Q I saw you my favourite wee 2nd row. I’m so proud you’re playing against Canada and I love you loads. Happy Birthday babe, from your teddy bear. XXX. Box No U/382/1.

O I saw you driving me home from St Vincent Street to Yorkhill after the Bells at New Year. You from Mosspark, blond with two sons. Me, dark-haired with boyfriend and drunk friend who could barely walk. ls my camera lying in you car? Please get in touch! Box No U/382/2. Q I saw you Titania, discussing kinaesthesia and the colours of love. We’ve done blue -- next time we can paint a rainbow in illicit kisses and water colour wee shuggie, goodfellow. Box No U/382/7.

O I saw you spill your beer over you ‘Select’ magazine, lchiban, 4 March. Cahartt sweatshirt, grey hair, beautiful eyes. Don’t get too excited! I’m the one with the long goatee. Why is a man like you eating alone? Box No U/382/20.

O I saw you on Sat 4 March on top of Ben Lomond without crampons (but an ice axe). I had to work that evening, so no pubnight for me, but maybe a walk in future with you and crampons and a drink afterwards? Box No U/382/21.

O I saw you Yus, J us, Faz, Ana, Sia, goh & Jojo. Together we strived to achieve what we’ve longed for. Going to miss you, don’t ever change, cos I love you just the way you are. Box No U/382/28.

Q I saw you Lady Guinevere is . . . Sir Lancelot wants . . . Box No U/382/29.

O I saw you gorgeous red-head in Borders, 20/2/00 with pretty dark-haired girl . . . ls that hair natural. Box No U/382/30.

O I saw you Louise you used to work in the Polo. You looked great in the shirt. How about we reminisce? I’d love to be a bad influence on you again! Box No U/382/32.

O I saw you playing for Glasgow Southern. You - great hair, gorgeous body, as bonny as ever. Me short and stinky Ewok. See you in the Polo! Beejeewahwah. Box No U/382/33.

O I saw you pierced nose Nik, pouring St Peter’s at Blackfriars, which one do I love? Box No U/382/34.

O I saw you flapjack. You horny hornblower, you are my pomie porn star, you No 1, you are! Long time Stevie Boy. Box No U/382/35.

Q I saw you Borders Cafe, lunchtime, 11 Feb you with fat hairy bloke. Be my valentine. DD. Box No U/382/36.

on 0131 557 8500

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Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

100 TIIE UST 16—30 Mar 2000

O I saw you in pyschic section of Borders, u sexy afro babe, me spikey, Irish. U know we will make it together. It must be the moonglow. Box No U/382/37. v I saw you Brian, I’ve not seen you for weeks. Do you remember your way to the Pitcher and Piano? Tamara and She of the dull name. Box No U/382/38.

Q I saw you in Borders, Sat 12 Feb eating ‘all the pies’ You green jacket - me, pink polo neck - you can eat my pic anyday! Box No U/382/39.

O I saw you fitness instructor at the hall, Sauchiehall St. Me, door steward with gorgious eyes. Let’s get in trim, come back and see me. F. Box No U/382/40.

v I saw you blonde spikes. I stole you heart and caught your love bugs. Keep smiling. Box No U/382/41.

O I saw you Fin in Borders. you left me to get the drinks, while you looked so sexy, reading mags below (and dropping flyers). Call me sometime . . . Box No U/382/42. C I saw you tummy stylie (feel the bassline, feel the waistline!) Jungle hunny hopping about to those dark pha beats, you super sharp shooter. Take me to Breading Point and back, baby! ALRlGHT! Tru players unite. Box No U/382/43.

v I saw you outside Budda in the rain, wearing your Matrix style leather jacket. You know who I am and if you want to meet up please reply. Box No U/382/44.

Q I saw you bulldog of W30. You never smile you ignorant bastard. You have a ridiculous earring and I know you navigate the highways. However, I would love to get to know you and you definately know me. Box No U/382/45.

. I saw you Good boy! in the Garage, grabbing my arm (7), I believe there’s a bra helicopter above, so phone me soon and I’ll get you your wooden sword! Box No U/382/46.

O I saw you Lee, you workin in EC. I’ll take care of you, you funky mother with the exotic accent. I wanna lick you all over. Box No U/382/47.

O I saw you in your thistle top in Nice n’ Sleazy’s. Your ginger dreads send shivers down my spine. Enrole me in your ‘Bitch School’. Box No U/382/48.

