To celebrate the release of the much acclarmed Buena Vrsta

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Ernest Hemrngway blush. concert in Carnegie Hall, New York?

Was it... A) 1996 B) 1997 C) 1998

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Alternatively, e-marl to: comps@| be received no later than Wednesday 12 April.

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Socral Club on vrdeo

and DVD, The List has acquired a variety of Cuban bootre to grve away. So no need for that long haul flight and terrible sunburn, get rn the crgar puffing

We have three coores of Buena Vrsta Socwal Club on vrdeo to grve away, three T-shrrts, and three bottles of Havana Club rum to wash It all down wrth. To absorb all the alcohol, we have three meals for two rn both Havana In Hope Street, Glasgow and Cuba Norte rn lvlornson Street, Edinburgh. Each of whrch serve up therr own blend of authentic ’Hrspanrc Amerrcan’ cursrne together with a SGlGClIOfl of Cuban cocktails that would make

To enter the competition srmply answer the following question: In which year did Buena Vista Social Club play a triumphal

Answers on a postcard to Cuba, The List Ltd, 14 High Street,

All answers rnust

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