Philosophy: A Guide To

Happiness Chann 54, starts Sur- 26 liar, 7pm.

Alain De Botton produces another bluffers guide

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DOCUMENTARY Aleister Crowley: The Other Loch Ness

Monster BBC 1 , ‘.

"-."et:‘ 29 ’.'ar, 10.20:)”9.

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“a\ e taken a" ent'reh (it“erer‘t \."e\.'. 0" " s studres l" a suttess'on of s x eprsodes, 'ne tefls us “()x'. \.'.e (an app‘y nl‘nosobhy to exer‘ydax lzte, n t“e t)':)(ess “taking oarsew'es r‘anp'er neopte De Botton setetts l‘ts stx t'agotrrzte r)":*'t)so:)"re's St"‘.(‘(a, Srnope'rhatmv‘, El)(i.'l.8, l\lor‘tarone, Sot'ates a'tt: N'etxsthe and appr'oathes ordinary folk aboot therr problems, shoxxrno them how they (an use these work! wens to make t"e"‘se". es ‘eel better

A'r‘or‘o hrs strbgetts are a ‘arled"essma"., a young snorr‘an recently dtr"‘»oed oy lie." loxer and a road raoe '.'a": done" Presun‘ably, the sub;e<ts '."(: 'ev"at:‘ on fz'r“ a"e tl‘ose t'ta‘. o'dr": assau’. "1!“ for pent; 'sth" a patron: zoo, supertrhoas or: A snanxe feat ‘or tbs :rtrtrizt maxe ‘or better e"‘.(‘-t“.arrt'i‘e"f

De Botto" s ‘ae‘oas t'o' prodat "t; 1):;“07‘8 or; (:es o" o"-e sort o" a"ot"er

to fine reader; 'tteietfaa =<;.'Ls o’ fine

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‘. the s;.b:e(t l‘a.e "rysferroasln yanrslted «Aliar‘ Radtirf'fe-

()t'WLK' 7‘. ‘3'“ ()

DOCUMENTARY The Lookalikes Agency

Scottish, Mon 13 Mar .r a—

Trasl‘ TV, dor"t you rust love It7 This Is ‘.'.‘l‘.(li prrn‘e tzme s all about, a bomb of s’exereiy deruded relenrrty \.‘.'a'rr‘.abes iettm‘t; us l."i() therr lrves for a few pret‘rous moments The horror was almost unbearable as Ray Whrtrng » manager of the Derrrck’s Doubles Aoe'x‘,‘ audzttoned to" an adx'e't and was turned down flat by the producers a (u't "He .00le notlnnq lrke Charles Bronson'.

And what o‘ the whole tearr‘ ot' Dayrd Betkhams? A raggle-taggle group of 'netlzanrts, labourers and students, all bearrnq a strrkrng resemblance to, well, a (your) o?’ methanrts, labourers and students The Elton John lookalrke was physrally passable, but hrs ‘stnorno' vort'e would surely be better surted to Crofts or: anot"e' (bannel

And, oi", from. \.'.'e laughed at poor old fake Jatk Nrthols'on losrng hrs drrvrnt) ltense l'ltat'ii teath you to speed, you're not a real (elebrrty, you know .Kusty Knatms‘


The Usual Suspects Channel 4, Sun 26 Mar, 10pm. 6.0..

.511.-. 5'0" 4.5.. It)” 3-: 3’

Trash TV at its finest

A labyrinth of clues and red herrings ( a" a °' r'w tr‘at s"ouide"s a srnufe, prxotal plot "eyelatror‘. have a shelf lrfe7 If you a'.'.a"e ot' s'.s f'tns sut." as Seven, Fro/rt C/t/b and The Sixth Sense, .'.(?t. (1 be ‘.'.o"." ‘.‘.<‘:'.( er; and, more to the poznt, (ou‘d they ever \‘.arrant a .." 1"e (ase of The Usua/ Suspet ts, the ans\.'.er rs most detrnrtely

touefl‘e' H‘ a ponte hue-up, ff‘.'(‘ veteran. (rrrurnals aoree to pull off a se' es o‘ "obbe' es, but per; '1 to l)(‘l|("~.'(‘ tl‘ey are manipulated by a rnyster‘rous " :>"l,' as Keyset So/e earn'etl te' C “stopper l‘.l(Quarrre an Oscar sounds srn‘tple -;‘v"t:)_.u", but a tat)3,v'-r‘.fl: of (laes and "ed ltt“"""(;s And one you knov.’ the rhea: (:r‘ .oteu s sea as the Ntt'riber' O'te l‘~.lo\.~e l‘~.l()'7‘.(‘-Tti rn The the ‘9er 'oox'nr; for those ail-'rnr)or'tant (';.es

'Y‘rrihté""‘~’l(l k"()'.'.

7"e p oi ‘.'.". ( ?‘

DOCUMENTARY Dispatches: Video


Channel J, Th. 23 liar, 9.30pm.

ls :a'a C H)“. (iap‘adwd you “xeautl‘ 1‘ As Usuarz "es :1 st oners, We e'te<ts o?

(l'fllfr‘: (it“(l (;<l"‘(‘8 («3" S()"‘(‘Il'll(“s UP

a dead". t);.s;'iess The "eter‘t "ast: of as '1 a", s:."o:>. shoote‘us l‘ax'e led obse".e's to {)(‘lTC‘lt’ that ‘."‘e spent sn‘uvated s3a\.(}l‘.‘.er

Hegfab‘t earts to t"e "ea t".-".(;

:tt:;.‘ 22"tt 1"

One satl‘: ot)se'~.e' 2s Kentutloan Joe

la"‘.es, '.'."ose daau'fler' was gunned

The kids won't be alright if they spend

Ho's." b3, a ‘. (:eo dame ‘anatr xxho . . . . their time dorng this

bad " handed a deadl‘, ‘.'.eabon ur‘tl lre Dena” ""sspend "(l *“s youtlr :n the bedroom \‘Jl‘ fie US (rtu‘. tulture s :‘ot 'enitateo n BUM n, (be sl‘o‘.‘. fi‘tltates that tne rnrr‘ease of ,oyr'rdrnd and tar

rl'sO“ s 1102'." :(T 7‘0 "ttClt" (XXL. (ll'l'A, 0' HOP": (ll'fl. l‘eC} ()(l’lli‘S

Co"!e"l’~ oas sit.“ bat »-\v“e' ta" 'r‘." ta"\ osltpotod st Lt Co Dane Civ'ossrnan "ssts t"at t"e 821s" (: ne '.' "at to oet (t)f‘.‘.{)l<i(("‘§ l: you open \oa'

"PRESTMUPT t<>".‘t;"ro‘.'. and there has DOD?“ a shootth n a sthooi near you, don't

be su'prsed .\ door“. rarder, 'ndeed '8" ar‘ Donaldson,-