O I saw you dark foxy Irish barmaid, running away from a jar of buttons at Uisge Beatha. Look forward to you pulling another one for me. Box No U/382/49.

O I saw you ‘Theres’ and found out that you are so lay and cheeky and so bad at table tennis, but so am I and l l‘!ve you for it! Tee. Box No U/382/50.

O I saw you Raven-haired beauty, Beezer, Vivien Leigh Iook-a-like, with lips to die for my baby-love, darling honey-pie - phone me. Box No U/382/51. O I saw you several times - always happy: Me - drunk with a red and yellow scarf. Come back to my living room? Box No U/382/52.

O I saw you sexy birthday boy with the zip-up shirt. Hope you had a good night. Love you always. Box No U/382/53.

O I saw you strutting your stuff in Gap in glasgow, you sexy tall, attractive beast. May we dance the night together on a desert beach? (Johnnie) please. Box No U/382/54.

O I saw you Henry, wishing you were somewhere else on holiday swaps. You impressed me with your good taste and sexy arms! Come climbing with me . . . Box No U/382/55.

O I saw you fireman in your engine, Byres Road, waving at me, petitie, slim female, outSide Abbey National, 1/3/00. Would you like to meet again? Box No U/382/56.

O I saw you baby, gorgeous, Waiting Room barman. Thank you for the last six months, you’ve given me my ‘happy place’ and a permanent smile. i love you always - here’s to the summer and fun and games. Love Tigger. Box No U/382/57. O I saw you your name is Jack. You’re in my school (Hyndland sec.) in 2nd year. I really like you, but I don’t know you very well. I’ll be at your gig (4th March). Box No U/382/96.

O I saw you hunky, sociology man, with your lovely shaved head and kinky boots! Come and spank me baby! Box No U/382/97.

O I saw you at the 13th Note. Me, shy purple-haired, Karelian folk music fan. You cool confident Canadian barman. Pour me another. Box No U/382/98.

v I saw you with all the best costumes. I’d like to serve you a cup of tea another Sunday morning. Box No U/382/99.

. I saw you at meeting, strathclyde House, Thurs 2 March, 8pm. Please be my babycham. Mr Bubbly love from Old Blue Eyes. Box No U/382/100.

O I saw you in Borders on Sat 4 Mar, in the evening. You were the girl wearing light blue top and were writing. I was on the other side of the cafe. Box No U/382/101.

O I saw you foxy James from Panchos, covered in Dulux, how would you like to be covered in Durex? Box No U/382/102.

O I saw you Swallow Hotel. You red top Asian woman with James Bond tune! Me, next to you. Contact for coffee? Box No U/382/103.

Q I saw you in Borders. You’re the tall, attractive girl with black hair who works in the cafe. I first noticed you last year when l spilt coffee and you let me wash my hand. Box No U/382/104.

9 I saw you swinging your funky bass in ‘Dirtbox’. Please rock me again, gorgeous! Box No U/382/ 105.

O I saw you tall, gorgeous with sexy lips and these big, warm eyes. You were walking down Byres Road, wearing leather jacket. Box No U/382/106.

O I saw you Scott in my school. Hyndland Secondary. The first time I saw you I fell in love with you. Remember the disco? That was good! Box No U/382/107.

O I saw you handsome, drummer man at The Bubble on Monday night, you were wearing black T-shirt looking sexy hitting the drums. I’ll be the harmony if you provide the beat! Box No U/382/ 108.

O I saw you John, I’ve got a downstairs afro and I love pets. I want to muther you till the sun dies. Box No U/382/ 109.

O I saw you in the Tron Bar long, long, black hair, drinking white wine and smoking Mayfair Lights. Call me, and we’ll light up the long black nights together. Box No U/382/110.

Q I saw you standing at bus stop, Clerk Street. Black hair, long black coat, big boots. You’re world is huge. Box No U/382/3.

O I saw you Sunday 20 Feb, Glasgow-Edinburgh train. I was fed up on my way to five nightshifts. You were on your way home after celebrating 30th birthday on Fri 18 and planning a night in front of TV. Fancy a coffee? Box No U/382/4.

O I saw you wee John Herron in Espionage. We looked, we smiled, we remembered. You left suddenly and the drugs stopped working. Still entirely yours. TMD, your l’il muscle. Box No 382/5.

0 I saw you Wed 1 Mar ‘00, 2pm, outside Lush, Princes Street, dark hair, talking to a girl. Me: jeans, red-hooded top. I looked, you looked let’s look at each other more closely. Box No U/382/6.