PC Ultima Ascension (Origin) £29.99 * t at * 1k

A story with pace, power and invention

So the Role Playing Game season continues. Now in its ninth, yes that's ninth, instalment, Ultima has seemingly done it all. Fantastic two- dimensional adventuring, glorious isometric adventuring and even the bold, and very popular, internet adventuring have all been covered. Yet the boys at Origin have found another treasure-trove to plunder true three- dimensional adventuring.

Following the never-ending story of the Ultima series, the land of Britannia is threatened by apocalyptic danger and its leader, Lord British, has called upon the Avatar, you, to investigate. Beginning in your house in this world, a quick guide through the controls leads you to a gypsy caravan, a number of character-creating questions and a portal to Britannia.

The Avatar and his surroundings are displayed in third person, much like Lara in Tomb Raider, with the mouse controlling most of his movements. The landscapes, dungeons and castles all look, sound and, importantly, feel

Totally wired

The world of the Web.

Guess The Dictator nowhere/dictator

Everyone must know the Rizla game; the

one where somebody writes the name

of someone famous on a Rizla and sticks

it to your head. You can ask questions

with answers to the tune of 'yes’ or ’no'.

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This site Will attempt to guess either a dictator or, quite alarmingly, a Sitcom character. Watch Mussolini Behaving Badly on TV tonight.

Worst Movies Ever? http://www.ohthehumanitycom

This is terrible, but fascinatineg so. Just like the greatest mowes of all time, it's difficult to agree on a definitive list. But there are some real howlers here from Howard The Duck to 2069: A Sex Odyssey. Full reViews and cross-links to the

Internet Mowe Database make this most interesting reading. Don’t forget the popcorn; you'll need the bucket to be Sle in.

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Atom Films

Tate Britain

With the re-launch of the Tate Gallery in London, its website has followed sun. As you’d expect, this is a really stylish Site With full details of current and future exhibits. There are also details of the forthcoming Tate Modern, opening mid-April.

different, while the numerous inessential details, like a random storm approaching then soaking you in its downpour, truly bring Britannia to life. Combat can be frustrating, with hacking and slashing reduced to frantic mouse clicking, while, strangely, magic emerges as the easiest and safest form of monster-bashing, a rarity in RPGs. However, simple fighting does not an adventure make. It is the pace, power and invention of the story that keeps you wandering the dank, slithering corners of some fantasy land. And Ultima has a beezer. From the deceptively informative opening encounters to the meat and potatoes of evil plotting and dastardly wrong- doing, Ultima measures its surprising twists, calm rest stops and explosive crescendos with cunning professionalism.

As with most third-person titles, the camera can be a little irritating, hiding behind walls, showing nothing but the back of your character's head and the like. This makes jumping a pain and due to your viewpoint shifting with every move of the mouse, breaks must be frequently taken during the action to get your bearings. However, with practice these faults fade away and the true force of Ultima Ascension bursts through. Good Ol' Britannia never looked so beautiful. (lain Davidson)

smooth but the experience is very absorbing. Before you know what is happening you've played a season and are gagging for the start of the next. With both versions featuring all this year's riders, bikes and tracks, it’s Just a matter of choosmg y0ur machine and slipping on the leathers. (ID)

DREAMCAST Rayman 2 (Ubisoft) £39.99 ‘k ii 1k 1k 1r

As With SOU/ Beaver, Rayman 2 makes a welcome, if belated, appearance on the Dreamcast. However, this is not Just a Simple rehash of the original game. Oh Lordy, no. Sure, all the elements from the PC/N64 version are intact, With our eponymous hero fighting to save his km from the eVil Captain Razorbeard and his space pirates. The action is beautifully animated, With the many worlds, many characters and many, many platforms all looking and playing great.

But for the lucky Dreamcast owners,

Ubisoft has added some goodies to this already impressive game. For starters there is a new world to explore, the Globox Village, With a handful of fresh levels and five more dastardly pirates to defeat. Rayman 2 is also one of the first games to utilise the Dreamcast's internet capabilities, With a new level only playable online, a multiplayer game and lots of bonuses to be downloaded form the Rayman 2 Site. Although still not taking full advantage of the Internet capabilities, Rayman 2 Will hopefully persuade others to get in on the online act. If yOu have a Dreamcast, yOu really sh0uld have Rayman 2. (ID)



* fr it i * Unmissable

* tr tr 1* Very good

t at it Worth a shot

* it Below average

it You've been warned

Another great amateur filmmaker site. Now that the Oscars are over for another year, have a look at some of the shorts that were nominated for the ceremony PreView many others or download some in full. They’re all of good Quality and some are very entertaining indeed.

Atom Bomb Library photos&fi|ms/testfi|ms.htm


For the first time, the US Department Of Energy has released films of test blasts from the nuclear weapons programme that started in 1945. Download footage of the explosions using RealPlayer, and hope that this Will be the closest you’ll ever be to one.

Apostrophes OK


The abuse of the apostrophe is getting more and more shocking. This is a site started by a bunch of academics Who are offering a proof-reading serVice speCialising ir. apostrophe use. Almost finished, their serVice should be up-and- running by the time you read this. Personally, I would’nt know how to use apostrophe’s to save my life.

Red Meat


Okay little lady, let‘s try this om more time How'd you like a me cold glass of milk?

whipstitch ligament fix

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Sow about the rubber bullets. Karen but y0u never lino-.2 “at lune ol Violent reaction a poi/emit r.‘ r: We Mm they're

it E ii su‘lenng Wit 3 sex re calcium scheme-y i v But I‘m drinkin' iuicc. g a? ‘-. Q Q ' ‘u \ _.'.?‘---:' Q) i See what I mean?

Max Cannon has hosted this Cult website for a few years The dark side of cartoons would sum it up pretty well. There is a huge library of past strips called The Meat Locker, and it’s well worth spending some time locked up there. He’s been published tWice in the States, and it’s Just a matter of time until he's over here. Darkly funny. (Steve Blair)

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