PI e Km 9 Competition for the lucrative fast food market is fierce but the brand new PieKing chain reckons the Scots will go flaky for pastry. We asked The List’s own pie experts Mark

Robertson and Steve Cramer to chew the fat.

Thls new venture, Just opened In Glasgow’s St Vlncent Street with branches to come In Edlnburgh and East Kllbrlde, offers a vast array of both vegetanan and meat pres for St- in and takeaway Custom all supplled by Bells of Lanarkshlre. The Idea has been br0ught to Scotland by Brlan Carroll after Slmllar ventures In South Atr'ca. Our tasters sampled ten examples Out of arOund 30 on offer ~radltlon was represented by hlgh st'eet staples llke the Scotch Pie {*i and Macaroni Cheese /**i The

fcrmer Just dldn’t have enough klck for Cu." tasters, but tne la:ter was pralsed for the conSrstency of its Illng. Deep- fllled ples were plentlful; Steak and Gravy «tat: was dlsappolntlng, splcy Chicken Peri Peri “him had a cl‘. fuelled klck, Chicken Curry itti was more packet than pt;<ka, but Roast Chicken /***i was SurprISsngly fine. Mark and Steve were Impressed by 'ts mostness and Ider‘tlflable chlcken content. The vegetarlan optlons sampled were both pastles. Mozarefla and Spinach ("an had plenty of the green stuff, but where was the cheese? Cl'eese and Onion, (tint) on the other hand had a hangover; bustlng strength that found fav0ur


PieKing is at 73 St Vincent Street Glasgow

w“e oddest examples were from the range armed at the


Glasgow’s Hope Street has seemed ratner gloomy lately and the hundreds of :2ty centre workers who head along thl; thorOughfare tend not to tarry on the-r way to home or pub it’s th.s market that Cosmopol, a new venture from the team behlnd Bar Ce Lona, hose to ensnare wlth promlses of brlgh: Surroundlngs and bargaln prlces

Cosmoool -s nothlng I‘ not eclectlc, tron tne outs de you catcn glrmpses o‘ Ralt'les-style potted palms and Ion:- slurg wlcker armchalrs Step further

ft: 4'

An eclectic city centre spot

rnSrde and y()u'li enco'unter brlg'nt upholstered bar stools, pastel glass brlcks and a bar llned wlth a water feature remlnlscent of Changing Rooms For 'ounoers tnere's a rrezzamne floor \‘.ltl‘. comfy vehet chalrs and sofa. Through the back you'll tlnd a red-boothed restaurant where one wall IS coxered ll‘: a large mural of a Jlgsaw and where the food on offer ls Surtably tnultl'tatzonal ‘ro'n Tl‘az-style duck to nachos or nako'a

For the thlrsty \.‘.‘()t‘klrlq (rowd theres a monster happy hour that lasts from

Clyde DJ George Bowie samples the pies

cn .drer's market. The Dogg/e Ro// rim was a hybnd of a r’rankmrter and the tradltlonal sausage roll and the Bana lit uescnoed by Our team as ‘the Dlrty Harry of the pie world' was the mlnd-bogglsng c0ncept of a cheeseburger tno roli- concealed ln pastry. And the real klng of pres? Well they were potatoes actually The PleKlng slde order of potatoes, weal-cooked, golden and roasted wlth rosemary me: wnh unlversal approval tlvlolra Jeffrey)

PIE CHART“ *** The Upper Crust ** Fllling the gap * Scornlsh Pas

4—8pm, covenng shots, draught beer and ottchers. Wme drlnkers can get hold of a bottle for £6.50. Bar snacks are served until 5pm, there's pre- theatre menu :n the restaurant between 5—7pm and a la carte tlll 10pm At the weekends the emphasls wlll swltch to pre-club wlth DJS Thursday to Saturday Cosmopol covers as many optlons as It covers contlnents. l.l\lo:ra Jeffrey‘


Side orders

Food news with two sugars

The espresso bubble IS showmg no Slgf'l of burstlng as cafe culture becomes even more firmly embedded In the capltal. The relentless drlo o-‘ new coffee shops ln Edlnburgh creeps southward thls month wlth Cafe Barcode ln Marchmont’s Argyle Place. I Cafe Barcode, 32 Argy/e P/ace, Edinburgh, 466 8768.

Glasgow's Spy Bar has thrown open Its doors agaln. It first launched In 1998, but paused for a recent rethlnk In the deSIgn department. The arm IS to make the formerly chllly style bar more peOple-frlehdly wrth far more seating areas and a new red and sliver col0ur scheme. The management says as pleased wlth the publlc response. Sltuated near the heart of commerclal Glasgow, Spy can cater for large groups and serves food between noon and 8pm.

Spy Bar, 753 Bath Street, G/asgow, 227 777 7.

The National Trust has revamped ltS Charlotte Square HQ ln Edlnburgh reSultlng In two venues for New Townles, t0urlsts and shoppers to find sustenance. Flrstly there's a coffee house servrng dnnks and llgh: fooo untll 5pm each day wrth extended openlng hours becomlng llkely In the summer season. Then there’s no 27 a more formal restaurant servsng up a perlod atmosphere by capltailsmg on the Georglan archltecture without becomlng stuffy. The elegant dlfling room lS open throughout the day and serves dunner each evening untll 9.30pm.

3 No 27, 28 Char/otte Square, Edinburgh, 243 9339,

Trustafarian: No 27



Sunday Lunch

On Sunday afi‘ernaan our e/Jefi prepare a superb and innovative menu. Relax and s enqu a wonderful three-course lune/J ana’

agalass offizz. Iz‘xeellenr value at £10 per person.

12 Ashton Lane

Tel 0141-334 5007

‘6—33 l.'a: NCO THE lIST 115