr. Fox, Mmmm... ‘are you foxy?’ What a catch! Box No U/38l/85

Q I saw you Victor Muhandru warm and naked in my bed as I left for work. Yum yum yum - don the tweed and miffy we can dcbase ourselves with our big big love tonight. Miaow miaow miaow. Your anchor girl. Box No U/381/86


O I saw you brown leather jacket, pierced ear, Yves Saint - Laurent underwear, cutie in Tinderbox on 22/3/00, 8pm. Me the annoying guy who kept looking at you. Box No U/381/87

0 I saw you at the High St. Damn! You fine girl it’s almost a year ago? You’ve made me want to come to Oz. Hopefully I’ll see you there you fit bird. Box No U/381/88

U I saw you with your spiky hair and piercings looking cool in the Traverse last Wednesday. A girl that dreams are made of. How about it?! Now. Box No U/381/89

O I saw you Ed in the Pleasance Bar. You? Tall, funny and sensitive. Me? Small, caring and admiring. I think we could be ‘well matched’. How about you? Box No U/381/9O

0 I saw you in the Filmhouse with your flowing golden hair and eyes alight with alcoholic fervour. Oh how you drooled over the Dutchman in the stripey jumper. If only it were me! Box No U/381/9l

O I saw you Drumming at Imbolic. Your bald head glowing with face paint and fire light. You looked like a fiendish imp, your eyes alight with mischief and tequila. Box No U/381/92 O I saw you bleeding heavily outside a bench with the engine running. Fancy taking me for a spin? Box No U/381/93

O I saw you Scottish kilted lad, outside the Bank Hotel. August 28/1999. Mark?? You’d been at a rugby banquet. Me, lost Canadian girl. We walked around all night. I’d love another tour. Box No U/38l/94

O I saw you on stage wearing a dress with a hairy chest. Can’t wait to see Bloco Vomit play 17 March, Attic. I’ll bring my own bucket this time. Box No U/381/95

O I saw you at the Filmhouse sitting back in your black leather pants, writing dirty holes and grinning lasciviously. Box No U/381/96

O I saw you Freak Dancing at our last BV gig. Changed from my kinky dress you were gone. Come to the Attic on Fri 17 March. Wear that purple top again! Box No U/381/97

O I saw you at the Filmhouse Bar, wearing your stripy orange jumper with a hole in the elbow. What happened to your new goatce? You Hoegaarden Hunk. Box No U/38l/98

v I saw you Belgian Boy in City Cafe wearing your boring Belgian clothing so I imagined what you looked like without it. Box No U/38I/99

V I saw you Filmhouse 15 February 2000 @ 6pm. Come in from the rain. You - dark, sultry, clutching your helmet. You beat me to the sugar. Me - petite, blonde, in black. Pedal up my street anytime.. Box No U/381/100

2-16 March TIIE HST“