The many faces of Beck: ‘I just think most other music is deathly boring

If ()clelay established Beck as an avant-garde eccentric 'Wh cliched ideas of how LA is. But it's a really segregated city. made good. and Mutations exposed his gentle side. e n In the neighbourhood that I grew up in. you really don't see Midnite Vultures is a celebratory. uninhibited affair. ‘I I BMW‘s and TV actors with plastic surgery faces. They have definitely held back less on this record.‘ Beck says. ‘I was I m this Disneyland they’ve made for themselves. and I find trying to restrain things a bit on Ode/av. This time I didn‘t myself fascinated trying to understand it. It’s really into the

care. The way I‘m singing on this is the way I sing live. It's I a i n idea of sexuality and abandonment and confusion. which are more relaxed. I just let everything go. I was recording at p y 9 all parts ofthe record.‘ my house and there wasn‘t a producer or anything. I was I They are. It is. as Beck says. ‘a party record‘. and it just hanging out with the guys in the band.‘ i ve' ' m bears the purple handprints of the Prince of partying. ‘He‘s It was an approach that allowed Beck to improvise definitely an inspiration.‘ Beck concedes. ‘And I probably freer and scale new heights of lyrical peculiarity. ‘A a gravitate to him naturally. ‘cos I’m a smaller guy too . . .' song like ‘Hollywood Freaks‘ is completely like that.’ be p Little man. huge indie rock hero. Beck‘s cynical about says. ‘I‘mjust laying on the couch shouting things.‘ press attention. having seen ()delay swing from critical Things let‘s clarify like 'Hat milk/ Mmm . . . tweak e bete naire to masterpiece on the strength of comments my nipple/ Champagne and ripple/ Shamans go eripple . . .' I from some well-placed fans (including Noel Gallagher). Curious indeed. but actually not completely meaningless. and he's not making any claims for his own genius. Still. That song. for example. takes a swipe at spoilt Hollywood few could argue with his own modest summation of his

brats. So does the darling ofthe hip coffee table crowd move Beck place in the musical landscape: ‘I don‘t think it‘s that my in those circles? ‘When I'm playing live. I‘m more part of music is eclectic: I just think that most other music is the freaks.’ claims the man who once flew his favourite deathly boring and uninspired.‘

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