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Graham Stewart

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Graham Stewart

The Beat 106 Mix

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Graham Stewart

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The Lock-In

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The Jengaheads

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Resident at such stalwart club nights as Manga and the recently relaunched Jungle Magic, DJ Kid has made it his mission to bring drum & bass to Scotland’s airwaves. Who's your favourite D]? John Peel, for his no bullshit presenting style, as well as for introducmg me to so much underground music throughout my years What’s the first song you remember hearing on the radio? 'Happy Birthday’ by Stevie Wonder. What’s your favourite track of the moment? ’Lov: Income' by Wyclef Jean, from the film Next Friday What’s your favourite up-and-coming track? ’Pimp Walk’ by G-Mac and Unify, coming out on Invade RECOlengS. 'Hang the DJ’ - which one and why? It has to be Brandon Block for his stage outbursts at The BfliS. I hope he bumps into Vinnie Jones very soon What's your favourite song to fall asleep to at night? nything by Sade.

. . . and to wake up to in the morning? 'In A Big COuntry' by Big COuntry

What song would you refuse to play no matter how much they paid you? That Da Ba De nonsense

Who would you like to have in live session on your show? Goldie and it might be happening.

What unlikely combination of two artists would result in an 'awesome remix'? Stuart Adamson from Big Country and myself, remixmg ’The Stonn’ from The Crossing.

‘Last night a DJ saved my life’ - how? I totally blacked out when I was about to walk off the stage at an event I was playing at Iwas caught by a fellow DJ who was on his way up the stairs. If he hadn't been there, I don’t think l won be as good looking as I an: today

Who, in your opinion, is in need of a bit of a spring clean? The personnel behind a large llllelliy of Scotland's radio stations, who have (aused me great contern in trying to bring jungle and drum 8. bass to the nation Apart from the big bad Beat 106 of (Ourse DJ K/d and Tan/a Swift p/ay out the jungle and drum 8 bass tunes, Sun 77pm 7am on Beat l06.



3 {jun Ell

Chicane: Don't Give Up


Fridge: Angel (Incentive)

Rank 1: Airwave (Manifesto)

DJ Tiesto: Sparkle (Nebula/Virgin)

Paul Van Dyk: Tell Me Why [The

Riddle] (Deviant)

Binary Finary: 2000 (Orbit)

Art Of Trance: Breathe (Platipus)

DJ Energy & Tatana: End To Time (Data)

James Holden: Horizons (Silver


10 Matt Darey presents DSP: From

Russia With Love (Liquid Asset)

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