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Three Kings (15) that (David 0. Russell, US, 2000) George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, ice Cube. 114 mins. At the butt end of the Gulf War, four US soldiers who have seen no action whatsoever and don't even understand what the war is about, follow a treasure map to where Saddam Hussein has hidden stolen Kuwaiti gold. A masterpiece of inhumanity, Russell's witty script and super sharp direction captures the futility of the situation. This film begs some of the most pertinent political questions ever asked in an American movie it's amazing it got passed congress. General release. Thumbelina (U) an (Don Bluth, US, 1993) mins. Animator Bluth comes close to rivalling Disney with this charming fairy tale filled with little folk, princes, easy-to- follow messages and a Barry Manilow soundtrack. Young kids will love it and even the cynically hard-hearted may soften. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

The Tlchborne Claimant (PG) when (David Yates, UK, 1998) Robert Pugh, John Kani, Sir John Gielgud. 98 mins. The most confident British film debut in years brings the most sensational court case of the Victorian Age brought to the screen. 1866. When the long lost heir to the English Tichbome fortune is sighted in Australia, the family’s African servant, Bogle is packed off down under to retrieve him. Years later, a neglected and dejected Bogle returns with a man claiming to be the heir. Clinging to their family jewels, the Tichbomes refute the claim and a court case of scandalous proportions ensues. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Time Regained (18) ***** (Raul Ruiz, France/italy, 1999) Marcello Mazzarella, Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Beart. 162 mins. Marcel (Mauarella) lies in bed thinking about his life, and reflects back less on his own actions than of those in the wealthy late 19th/eariy 20th century salon culture in which he moved. Ruiz's adaptation of Proust’s final volume of Remembrance Of Things Past captures brilliantly the tenuousness and subjectivity of memory - aided and abetted by

his trademark lateral tracking shots, technical correlatives to Proust's thinking. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

Topsy-Turvy (12) *t** (Mike Leigh, UK, 2000) Jim Broadbent, Allan Corduner, Martin Savage. 159 mins. At the film’s core is the turbulent creative partnership between Victorian opera writer Gilbert (Broadbent) and playboy genius composer Sullivan (Corduner). But preparations for their greatest show, The Mikado, involve a whole cast who give flawless performances. This might be Leigh’s first period drama, but it’s another excellent ensemble piece engaging with his usual preoccupation: people at work, rest and play. Edinburgh: Cameo, Virgin Megaplex. Tora-san's Forbidden Love (PG) mu (Yoji Yamada, Japan, 1984) A comic look at the life of a travelling man which sees him befriend a stockbroker and his beautiful wife. The 34th of the popular 48 Tora-san series which spans a 30 year period. Glasgow: GilmorehiliGlZ.

Toy Story 2 (U) ****A (John Lasseter, US, 2000) Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack. 95 mins. The new film expands on the original settings and themes: When Woody is not taken to Cowboy Camp by his owner Andy, he begins to question the meaning of his ‘life‘. When he’s subsequently stolen by a collector - who plans to sell him to a Japanese toy museum - Buzz and the gang travel across town to rescue their pal. The emotive range of the animated characters is extraordinary; they say that computer generated images will never replace the real thing, but Toy Story 2 makes you wonder. General release. Tsugumi (PG) tit (Jun lchikawa, Japan, 1990). Not the extended X-Files episode but a coming of age tale about a young girl discovering love in a small seaside town. Based on the novel by cult author with great name Banana Yoshimoto. Glasgow: GilmorehilIG12.

Waking Ned (PG) *tii (Kirk Jones, UK, 1998) [an Bannen, David Kelly, Fionnula Flanagan. 91 mins. Actually, Ned's dead. A shame that, because the old fella just won £7 million playing The Lottery


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the discovery of which killed him. However, wily seventysomething pals Jackie and Michael spy a golden opportunity to claim the cash. Charming and eccentric with a defiant spirit. Edinburgh: Odeon.

Whatever Happened To Harold Smith (15) it (Pete Hewitt, UK, 2000) Tom Courtenay, Michael Legge, Laura Fraser. 95 mins. Messy concoction of teen romance, working class comedy and 705 kitsch which plays like a lame television sitcom Spin-ofi'. Mild mannered retired dad, Harold (Courtenay), possesses Uri Geliar-Iike mind powers which ultimately aid his son, Vince (Michael Legge), who is desperately trying to cop off with workmate Joanna (Laura Fraser). ironically, Courtenay, the titular star, has the weakest role in a film swamped by a plethora of cameo parts. General release.

