Age 32

Education Completed a HNC rn Vrgeo Produ<tron at Caler‘rothes College, then a HND rn 3111C" Textries and Fashron Design at lelford College Completed a BA rn Printed Textiles at the Edinburgh College of Art

Up until now Heather rs tutoring at tlte ECA rn Cyanotype .an an( rent pl‘rotographst pro<essl a'rd Prrnted Textiies She (ollaborated with a frnal yea" stage-n? (1"(2 Speedo ‘.'.lll(" resulted in a s\.'.rrn‘.'~.'ear' (ollettron featured re {re LCA 1999 Fashion hour Exhrbrted at Nev. Desrgners 'Londoni last yea." <‘r"() was g.‘.en a some at the textrle industry's London Preyrew Autumn ‘999 ‘\.'.as one of s x British graduates to re( the Belford Print Bursary EX'UK)‘I("(: at The index 1999 rn Dubai

One to watch l-leatne" has re<ently done (,on(essron work for Oater‘Edge, pario se‘ eathe" work to TopShop She rs now lo<usrng on her drgrtal prrnt work Ar: exl‘brtlon o‘ be." textries, photographs and dresses rs at The

E ep"a"’. Hose 21 2‘) George IV Bridge, 220 5355, from Sat 1 Apr for

f""-:'e '.'.ee‘xs

Describe your look ‘l'ii go with ‘~.'."at my agent says "ax/ant garde" ' 'vi' o" rape most "terested rn working for 'I would rather work for l .'e"yor‘e '.'.'ar‘ts you. to flo( k south of the border and I want stay rr: S< ot'a'td’

Where would you like to be in five years time? ‘I would lll\(‘ to have my bas "ess and l ‘.'.()lr‘i(: .il\(“ to produ<e my fabrr<s in a frne art sense as " .'.al "d"(§lfi(}8 and uanr‘ers and one-off pretes ratlre" than rrr a

(or: new a' sense

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young Scots are names to watch in the textile and fashion industries. Compiled by Simone Baird

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~45 ,h‘:‘;twn . '


Michael McKenna Education A BA in Printed and Knitted Textiles at the Calasgov‘; School of Art rn 1998, and rs (urrently (ompleting an MA rn. Fashion l\~lensv-.'ear Knrtw'ear at the Royal College of Art (London:

Up until now l\.ll( hael (rrd a platement wth Rebeua Earley, the print fashion designer He freelanted as a des'gn (onsuitant‘for fashion prrnt studro KeelerGordon, styling for therr stand at Premrere \‘rsror‘. rn Paris last year, and has sold textrre work to the lrlaes of Donna Kar‘er‘, Calvin Klein, and Ken/o

One to watch Hrs abrlrty to (ombrne hrs textrle experience wrt". fa nion desrgn means that there rs already a good deal of interest in his work Describe your look ‘Qurte understated casual menswear wrtn a twist, n‘y graduating (()|le(tro." wrll be entrreiy knrtted trousers, exerythrr‘g .t's about takrng knrtwear rnto the whole srlhouette, softening rt to wake rt different yet wearable My (olle( tron rs also a sum'rrer (oile< tror‘, whr< I" is unusual for knitwear

House or label most interested in working for ‘I woaid either illst‘ to go to someone who I really adrnrre (r‘eatr\.'ely such as Dries \‘an Noten, or to a large fashion house su( h as Armani who has house style to push against | belzel. e the slulls l have learnt at the RCA wrll stand me n good stead rt's arguably the best plate to study fashion rn the world '

Where would you like to be in five years time? 'lt's hard to know where l' l be in a (ouple of months, so frye years rs impossible, but worlung and haxmg a rob rs the NW thrng'

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SC ‘3 »\:?' ./‘CCCTHE “ST 111