It's time for the young guns to stand up and be counted. Recently graduated, these four

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p. .0 .00 A9926 p 9 . - . Education A HND rn Fashron/Strtched Textrles at Telford College, followed by a BA rn Fashron/Pnnt from Central St Martrns, London rn 1999 Up until now Her entrre Central St lvlartrns collectron, whrch recerved much prarse from Alexander McQueen, was sold m Prneal l, Soho rn September 1999. Afterwards, the promrnent v .3 O .n.. London-based label Ghost commrssroned her to desrgn and prmt therr fabrrcs for therr spring/summer 2000 collectror‘. shown rn New York. Lrbertres sponsored her BA show, and she recently frnrshed productron wrth them desrgnrng accessorres and ‘off—the-wall' Jewellery. She uses therr fabrrcs, but destroys them by prrntrng on top of the prrnt

One to watch She is sarorkrng on a collectron that she hopes wrll help shed the organic cotton of the 'hrppy eco' look She's c'ollaboratrng wrth Bernre Rerd, an Illustrator and aerosol artrst, and Andy Shaw, the photographer —» botl* Erlrnburgh-based and the results are photo shoots for 1-D magazrne whrch she styled

Describe your look 'l jUSI desrgn thrngs that l lrke, that I would wear myself. Spec rflcally 80s YSl. meets Curtrss shoes

House or label most Interested rn workrng for: ‘Lrbertres and Emanuel Ungaro '

Where would you like to be in five years time? 'Lrvrng happrly wrth my boyfrrend rn the house we’re currently tryrng to burld, heavrly pregnant, workan freelance, strll collaboratrng Wrth frrends and strrvrng to create beautiful collectrons'

Contact 0131 5‘53 7/72

110 THE llST i"; '.'.a' '%,'t:;'

Age 26

Education An Advanced Certrfrcate In Strtc'h Textrles and Fashron, then a BAHons In Textrle Desrgn from the Edrnburgh College of Art, graduatmg m 1999

Up until now After graduatmg, Emrly was tn the trade show New Desrgners In London Completed two commrsSIons for Trger Prrnts tLondonl, and prrnted cashmere commrssrons for Brett Munro (Bordersl Works as a stylrs‘t for Scottrsh ITV on The F Word, and for The Scotsman

One to watch She has been workrng on a busrness plan for her own company, and recently recerved a start-up grant for equrpment ano marntenanc‘e from the Scottrsh Arts COuncrl She rs about to launch he" new label, called Emrly Qurnn, featurrng prrnted cashmere cushrons, scarves and accessorres Prrngles are lookmg to collaborate wrth her on cashmere prrnts as well

Describe your look ’Qurte qurrky and offbeat, but I’m tryrng to keep the scarves and CUShIOflS qurte commercral and srmplrfred Spots and lace always feature gurte heavrly’

House or label most interested in working for ‘None really, I don't want to work for anyone else because I am set up for myself, I would rather be a leader than a follower.’

Where would you like to be in five years time? ’I would lrke to have my own shop. Takrng rt a but at a trme, I would lrke to have my own shop, my label stocked In other shops, and have prrnted cashmc-ére made Into garments on my own label, to keep establrshrng myself and have a prmt workroom as well.’

Contact 07050 080067