Wonderland (15) ***** (Michael Winterbottom, UK, 1999) Gina McKee, Shirley Henderson, Molly Parker. 108 mins. At once both extraordinarily beautiful and desperately sad, this portrait of life in contemporary London is seen through the eyes of three sisters and their dysfunctional family. Wonderland is unrelentingly grim for the most part, yet the performances are so good that you can’t help but be moved to tears. And Winterbottom utilises every trick in the Great Filmmaker's Manual to create a visual treat worthy of its title. East Kilbride: Arts Centre. Falkirk: F'I'H Cinema.

The World Is Not Enough (12) *** (Michael Apted, US/UK, 1999) Pierce Brosnan, Robert Carlyle, Denise Richards. 128 mins. A nuclear scientist with shapely curves, an international terrorist impervious to pain, a slick British spy who delivers his innuendo with a touch of apology in his voice. The nineteenth Bond movie is distinguished by a number of plot twists not usually squeezed in between spectacular but uninspired action set pieces, which increases involvement with the peripheral characters. Paisley: Showcase.

Year Of The Horse (15) that (Jim Jarrnusch. US, 1997) 105 mins. While Year Of The Horse fails to comprehensively tell the story of a band whose ragged, glorious, three-decade career is littered with drugs, deaths and classic albums, Jarmusch delivers jaw-dropping live footage which goes some way to capturing the band dynamic. Shot on Super-8 and looking suitably grainy and out- of-focus, the lo-fi style is appropriate for a band who create ear-bursting epics out of burn notes, and heart-piercing ballads from strained throats. Edinburgh: Cameo. Yellow Earth (PG) meta (Chen Kaige, China, 1984) Xue Bai, Wang Xequie. 89 mins. Kaige's extraordinary debut feature centres on the clash between the traditional values and rituals of a remote mountain tribe and the modernist drive towards Communist industrialisation. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

You Only Live Once (PG) MM (Fritz Lang, US, 1937) Henry Fonda, Sylvia Sidney, Barton Maclaine. 86 mins. Hugely influential lovers-on-the-run movie that looks forward to the likes of Penn's Bonnie and Clyde, Godard 's Pierrot Le Fou and even David Lynch‘s Wild At Heart, as petty criminal Fonda and wife Sidney's attempts to go straight result in them being framed for a bank robbery, hounded by police and the media, and desperately looking for an escape. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

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380 Clarkston Road, Muirend, 0141 633 2123. Info: 0141 637 2641. £2.80 (£2 before 5pm Mon—Fri). Student: £2.20 (Mon—Thu). Child/OAP: £2.


American Beauty (18) 8.20.

Three Kings (15) 5.45, 8.30.

Toy Story 2 (U) 6.15.

Whatever Happened To Harold Smith (15) 5.25, 8.45.

FRIDAY 17—THURSDAY 23 A Clockwork Orange (18) Daily: 5.05, 8.05.

Also matinee Sat & Sun: American Beauty (18) Daily: 5.30, 8.20. Three Kings (15)

Daily: 5.45, 8.30.

Also matinee Sat & Sun: 2.00. Toy Story 2 (U)

Matinee Sat & Sun: 12.20, 2.55.


Programme likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone 0141 637 2641 for details and times.

9 University Avenue, 330 5522. Tickets £3 available on door on the night, 30 minutes prior to screening.

THURSDAY 16 MAR Tsugumi (PG) 7.30.


THURSDAY 23 MAR The Hours Of Wedlock (PG) 7.30.

THURSDAY 30 MAR Tora-San’s Forbidden Love (PG) 7.30.


12 Rose Street, 0141 332 8128. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Evenings: £4.75 (£3.25). Matinees: £3.75 (£2.25). Wed (before 5pm): £3.75 (£1.75). Double bill £5 (£3.50). Family fun matinees: £2.25.

SFF denotes Spanish Film Festival Screenings.


1.The Insider(15) 1.30, 5.00, 8.00. 2. Open Your Eyes(15) 1.00, 3.30, 8 30

Strangers On A Train (PG) 6.00.


1. Being John Malkovich (15) 1.00, 3.30, 6.00, 8.30, 11.00.

2. The Insider(15) 1.30, 5.00, 8.00.


1. Jason and The Argonauts (U) 1.00. . Being John Malkovrch (15) 3.30, 6.00, 5 8.30, 11.00.

2. In Search Of Lost Identity (18)

3.00. The Insider (15) 5.00, 8.00.


1. Being John Malkovich (15) 1.00, g 6.15, 8.30. ' Parama(15) 3.15. 2. The Insider (15) 1.30. 8.00. Flowers From Another World (15) SFF 5.00.


1. Being John Malkovich (15) 1.00, 3.15.

Between Your Legs (18) SFF 5.30. The Insider (15) 8.00.

2. The Insider (15) 1.30.

French Surrealist Shorts (18) 7.00. Being John Malkovich (15) 8.45.