o m MUSIC Ltd, PCL and CPL by arrangement with Primary Talent International presents


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Saturday 29th July 2000

g/Pitch SO LD seats still availacgllleT

Tickets inc. vat £27.50 (general admission, standing and reserved seats). 0 subject to license 0 gates open 4.00pm

Oasis Low (all Ticketline: 0870 121 0120

Exclusive 24hr line 0 maximum cost 10p per minute 0 booking fee $32.25 per ticket registered post charge additional 0 Access, Visa, Switch accepted.

Ticket ngencu Hotlines: 0870 7300 247 (Lo-call) - 0141 339 8383 o 0141 287 5511 C/C booking fee £2.25 per ticket 0 all major credit cards accepted 0 registered post charge additional.

Tickets available to personal callers at the following outlets: GLASGOW/EDINBURGH Virgin Records, EDINBURGH Ripping Records, ABERDEEN Music Hall, DUNDEE Grouchos, PERTH Goldrush, NEWCASTLE City Hall & INVERNESS Tourist Information Maximum six tickets per applicant at all Box Offices & Outlets.

flll tickets on sale and available on line through www.0asisnet.c0m

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