be The List, which is part of the group behind Beat 106, brings you Q the latest information on Scotland's newest radio station. U U Tune in on 106.1fm (west coast) or 105.7fm (east coast).


"Wit: 11.11. Z}:;: a: "ll: .3 ' ._il :l':.' uni: ,l‘iJ: L‘,l

Ewan MacLeod Ewan l.‘:acLeod 6am-lOam 6am-l0air

6am-lOam . 6am-lOam I 6am-lOam . 6am-lOam 6am-lOam

1pm Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart lm-4m lm-dm lpm-Am lm-4m lpm-dpm lpm-«lpm

anthems. non-stop 2pm-6pm

‘.'.'ltl‘ Richard W lkinson Joni- 7pm ‘V

The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 16 ix The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix Trevor Reilly ' The Jengaheads 7m—-7.30m 7 m—-7.30m 7m-—-7.30m 7m---7.3O m 7m-lOm 70vn-9 )m

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0pm 7.30pm-10pm

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Craig Burger Queen The Rock Show 9 9 m~midni ht tn lilartin Bate


Orde Meikle Drum ’n’ Bass 10 m-midni ht DJ Kid 8.- Tana S‘.'.i‘t

Wlih Paul Mendez Wlih Colin Tevendale Night Beat midnight-3am midnight-3am lam-68m

The Lock-In The Lock-In With Michael Ktlkie \‘.’|ili Lisa Littlexaood &


morning? I'm not up that early. Already a well-known voice to Aberdeen’s What song would you refuse . . . . Northsound listeners, Jim Gellatly was snapped up to play no matter how much L'fe W'thom Bummgs: “'9 by Beat 106 as their new music expert. they paid you? Steps, but “any” (Tugboat) Who's your all-time favourite 0]? I'll plump for Peter everybody has their price! The (rockers; "on (V2) Easton at Radio Scotland. He s been so great for the Who wouid you me to have in scene over the years. I used to do mobile discos, havmg live session on your Show? Belle Buddha Crush: IWon't Wait to play nonsense like Kylie and Jason. It kept me sane 8, Sebastlan, (Until My Light is PutOut) lisltening tofleolck BO'\r/11>SCBC)tladnd on the way hOmE’. What unlikely combination of two artists would (Sm-3‘0) , ' p ay'ng St” ' e an '5' result in an ‘awesome remix'? Ste s and Sli knot. I’d . - What's the “'5‘ 50"!) Y0" remeMbe' healing 0" the make sure Slipknot were given sompe chainsarws Khaya' Dome flung (5L) radiO? PFObab'Y someth'ng by “Why Shand 0' the beforehand, ]USI to make sure the ]0b was done Wilt: Radio Disco (Mushroom) Tartan Lads. propefly . What's your favourite track of the moment? ’I Won’t 'Last night a D 1 saved my me' _ how? The same guy X'CabS: “new” (HOOk) Walt (Um'I My Will '3 PUI 0U” by BUddha CW5” that I've already hung . . . supporting Dundee is bad scuba 2; California new What's your favourite up-and-coming track? It’s enough Without getting depressed about results (Odd) actually an album by an act called Wevre Stonder (get elsewhere. Give him a pardon! it?). lt’s a sort of mix of screwed-up Jazz and silly v0ices. What would be your ideal I in the park “my”? |f i calamateurilmne “9'”. Man!) the D" ' Whieh one 30d why? The announcer at was in control, and allowed to lose loads of money, I’d unknown (T'mShe') Dens Park. I'm a Dundee season ticket holder, but the like to see The Needles, Eugene Speed, Abdouiaparov, The De‘gados.‘ mm trilogy speakers are broken where l Sit, so I can never hear the Buddha Crush, Khaya, Kingsize, Crashland and My (Chemika. Underground) half-time results. vitriol playing the main stage. What's your favourite song to fall asleep to at night? Catch up with the best new music on Jim Gel/atly’s - 10 Speederi Feelings (Clef-’9an 'Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?’ by Geneva. Beatscene, Mon—Thu 7.30—70pm on Beat 706. J Bent)

30 Mar— 13 Apt 2000 THE “ST 109