Swearing by free speech

Sweary words. Don'cha Just love ’em? ’Heck’, ’spit’, ’flip’ _ . . we use them nearly every day. Even weekends. ’Blinkin' Nora'; that’s another one.

But the moment yOur fruitiest choice word crops up on the telly, you can bet there’ll be some pro- censorship lobbyist reaching for the phone. It’s always the way. You’re savouring your favourite profanity and some bigot IS trying to stop you in your tracks. Flame- haired actress Siobhan Redmond has the solution.

’I keep meaning to phone up Channel 4 and say: "Marvellous swearing in Queer As Folk says the star of Between The Lines and The High Life, who’s now domg the rounds in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, 11—15 April). 'Because that’s how they work it out, isn't it? If two peOple phone them up and say that’s disgraceful, that gets entered into an account book. So if 1 were to go up and say, “Fucking marvellous swearing", that would get entered as well.’

Her Justification? ’1 do find it astonishing that yOu have to say: " No poodles were hurt in the

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years lfii‘t/

making Of this programme", but you can’t have people speaking as they actually do in a lot of working enwronments.’ Qurte right. So as part of The Li’st’s SETVICG to make the world a ruder place for its readers, here are the all-impOrtant numbers to call when yOu've heard some particularly fine sweary words.

BBC Scotland: 0141 339 8844; 338 2000/0131225 3131

BBC network: 0181 743 8000

Channel 4: 0171 306 8333

Scottish Television: 0141 300 3000; 0131 200 8080

Channel 5: 0845 7050505

Siobhan Redmond recommends a spot of digit-prop

Our man with the Videos recommends these programmes for their high rude word cotmt: Perfect World (BBCZ, Fri 9.30pm), Sex And The Ci'tlehannel 4, Wed 10pmi, The 77 O’C/ocK Show lChannel 4, Tue—Thu llom), E-maii react@list.co.uk to tell us how yOu got on. rlvlark Fisher)

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The strange world of Vic and Bob, page 20

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