O I saw you George Forrnby, first on Finnegans dance floor, then in and out of my life through laughter and tears over the last four years . . . thanks for the memories! Love furry girl (Shubumpkin). Box No U/382/9. O I saw you leave for the Ewing ranch. You brought so many smiles to my face Tom. Never forget those birlliant times, Mexican yawns and all that. Love Senga the Scosh Barbarian. Box No U/382/10. O I saw you Carol Ann, outside taxi, Waterloo Place. You work in Boots, Earl Grey Street and think I know your father. Remember? I would definitely like to know you! Box No U/382/11.

O I saw you baby, shaking that ass in the comer of City Cafe, by the pool table, waring action slacks and a Donna Karen tightknit tank top. Man the pumps, I’ve got a shift in the laundry. See you at 10 for some erdinger and roasted nuts. Alas Sydney is calling your name. Who will I do the La Hughes with, all my love La Seductra. Box No U/382/13.

O I saw you b luscious Waney Waney on Sun 2 Ian at Eden. You looked beautiful and still do. I’m glad I couldn’t find a pen, 10 weeks on and Skippy’s still skipping. See you in three quick weeks. I’ll miss you. Box No U/382/14.

O I saw you peroxide babe at Breakbeat Era and said you are gorgeous. I quit while I was ahead and have regretted it since. I’d prefer to regret what I’ve done than what I haven’t, and hope I’ll get the chance. Box No U/382/15.

O I saw you Adam F (Spike - though you don’t know it!) and John (Faith) Sat 4 March. That was not a sock down my trousers! Bite me, Lots of love, Buffy. xxx. Box No U/382/16. O I saw you Maria at Tribal Function, you danced with me. I thought that you were beautiful my eyes don’t tell lies, though maybee I should have! Box No U/382/l7.

O I saw you in Scotmid, Stockbridge, 5 March, wearing yellow/blue cycle gear. Me: blue coat and cap. Exchanging glances we got separated going home. Want a ride on a tandem? Box No U/382/l8.

O I saw you Sostas 16, 6 Mar ‘00, 3.45pm. You stunning Australian who took my details. Me, nervous interviewee called Stephen who couldn’t take his eyes off you. Box No U/382/19. O I saw you my weekend friend looking smooth as usual. Here's to your birthday and to ten years of gin and adventure. And yes, this one is for you. Box No U/382/22.

O I saw you Alice for the first time a year ago. You changed my life for better then for worse. Now your so close but further away than ever. I miss you - remember how we were together? I got the birthday card. Box No U/382/23.

O I saw you my gorgeous Steven Tyler guy. i love you and want to marry you. It is a leap year! Love Gloria Estefan. Box No U/382/24.

O I saw you at Caley Brewery on 4 March. We were sat at opposite sides of the dance floor. You were dressed in black, me, in blue. We danced to strip the willow, but not together. When will I see you again? Box No U/382/25.

O I saw you Kelly from Canada. New Year’s Eve; in a rush without a pen. You still in town or what? Sebastian from


R.E.O. Box No U/382/26.

O I saw you drop dead in black and blonde, all Gucci’d up, I'm really fond, see you at the Ivy, baby. Box No U/382/27.

O I saw you at the chemistry ball. You sure set some reactions off in my underwear. Tall, slim, oh so handsome in your haiwiian shirt, you can hula with me anytime! Box No U/382/57. O I saw you in Iguana on Tuesday 1 March. you are at the art school ~ 2nd year. I’ve seen you play with fire. Ed Sulivan may not approve but I’m curious. Box No U/382/58.

O I saw you in Ttso’s trying on boots. I’d love to see you in leather though you seemed content in fabric. I’d share my sleeping bag with you. Box No U/382/59.

O I saw you cheddar head, working at Sleazys. I is da fiyest rodent wid ur graffiti. Love Esther. XX. Box No U/382/60.

O I saw you in the (‘ity Cafe on Sunday 28 Feb. You, grey skirt, dark hair, eating sherbcrt. You’re so sexy! Let’s meet up . . . Subway? Box No 11/382/61. O I saw you baby, shaking that ass at higher ground. You said I seduced you but, not without a fight! how about that massage for your injuries? Box No U/382/62.

O I saw you in the mighty EH1, Tuesday 7 March with your sexy white top and leather trousers. Come and find me on the decks at Manga! Box No U/382/63.

O I saw you months ago at the Carlton Studios. Is your type stil women with blonde hair to their shoulders? Unfortunately you had been set up. Can I order some more ice~cream please? Box No U/382/64.

O I saw you gorgeous, tall, grey-haired woman, with huge dyky hands. Filmhouse foyer, 3/2/00. See you at Divas? Box No U/382/65.

O I saw you man from the sky, Micheal when you came down from your cloud in the Traverse theatre bar to say, Hi! Box No U/382/66.

