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Those in Glasgow who fly in the face of good reason and religious piety find solace first and foremost at Planet Peach where Optimo has temporarily made its home until the Sub Club reopens in May. Resident DJs Twitch and Jilkes have made this night a veritable institution with their free-range mix of house, techno, electronica and 605 classics. Twitch says of the up-for-it crowd the club attracts: ‘Because it's a Sunday, the people that come down have to be enthusiastic and really want to be there.’

Those of a more anthemic persuasion head to Liquid Cool at Babaza or to Sunday Worship at Budda. Both provide top notch house and garage and are regularly packed with twentysomething hedonistic revellers. It's only a small step from hedonism to its filthy cousin, voyeurism, and the uplifting house club of this name at Archaos prides itself on being a perv's paradise. Shameless. Newcomers to Glasgow's Sunday services include Hostage at Media, featuring deep house courtesy of Derek Taylor with Andy Ling of H00] Choons guesting on 19 March while at Mary Kiani's new venue Slave, Ken Ferguson keeps your feet on the dancefloor with Chicago house.

Edinburgh also has its fair share of fallen angels, the dark prince of whom is undoubtedly the infamous Taste at Wilkie House. Running for nearly six years now, the promoters of this deep to hard house night stress the club's popularity is due to the hard working folk of the club and bar circuit. For them, Sunday is their only night off and they certainly make the most of it here. Some save themselves for Sunday to get all dressed up and

Sunday clubbing queen, Trendy Wendy

head down to glam, gay-friendly nights Queer Sunday at E2K and Icons at Club Mercado. The former is a weekly party and its promoter, Grant Maclntosh admits that he's 'probably responsible for a lot of sick notes on the Monday.’ Take the necessary action then for the forthcoming Eurovision Night on 23 April. Icons provides a similar quality service but is monthly.

Last, but by no means least, Trendy Wendy has been dominating Sunday nights in Edinburgh for four years with her monthly club Tackno at Club Mercado. 26 March sees an unmissable opportunity for clubbers to dress as their favourite soap stars at the Tackno Soap Opera. Peggy Butcher, anyone?

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Kid Koalas might be cute but they scratch and bite

(Alison Jack and Catherine Bromley) not at the stage where I can scratch

emotively: when you see a scratch DJ, there is one reaction, which is being awe-struck by it. It’s not all that interesting to listen to at home, really, and you can’t play it with much real connection or soul it’s too trick oriented.’

In addition to his attempts to create scratch-based music With a cerebral edge, the Koala’s ability behind the decks is on a par With the likes of the lnvisibl Skratch Piklz, and when he takes to the stage the weird vocals are layered over beat juggling and scratches. ’I don’t reproduce the album |ive,' says San, 'but there will be quotes in the form of some spoken word bite,

Underground, Nu Breed Anthony

Kid Koala Glagow: The Arches, Thu 23 Mar.

Canadian turntablist Kid Koala has produced something of an oddity with his debut long player for Ninja Tune,

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, named after i a strain of RSI that afflicts the worn out wrists of dedicated DJs. The album

takes the intricate methods of hip hop DJing, but replaces the clasSic breaks and beats favoured by most mixologists With snippets of spoken

word or skewed portions of charity shop nursery rhyme discs, usmg them to weave miniature narratives and crack mu5ical jokes.

This doesn't mean that the record is a hip hop novelty, and Kid Koala aka Eric Sari is keen to explain his reasons for abandoning beats in favour of gags: 'I’ve always been into engaging on that level, so you have to listen to it and find the jokes, and I didn’t want to use beats that work in dance club. I wanted to use stranger things. I am

or a familiar loop. I'm going to do my Scratchhappyland mix record With P- Love. I always wanted to perform it live, but it was a four-track recording and I didn’t have enough arms. Plus I have some routines With a drummer - it's gOing to be all over the place, records flying everywhere.’

Kid Koala, then, is essential listening for fans of the Ninja Tuneavarit-cartoon style and devotees of jaw-dropping turntable dexterity alike.

(Jack Mottram)

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THERE’S A NEW label up and running in Scotland. Focusing on 'jazz funk fusion electronica', Parallax Records' first release is Demusphere's ‘Journey's In Space' EP. Expect the Parallax DJs to join Professor Plastic, Eh?WunI and Bob Cairns down at What It Is at The City Cafe, Edinburgh on Fri 17 Mar from 8pm.

ANTHONY PAPPA WILL be kicking off all the wannabe DJs from the decks at Edinburgh's Fopp Records (55 Cockburn Street, 220 0133) from 5pm, Fri 17 Mar to mix up a progressive storm. The excuse - as though we needed one is to promote his new mix CD on Global

Pappa (which received five stars in last issue's The List, by the way).

FOR THOSE THAT went to Substantial at E2K in Edinburgh on Sat 11 Mar seeking, as publicised in The List, Jazzy M, you'll realised that it was actually Paul ’Trouble' Anderson. This wasn’t due to our error (for once) but a double booking of Mr M.

ANOTHER UNDER THE DUVET bash has been planned for Saturday 8 April at Teviot Row, Edinburgh. Tickets are priced at £15 and are available from Virgin, Ripping, Fopp, Out of the Blue and Amotix. As usual, all proceeds go to the Names Project (UK), the custodians of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Those set to appear include: Jim ’Shaft' Ryan from Birmingham’s Miss Moneypenny's and residents from Joy, Taste, Shebang, Luvely and Slave (Glasgow).

a? ' Anthony Pappa, first of the Nu Breed and international Di, playing in, er,

fopp l6 ~30 Mar 2000 THE UST 89