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Travis and OCS tap T in the Park: more bands confirmed

As predicted in the last issue of The List, TraVis the second stage last year, and are now third on Will headline this year’s T in the Park festival. The the bill on Saturday.

confirmed line-up IS headed by the Scottish Additions to the festival this year include a four-piece, as well as Macy Gray, Fun Lown’ ’Salsa Stage’ and Clumpas reinforced that the Criminals and Ocean Colour Scene, who will festival will have ‘the best toiTets at any festivar', close the Saturday night. Other names saying: ’lt's the one thing ‘."lSiI()"S to tl‘e Balado confirmed to appear at the two-day festival in site always want llTll)l'()‘.’lll(], so \".(‘ mus: (ll‘.’(“ tne Balado, Perthshire on 8 and 9 July include people what they want?

Gomez, Supergrass, The Bluetones and Clumpas once again played donan ('()l‘((‘l"‘iS Embrace. Other artists making the iaunt include over Regular Music’s proposed G d On Tt‘t" Death In Vegas, A, Muse, Feeder and Irishman Green in August. ’l have to disappoint tlte

DaVid Gray. tabIOid newspaper editors once agam oy saying The line-up for the Slam Tent IS prowng to be a there is no story here. We at T ll" t'ie Paric are big draw With Carl Cox and Jim Masters leading nappy to see more music events going a"eacl 't a strong list of international DJs. Andrew Scotland. We would only be (()l‘.((.’l'l‘(‘(l if' tire Weatherall, DJ Sneak, Keyin Saunderson and two dates clashed. Otherwse, it s of no real Mo' Wax Records boss James Lavelle are all concern to us,’

confirmed to play. Other names confirmed The remainder of the gee—up

include DetrOit techno master Rolando, Tom Middleton and Glasgow's own Funk D’Vord. Plans are afoot for a double bill of head-to-ltead DJ sets to close each night.

Organiser of T in the Park, DF Concerts' Stuart Clumpas was espeCially delighted to announce TraVis as headliners, as they had

made their first -' appearance at the " .1 festival on the unSigned stage and have quickly progressed up the bill. Gomez followed a If Similar route, haying first f appeared in 1998 " propping up the lower reaches of the King Tut's stage, only to headhne

be announced in tne co'nti‘o \.'i.eeks. Keep a loo-c out in The List for fall detaiis. 'lx.larl<


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