O I saw you and you looked like a newborn weasel. let me weasel my way into your pants. Box No U/382/67.

O I saw you walking into the List office with a long black coat and a fetish magazine tucked under your arm. You looked tidy, sir. Box No U/382/68.

O I saw you in CC Blooms, what can I say? You’re sooo manly. Box No U/382/69.

O I saw you Sheena at Orcadia, most Mondays last year, we have still not romanccd I am desperate to see you, all my love you know who. XXX Box No U/382/70.

O I saw you drumming boy in the Traverse bar on Friday nitc. We’ve got a secret. See you in Havana rom you two hyper arty party chicks. Box No U/382/7l. O I saw you in Blue on Monday 6 March. Your passion fruit mousse was yummy. Thank you for sharing you life with me. T. T. Box No U/382/72.

O I saw you you sexy thing, kissing a brunette in Iispionage, about two weeks ago, I can’t get it out of my mind. A brown- eyed girl. X. Box No 382/73.

O I saw you in my history of medicine lecture, 31 Jan ‘00 with your bleach, blonde hair and dark brown eyes. You were falling asleep I bet I could keep you ‘up’ all night long, baby! T. Box No U/382/74.

O I saw you at City Cafe. The bouncers escorted you out of the toilets. Suddenly. You haven’t been back with your blonde hair and pierced tongue. Please do. I want you. Box No U/382/75.

O I saw you y 27 Feb in the Filmhouse and then at Tackno. You, short hair, goatec. Me, long hair, glasses, nice ass. Box No U/382/76.

O I saw you in the Traverse bar. Wendy. You were fantasizing about smearing chocolate cheesecake over your body and wondering if this would get you thrown out. Mmmm. . .Yummy! Box No U/382/77.

O I saw you at the Attic. On stage you were weirdly attractive. Your beats drove me wild. I can’t wait for the next weird Attractors gig at Anonymi! Box No U/382/78.

O I saw you at Toni & Guy, 21 Feb. Mc, not looking my best - hair dripping wet and trying to avoid looking at my reflextion. You, pale blue eyes an searching the magazines for inspiration. Was it with sympathy in mind you caught my eye or something

more? Box No U/382/79.

O I saw you all four of you in the Traverse bar. You looked so handsome and jolly the blue fleece, purple jumper, white top and purple shirt. I could eat you all. You lovely boys! Box No U/382/80.

O I saw you Naomi in Iguana, you have long light brown hair. Your body is a piece of art, and your eyes . . . I think I love you. Box No U/382/81.

O I saw you Marc, in my dreams last night you sent my pants on fire. I need to see you again to fan those flames of desire. Hot Lips. XX. Box No U/382/82.

O I saw you in dark glasses at City Cafe - you said you were blind in one eye I’m blind for you. Call me see the light!


Box No U/382/83.

O I saw you at EH1, Tues 7 March. With a man, who is he? You can catch me every Sunday night on Beat 106, llpm-lam. Junglist Posse. Box No U/382/84.

O I saw you in Iguana. Jonnie you know who you are! I think I’m in love! Till next time! Box No U/382/85.

O I saw you my Real Foods man. See you for some wheat free muesli. Box No U/382/86. O I saw you spunky, drunken usher girl! Wednesday night at the Traverse. Admiration a close, close aquaintance. Box

No U/382/87.

O I saw you Jason, sexy, dysfunctional top man. Give me a plick anytime! Vulcan goonah! Eeeyore. Box No U/382/88.

O I saw you red head. I know you from uni, say hi sometime. Adeleine. Box No U/382/89.

O I saw you the very first time I saw your brown eyes was in City Cafe last Sat pm. Did your cult clothing come from East 17? My father may own a small tropical island, but you’re the one that makes me hot. Box No U/382/90.

O I saw you Tayls in Iguana, you were dancin’ on the table . . . far better than any of those female table dancers . . . I think I’ve converted. Box No U/382/91.

O I saw you in Blue, 6 March. Your’s is better than Posh’s by a mile. Thanks for the lovely birthday. Love 11. Box No U/382/92.


O I saw you Ally. First time was eight years ago. Days together are few and far between but each one is special. Glad we’re still friends. Love from Mo Zelda. Box No U/382/8.


O I saw you Dan Dan the truck driving man who doesn’t like mobile phones. Met you in Legends on Saturday. You’d gone by the time I went to give you my number. From the girl in the bright pink T-shirt. Box No U/381/12.

O I saw you small, blond, yummy guy. With your beautiful sister. Please call & say hello again, you’re lovely. Box No U/382/31.

O I saw you six sexy Kersland Street girls. Your party rules! You’re all spanking gorgeous anything else is just pants! Love yas babes! Box No U/382/94.

16-30 March 2000 TIIEU8T101