Kubrick's film was praised as genius and damned as immoral

snipped from the grapevine than an appreciation of the film.

011 Friday 17 March all that will change. Kubrick's self- imposed ban lasted only until his death this decree). Finally. and at long bloody last. the British public will be able to assess the film for themselves. Not on fuzzy VHS and not in a Parisian l‘leapit projecting a scratchy old print (oh irony! ‘— Kubrick matched his trademark perfectionist visual style on A (‘/()(‘klt‘()I'/\' Orange with the first ever use of Dolby sound).

What are we to think of the film almost three decades on‘.’ Will it remain to use Burgess‘s invented street slang real horrorshow. or will it have dated appearing bezoomy. tagged and gloopy‘.’ After all. Kubrick's swan song. lives Wide Shut. was indisputably dire. Viewing one of the spanking new prints of A Clockwork Orange. perhaps audiences should bear in mind the l‘ilm‘s original tagline: ‘Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape. ultra-violence and Beethoven'. Meaning. it‘s a satire. as serious and comical as that word suggests. But. most importantly. regardless of its longevity. thanks to the re-release. .‘l Clockwork Orange can become a film again.

A Clockwork Orange goes on general release on 17 Mar. The Return Of A Clockwork Orange is broadcast on Channel 4, Sat 18 Mar, 11.30pm.

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